Monday, July 29, 2013

Free Press To Expose Amma Rishi Taavi Kassila Court Case

Is it true that Amma herself is actually going to be in court on 9 August?

Not physically. 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila in common with all Amma converts unquestioningly believes that Amma is protecting him even when he does wrong as Taavi Kassila has evidently done on many occasions.

Will be sitting in the court room in Helsinki as a witness?

Amma ordered ''Rishi' Taavi Kassila to bring the court case which in effect is an attempt to suppress criticism of her organization because 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila has been a high profile public representative for Amma for 20 years. At the same time, Amma through her organization posted a deceptive statement in Finnish and English which distanced herself from 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila.

This was recently posted on a Yahoo discussion forum.

We are trying to get confirmation that this is true. If so this is SENSATIONAL and must be given MUCH more publicity. I urge those involved in this case to send this information to media outlets all over the world, and especially to India if this is truly happening.

Amma Amritanandamayi is in court in the sense that she ordered 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila to bring a frivolous and harassing case against an ex-girlfriend who revealed that she developed herpes after non-consensual unsafe sex with him, that he cheated on her and prefers to seduce teenage girls. 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila preaches celibacy. In 2008 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila told the media that he had emigrated to Amma's Amritapuri ashram to live a renounced life. This is a huge embarrassment for Amma's PR machine.

Please can information confirming this be sent urgently to the Ex-Amma Yahoo group, as some assistance with publicising could probably be given.

The case is unique. The Amma organization is publicly showing its ugly face in the West. The defendant welcomes advice and support to her email address and her blog Tarina rakkauden apostolista.

Also the rumour I am hearing that Amma gave Kassila herpes.

Amma's devotees believe that everything comes from her. We do not know if Ammachi and 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila had a physical sexual encounter. 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila and his 'Mother' Amma are about the same age which might explain why 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila will only chase women who are several decades younger than him.

There are people with information re Amma that could have much bearing on this issue if that is also shown to be true.

The August 9 court case will reveal the hypocrisy of a main Amma promoter and Amritapuri ashram resident, 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila. Amma's Kenya representative Nagesh Karuturi who has been found guilty of massive fraud. Amma's carefully polished image in the West will start to crack as more stories are printed about the criminals who manage Amma's financially lucrative operations.

It is important that the media get involved at this stage.

Taavi Kassila Sex Scandal In Helsinki District Court

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Amma Voodoo Doll Mens T-shirt Protest

Violent Guru with a god complex Amma has threatened to sue anyone who publishes her image.

Scarily Amma has now extended the ban to cover all photos of the Amma Kali Doll - one of the many over-priced items sold at those "Hugging Saint" events which net Amma millions of dollars each year.

The tiniest fraction of Amma's millions will ever go to Amma's fraudulent charity unless one of her corrupt cronies is involved to siphon the money away like Amma's Kenya representative Nagesh Karuturi who has been found guilty of massive fraud.

The Amma Kali doll proves that Amma has fooled her devotees into thinking that she is the goddess Kali. Amma further defrauds the hapless followers into believing that she will answer their requests if they pray to her form as the Amma Kali doll!

If Amma were god then why would she be scared of being photographed? Something to hide? Perhaps an angry scowl and abusive words which she uses for Western huggees? Not content at infantalizing grown adults she now robs them totally of their dignity. The joys of Amma de Sade!

The solution to Amma's vindictive fake copyright harassment is to create your own Amma images. Jodi Radzik of Guruphiliac has a good Amma montage. Feel free to create your own Amma avatar!

The latest and greatest offering is an Amma Voodoo Doll Men's T-shirt on Amazon. It is hysterically funny and we want more!

I Love Amma - Voodoo Doll Mens T-shirt

Friday, July 19, 2013

The So-called Hugging Saint Who Never Gave A Proper Hug

If Amma was presented as she really is then few people would bother to get a hug.
It's never a real hug anyway. I get real hugs from my friends. Amma's hugs are fake like everything else about her group. Those sad Amma devotees need hugs from each other but they are too uptight and tired. Amma has turned them into lobotomized infantile slaves.

When Amma first came to the West our hippie friends attended to sing bhajans. We never attended for hugs. Amma would sit there expecting a hug. Her attendants pushed us towards her. We gave Amma hugs, not the other way around. She looked ridiculous just sitting there and waiting.

