Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Amma and Balu offered Gail an Ashram after she escaped

After Gail Tredwell escaped from Amma, the ashram and particularly Big Swami Balu (who had repeatedly raped her) promised her that she could run an ashram in Australia if would sign a gag order which prevented her from telling the truth.

Amma's organization had no complaints about Gail until she exposed Amma's violence, fraud, fake celibacy and support of rape. Amma's recent sites which smear Gail are fakes and are being exposed.

For Christmas send your friends a copy of Gail's book "Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness"

Monday, December 23, 2013

Amma's headlock of hell is no hug!

Comments from victims during Amma's holy "Hug a Thugee" tour.

"Why would anyone want to place their head on Ammachi's greasy sari after a whole plane load of unwashed hippies have coughed up their snot on her?"

"Amma's groupies are sad, bad and mad. Can't they get anyone to hug them?"

"It was not a real hug. It felt like my head was being pushed into a woodcutter."


"Disgusting! It reminded me of stale donuts and bad coffee."

Amma does not give hugs. She tells her Indian devotees that she is possessed with the Goddess Kali. Kali is depicted decapitating human heads. Amma comes from the region where the Thugee cult would rob and strangle travelers as an offering to Kali.

Amma's so-called hug is Amma's way to control and rip off gullible punters. Gail's hug led to 20 years of slavish hell and another 15 years of harassment which still continues.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Google Alerts - The Secret Ammabot PR Tool

Sleeping only 2 hours per night, Amma's unpaid army of zombies known as Ammabots, have been working to the point of death to fulfill Scary Momma's unending need for fame, power and yet more victims. Every day the Ammabots toil to send thousands of press releases to the media in every country. Falsely they claim that their psychopathic boss is a saint and a humanitarian. Most Amma press releases are ignored but 0.001% are copied by lazy journalists when there is no time to find real news.

Using Google Alerts on their smartphones, Amma's zombie army can respond to any story about Amma in the world. When the story is positive they send praise; when the story is negative they send rage.

Gail Tredwell 's book "Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness" has no Ammabot army or paid professional PR team to give it the necessary exposure. If you are reading this then you must be outraged that a psychopath who abuses her "children" and allows her head Swami (Balu) to rape the Amma nuns is allowed to go free without investigation or monitoring.

Amma and her Ammabot party will eventually fall. Gail Tredwell and other former long time Amma devotees are finding the courage to speak out. Even if they are threatened with murder they will still continue. You are not powerless. You can use the same tools as the Ammabots: online media and Google Alerts.

Use Google Alerts to send you daily email updates about Amma, Gail Tredwell and Big Swami Balu. You can then post the truth about Amma to the world's media and forums.

Google Alerts search terms:

"Sudhamani Idamannel"
"Mata Amma"
"Gail Tredwell "
Amma Gayatri
Swamini Amritaprana
"Big Swami"
"Swami Balu"
"Hugging Saint"
"Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness"
"Holy Hell" Amma

Thursday, December 19, 2013

PR for "Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness"

Real readers, real reviews and real Amma followers have given Gail Tredwell's book a majority 5 star review. Gails was formerly Gayatri Swamini Amritaprana, much loved by the Amritapuri ashram residents for her loyal service to Amma. Gail who was beaten by Amma and raped by Big Swami Balu for twenty years never complained because she believed Amma was the Goddess.

Amma, incensed that Gail has gained some publicity has tasked her full-time PR department which include PR professionals such as Rob Sidon, formerly of Disney and owner of Higher Ground, to trash the book with one star review on Amazon. Sidon's wife using her maiden name Anne Elizabeth Daniels posted a two star review. None of the Ammabot reviews address the serious incidents that caused Gail to leave Amma's psychotic, spiteful service.

Gail's book is not well known. Unlike Ammachi she does not have millions to spend on publicity or a full-time army of Ammabots who mindlessly spam everywhere possible. Gail was left penniless by Amma who refused to return Gail's possession including personal diaries. Eventually Amma sent Gail a paltry $15,000 for 20 years of backbreaking servitude. Ammabots lie about the amount. We cannot believe their claims that Amma donates millions when they never provide proof since Amma hides her finances from the public.

