Tuesday, June 12, 2012

At Amritpuri, insanity and world-class cruelty awaits you

Those who were close to Amma testify to unbelievable cruelty at the Amritpuri ashram including forced seva (unpaid work), sleep deprivation, broken romances, trashed family relations and compulsory celibacy. The environment created brainwashed zombies, empty shells providing easy targets for a conman like Rishi Taavi Kassila, the fake celibate.

Sudhamani Idamannel is responsible for these human rights abuses. Claiming to be the mother of these forcibly infantilized adults, Amma is about as responsible as a crack whore mother who inconsistently offers her needle marked breasts to the hungry mouth of an innocent newborn.

It is time to go against the flood of nauseatingly smug and intellectually corrupting Amma PR and declare the truth about AmmaSham.

Contrary to AmmaScam PR, Sudhamani Idamannel is not a "world renowned saint …. extraordinary acts of love and self sacrifice"  but an "infamous international sociopath whose unchecked crimes of self-serving inhumanity have ruined the minds and hearts of happy, health people".

Do not invite your friends to drink the drug laced  Kool-Aid of the Amma cult. At Amritpuri, insanity and world-class cruelty awaits.

Indict (Sudhamani Idamannel) Mata Amritanandamayi Devi to stand trial for human rights abuses in  international court !


Amritpuri Genital Herpes Investigation said...

Your help is needed.

Taavi Kassila is threatening his victims!

Amma Taavi Kassila abuse log

"Tarina rakkauden apostolista" blog is requesting witnesses and stories about Taavi Kassila

Email kulttuurielli@yahoo.fi

Anonymous said...

These both blogs are made up - to begin with, falsely translated - and at the end the writers now are already eating their own poisonous snake tails.

Amma: Big Fraud Fatty Mamma said...

Anonymous, you must be desperate. Do you mean that Amma's blogs are false?

Amma and Rishi Taavi Kassila have issued statements which prove that Taavi Kassila is in a hell of a mess. Why else would Rishi Taavi Kassila have been deleted from all Amma propaganda sites?