We are very kind in the West because of our Christian upbringing. We hugged Amma as a kindness, out of pity and because of our 'try anything once' philosophy. I was shocked when middle-aged women started going to her ashram in India. They would come back with shaved heads (to avoid the ashram lice) looking more lost than before they went. Their eyes were dead. It was tragic. No one liked Amma's ashram, they all hated it.

Amma preyed on those who had self-esteem issues. We did not know then but we know now that Amma was always a predator and an abuser. She tricked us. She seems to enjoy most when others are in pain. She's like a psychopath but she makes the abused think that they need her abuse to become holy like her. My opinion now is that Amma is not a holy person but insane. Please keep exposing her. The media is sometimes slow to catch a real story when the can lazily copy Amma press releases.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Amma the Life Draining Vampire

Kali, black magic and voodoo cults drain their victims of their life force energy. Amma needs a steady flow of victims to feed her inner vampire. An Ex-Amma follower seeks to exorcise herself of the Amma taint by sketching the feeding frenzy which results in brainwashed zombies. Children who are immune to the hype have felt that Amma is trying to drain them.

"Not too long later, my friend and I both found ourselves tired, drained, out of sorts, and spacey. I have to tell you it was like walking around on drugs, but that kind of feeling towards the end of the high, when the drug is wearing off and leaving a somewhat unpleasant aftertaste."
"Is Amma the Hugging Saint for Real?"

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sudhamani Idamannel (aka Amma) Refuses Public Financial Inspection

Religious cult billionaire Sudhamani Idamannel (aka Amma Amritanandamayi) refuses public financial inspection of her many businesses and charities.

Amma devotees are trained to deceive the media about the cult like nature of their organization which worships Amma as a Goddess. They parrot phony PR lines such as “Amma is a humanitarian known as the Hugging Saint” and avoid mentioning that Amma hugging events are occult seances where Amma supposedly becomes possessed by the Dark Goddess Kali and Lord Krishna. The media are kept away from these “Devi Bhava” nights but ordinary punters unsuspectingly offer their children into vampire Amma's energy sucking arms.

Amma's hugging events are structured to extract as much money as possible from the naive punters, who do not realize that Amma enjoys being worshiped, as they are pushed forward for a lackluster hug which carries the risk of being infected with tuberculosis or swine flu.
Amma runs her organization like the mafia with secret codes, rituals and violent punishments for those who break the code of silence.

Why are Amma's financial books kept secret?

We can suspect that Amma is involved in some dubious financial practices. Swami Muktananda had over $5,000,000 in a secret Swiss bank account (in 1980). Like Amma he never wanted anyone to know how much profit he made from events and beat his disciples into silence. It was discovered only after the death of suspected pedophile Satya Sai Baba (whose hagiography Amma copied) that he had amassed a huge amount of gold. Guru monk Swami Nityananda who was videoed having sex and drugs with two Bollywood actresses was also discovered to have an undeclared gold stores when his ashram was raided by irate devotees.

Amma has been accused of financial malpractice. Her hypnotic high-pressure events suck in as much money as any professional TV evangelist scam. Amma converts 'donated' money at her overseas events into gold jewelery before importing it to India. Does the Goddess pay customs tax to mere mortals?

Amma's AIMS hospital which was supposed to be for the poor, for which it receives government subsidies, accepts very few poor people because it charges prohibitively high fees. However, the poor have been used as unsuspecting guinea pigs in illegal AIMS hospital drugs trials. Where money is to be made there you will find Amma.

Gayatri (Gail Tredwell), Amma's closest and most trusted devotee, witnessed secret deliveries of gold from Amma to Idamannel family members. This was many years ago. How much more corrupt has Ammachi become?

A good charity has nothing to hide but Amma is hiding how much money comes in from her ashram real estate, hugging events, food businesses hospital, university mill, Amma doll, jewelery and tapes sales, and other business enterprises.

We say “Amma open your money books if you have nothing to hide”.

Amma of course will stay silent and smile like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the guru he copied, the late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Why should these billionaire gurus reveal their secrets when they can grow fat from fleecing their flocks?