Gail is like a David going up against the might of a multi-national Goliath. Amma Inc. want to crush Gail and her book but you can protect the right of free speech.

Give publicity to "Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness".

Holy Hell: The Inside Story of Amma, The Hugging Saint Revealed in New Book by former Personal Assistant

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Malicious Ammabot Posts Banned by Amazon

Amma has billions of dollars, several professional PR teams and thousands of blind-faith zombies, Ammabots, who will work all day and night to spam the internet. These Ammabots have not purchased or read Gail Tredwell's "Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness" but they pretend that they have. They do not review the book but merely tell others to not read it, they attack Gail's character with vile smears and post links to Amma's smear sites.

Amazon have responded by removing more than 10 Ammabot reviews and over 50 comments. The wife of Amma PR chief Rob Sidon, formerly of Disney and owner of Higher Ground, using her maiden name again Anne Elizabeth Daniels has again joined the frenzied mob attack on Amma's star victim. In her two star review Elizabeth Sidon, as she is properly known, wrote "A Bitter Pill" November 21, 2013. What Sidon fails to even try to comprehend is what actually happened to Gail? Amritapuri is a torture chamber not a Disneyland. Sidon has never experienced the seedy side of Amritpuri because she has always been treated like royalty. Sidon had lead a sneaky attack on the Ex-Amma list and then tried to cover-up her posts after she was exposed in 2012. Amma's PR keep putting their foot in it and we will keep covering the stories.

An archive of Amma's recent shockingly malicious online attacks will be a permanent stain against abusive Amma and her knuckle brained enablers.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Proof That Ammabots Lie For Amma Amritanandamayi

Amma Amritanandamayi controls an army of Ammabots who she can order to lie, defame and beat Amma critics even if they could go to jail.

Radhika Nair, wife of the head of Amma's fraudulent AIMS hospital, Prem Nair, is one of several high ranking Ammabots who viciously lie about her Gail Tredwell, Amma's former personal servant, including molesting her children. Gail has responded by publishing letters which prove that Radhika Nair was praising Gail after she left Amma's ashram which means after she had contact with the Nairs. This proves that Nair is lying. How can Amma twist the mind's of her followers to commit criminal acts? The answers are in "Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness" which Amma's lawyers are trying to ban.
From Gail Tredwell's Facebook:

"If you cannot attack the message, then attack the messenger."

Now that many of my former friends, who I cared for immensely, have had the opportunity to serve their guru by untruthfully maligning my character in response to my truthful memoir, I feel it is time to shed some light on the reality of the situation. The testimonies on the Amma Scandal site attacking me, which are now documented for the world to see, prove how low people are willing to stoop to protect their beliefs.

What the organization perhaps failed to consider is that I have in my possession numerous email and handwritten letters from many of these devotees and from all of the head swamis. What better way to defend myself than by sharing what some of these former friends had to say about me shortly after I left the organization.

For now, I will share an email from Radhika Nair, dated 12.1.1999.

My dearest Swamini Amma,

I do not know how to start. Partly, because I have so much to say and partly, because I do not know how to say it. Please forgive me if I say something wrong. Firstly, I miss you so very much. You are my sister and oddly my mummy too. I do not open up easily and not being born with a sister, you are probably the only person I felt comfortable talking to. As a mummy, you always took care of me all the time, feeding me, clothing me and lovingly advising me.
In spite of all the work and responsibilities you had on the tour, many a time, you physically nursed me through my episodes of back pains, leg injuries and colds. Now that my sister and mummy are both physically and mentally drained, I feel sad and lost that I cannot serve and take care of you, or, express my love and appreciation for you. You have been my constant inspiration and aspiration. I have always secretly aspired to be just like you. Your noble qualities of tyaga, dedication, shraddha , fairness, sound judgement, one-pointedness, loving and caring nature, and above all, always being a great listener, have been a source of my contemplation.
We are a family, a very big family. Like in all big families, there are a few sisters and brothers who are uncaring and unthinking. But, there are many of us who have only love for you. Please remain in our family, and let us try and share some of your agony, fear and helplessness. Being shocked and grieving, please give us a chance to do something right this time. The relationship you and Amma have is beyond anyone's understanding. All I know is the despair, loss and helplessness you feel, Amma feels all of it too. She is also mentally drained. She told me that "Gayatri feels that Amma has not shown her any love, but Gayatri is a part of Amma. She has grown up on my shoulder". Saying this, Amma broke down into tears and sobbed.
You are and always have been strong. Now it is due to your very bad astrological time lasting till June 2000, that you are going through this. It is perhaps fate and beyond your control. You will be very vulnerable too now. This time away in solitude and contemplation may remind you of all of us who love, respect, revere and adore you so dearly. Except for a handful, all in Amritapuri only know that you are taking this time off to be in silence, regain your physical health and write your book. So when you are ready, the welcome wagon is waiting and your room is beautiful.
On your 41st Birthday party, I felt ashamed and sad that Priya, KU and myself could only come up with that "dumb" poem on JOY. So here I am all alone going to make up a new poem for you. I am sure it will also turn out stupid, but this one is out of love.