The final word is a deceitful quote from Amma's ashram treasurer to the New York Times:

The ashram’s treasurer, Swami Ramakrishnananda, acknowledged that its finances were not open to the public... I asked if there was an official, like a chief compliance officer, who could be contacted if people saw money being misused. “Yes, of course,” Mr. Ramakrishnananda replied. “They can go directly to Amma.”
Amma’s Multifaceted Empire, Built on Hugs by Jake Halpern in NY Times

We still await Amma's reply but after decades of covering up the sordid truth of her money making empire we doubt that we will hear from her except threats.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Amma Taavi Kassila Court Case Is Routine Syndicate Revenue Protection

Every mafia syndicate crime boss knows that he has to protect every source of revenue even the two bit hustlers and street corner sellers of crack dime bags. If he fails to act then the competition will think that he is weak. Cult leaders try to make problems go away even if it involves murder as with Shoko Asahara, Jim Jones, Solar Temple, Heaven's Gate, Satya Sai Baba and the Hare Krishna.

'Rishi' Taavi Kassila may have not been the biggest money earner for cult boss billionaire Sudhamani Idamannel (aka Amma Amritanandamayi) but he has extensively promoted her for 20 years including being her honorary chairman and media contact in Finland, toured with Amma in America and Europe, produced an Amma documentary, leads tour groups to Amma Amritapuri ashram and is an official AMMA IAM meditation group instructor.

According to Amma's official biography Amma will act with immediate vengeance to protect her devotees. Amma tells how she mortally threatened her brother Subhagan (alias Sunilkumar)
for hassling a Muslim woman who had come to Amma. Amma says he brother was found hung by the neck within 7 days of her threat. Ex-policeman Sreeni Pattathanam who investigated the death wrote that Amma's brother had been beaten to death. Who would you believe a cult leader or a policeman?

The truth probably was that Amma's brother wanted a larger share of Amma's substantial income. Gayatri (Gail Tredwell), Amma's closest disciple reveals that Amma gave huge amounts of treasure to her family members. Claiming that her brother was hassling a Muslim woman is a nice PR touch because Amma has been connected to the Indian RSS right wing party. When Hindu Brahmin 25-year-old Satnam Singh Mann was killed after trying to get a hug from Amma at her Amritapuri ashram, the ashram claimed that the man was uttering Islamic slogans.

Amma knows that 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila did wrong and has brought unwanted negative attention to her ruthless business affairs. Ironically if Amma's celibacy preaching monk Taavi Kassila had acted as gentleman he would not have been exposed as an unfaithful herpes-spreading teenage girl seducer. Kassila could have apologized to his former girlfriend but he did not. Instead Kassila, who names himself a love poet, has a fought a nasty secret campaign against this innocent young victim which has involved anonymous email harassment, forum abuse, revealing her name on the Suomi24 forum and taking her to court in an attempt to extract $30,000 from her. Amma preaches love but seeks revenge!

Poor Taavi has lost before he goes to court but Amma has sent out a strong message to the world that she will harass, pursue and destroy anyone who criticizes her activities. If Taavi loses the court case (which is guaranteed) and is counter-sued then Amma can always make 'Rishi' disappear when he next visits Amritapuri ashram.

Support the campaign to expose cult leader Sudhamani Idamannel (aka Amma Amritanandamayi!
Join Ex-Amma and be free!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Amma The Free Speech Hating Racist Homophobic Fake Hindu Has A Secret Son

Amma Mata Amritandandamayi has more dirty  secrets under her sari than a real saint should have according to this insider report:

I know personally an Amma devotee in MA (Mata Amritandandamayi Center) who was refused ashram because he is gay.

I have witnessed racial bias as well in Amma Satsangs.

You are not welcome to ask questions about finances or where your money goes.

Amma had no guru, and as such, cannot be a guru by Hindu law, so she is a heretic, or apostate at best. You are not welcome to confront this issue in Amma Satsangs.

Amma said not to spend much money travelling to see her, but all devotees do is fly around on planes everywhere.

We pray for the earth, but you are not welcome to discuss energy conservation.

You are not welcome to discuss rationale for retaining SOME traditional Hindu hierarchies while ignoring other traditions and laws.

You are not welcome to ask about Amma's celibacy or the rumours she has a son.

Rich devotees get access to power where poor devotees are treated as underlings.

If you question anything that you are not welcome to question, you are excluded immediately and messages are circulated against you.

Secrets are kept from most devotees and shared with the inner circles.

Hostile treatment and personal attacks are in store for anyone who stands their ground and demands answers about: where did my money go?

What Hindu laws are observed and which ones are ignored?

Who do I go to if I have a complaint about mistreatment?

I personally know longtime devotees who gave years to support Amma in every way who have been verbally abused, pushed aside, and threatened to keep their mouths shut.

I know devotees who were told to leave classes for objecting to racist, sexist, and elitist statements being made in a public forum. Oh, there's lots more. . . .