Joy to you was in giving
In giving your heart and soul to Amma
In giving your body in the labor of love
In giving your hands by nourishing us all
In giving your smile by understanding our woes
In giving your mind by helping us with decisions
But, Joy goes around and comes back
So, Joy to you should also be in receiving
In receiving, give us a chance to give our hearts and soul to you
In receiving, give us a chance to give our love to you
In receiving, give us a chance to give our nourishment to you
In receiving, give us a chance to give our understanding to you
In receiving, give us a chance to help you, our favorite Swamini Amma, our dearest Sister and our loving Mummy.

With lots and lots of love and hugs,
Your "teddy bear" of a sister
Radhika Nair

P.S. I am at AIMS with KU. Again he has pains and is suspected as having Appendicitis. It is now 3:30 AM. Today, the tests will show if he needs surgery or not. Please, please E-Mail us back. I have never received a personal E-Mail yet. But, to keep it private, you may sign it as "mummy and Sister". I love you.
KU want to send you an E-Mail too.

Dear Swamini Amma

I miss you very much. I wish you were here. I am very sick again. I had a check up again. The doctor said I have to have an operation. Please pray for me. Are you having fun, swimming and going for long walks? Is it snowing? I wish I were there to make a big snowman and have a snowball fight with you. I have to start school soon. I am glad that I got to send you an E-Mail. I wish the tour would start again and me, you, Swamiji and my dad and Amma would all be together again. Come back soon. I still have your Happy Birthday balloon. Priya will be very mad that I got to send you an E-Mail. Please send me an E-Mail and remember not to my sister.

I love you very much
From krishnanunni

Mata Amritanandamayi Embezzles The World

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Raped beaten and still stalked by Amma cult – book review

Australian Gail Tredwell was frequently raped, beaten, abused and exploited during her 20 years as slave to billionaire religious Indian cult leader Sudhamani Idamannel aka Mata Amma Amritanandamayi. It's a sad but true story which has been validated by several Amma disciples accounts.

Physically exhausted and mentally destroyed by the Amritapuri ashram torture program, it took Gail 15 years to summon up the strength and courage to write this enlightening book about her path to real joy and freedom.

"Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness" starts with Gail's escape while being hunted by the rapist head of Amma's organization and one of several supposedly celibate Swamis who were having sex with Amma. Big Swami (aka Big Swami Balu and Swami Amritasvarupananda) searched devotee houses and interrogated people in a desperate bid to find and silence Gail. It's a nail-biting, edge of your seat kind of Jason Bourne tension that has you rooting for Gail's escape. Well written, I am still shaking with adrenaline!

Amma's cult continues to harass Gail to this very day as demonstrated by a wave of fake posters who spam Amazon with hundreds of posts containing links to two Amma sites devoted to libeling Gail. Ten outrageously untrue and spiteful Ammbot posts have been removed by Amazon already but the kamikaze Ammabots keep on robotically posting their hate because they fail to know love. Ammabots please note that this is Amazon for book lovers not a book-hating Amma-zone!

Gail had to overcome many psychological barriers to write "Holy Hell" including Stockholm Syndrome and PTSD. She even felt guilty about leaving behind 200 ashram women who had depended upon her support.

Gail describes how she hid cuts, bruises and Amma's violence from her friends and family. Amma's giving of charity money to build large Kerala houses for her relatives indicates massive fraud. Amma's overseas income is India's largest import. Although Ammachi claims to be a religious saint she refuses to open her business accounting books or to be transparent about her assets. Very fishy!

Gail is not the only victim to Amma's terrorism, Anyone who writes a book about Amma gets threatened. Amma tried to jail policeman Sreeni Pattathanam for writing a book "Matha Amritanandamayi: Divya Kathakalum Yatharthyavum (Matha Amritanandamayi: Sacred Stories and Realities) " which linked Amma to at least 5 murders, fraud and exposed her supposed miracles as scams. Amma leader and writer Taavi Kassila was ordered by Amma to lie in his book "Erään etsijän tarina" (as reported in an article Totuus vai maine?).

Mata Amma Amritanandamayi is worse than Jim Jones, Shoko Asahara and Charles Manson put together but as with the pedophilia of Satya Sai Baba, the West is slow to wake up to the danger in the midst. Amma's Amritapuri is the location of suspicious suicides, murders and psychotic breakdowns. The most recent ashram murder was that of Satnam Singh, a 25 year old Brahmin boy who tried to get Amma's counsel.

Gail's book tells how she escaped the clutches of a religious fraud and eventually regained her sanity and dignity. I would recommend this book to all religious seekers, travelers, academics and journalists. Top 5 star rating! Thank you Gail for your courage, insights and humor.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Senior Amma Devotees Confirm Gail Tredwell's Amma Expose

For fifteen years Amma and her rapist lover Big Swami Balu hunted Gail Trewdwell. Amma wanted Gail to be her personal slave again. Gail was loved by Amma's inner circle until 2012 when Rolling Stone magazine revealed that she would publish "Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness".

Instantly Amma's PR department created two websites devoted to smearing Gail. This shows how crazy Amma is. Senior ashram residents know that Amma's inner circle are creating fake testimonies. The honest residents have started to expose Amma's wicked plan. Amma is fighting a losing battle as her kingdom finally slips through her fingers.

From Ex-Amma "Being a resident for about 16yrs....during Gail's period....I can say confidently that all of these allegations are big lies . Till the end of 1999 i was there and i never heard any such stories....suddenly... after Gail's book get published....all such stories " wrote an Amritapuri resident after reading fake testimony by Nealu, Lakshmi, Meera Radhika etc.

From Amazon "Having lived with my family in ammachi's two main ashrams during the periods described and having been in close quarters with all the characters involved there is no doubt in my mind of gail's truthfulness. this a brave effort that benefits everyone."

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Awarding Winning News Site Exposes India's Criminal Religious Cults

India's highly acclaimed, award-winning news site Tehelka reported that India's religious groups are an untouchable criminal mafia involved in drugs, prostitution, gun running and rape. Indians have long known this but naive Westerners pilgrims want to believe that Hindu priests are less corrupt than their Catholic priests. Billionaire Mata Amma Amritanandamayi is associated with murder, public beatings and fraud but she is untouchable. Satya Sai Baba was accused of massive pedophilia and gold fraud but was never arrested.
In The Guns & Godmen Of Ayodhya, Brijest Singh reveals that a murderous war involving political parties and police corruption supports the Swamis and Mahants, many of who have been recruited from jails. 250 alleged holy men were arrested or killed during arrest attempts by police in the past few years, and over 200 have been murdered by their own kind.

Similar to Amma, Big Swami Balu, Swami Rao, Rishi Taavi Kassila, the sadhus preach celibacy but are promiscuous, some have more than one wife. These criminals know that the police will not raid these religious centers, the Maths. Amma has a Math and the police fail to properly investigate the many murders and deaths there. Amma will not allow anyone to check her claims to be a charity. Her financial records are kept secret but in America it was discovered that Amma donates much less than her PR declares – less than 0.000001%!

The war between religious groups includes these names, most have been murdered or did the murders: Bhavnath Das, Hari Shankar Das Pehelwan, Mahant Harinarayan Das, Mahant Ram Prakash Das, Hari Shankar Das,, mahant Ramesh Das , Gauri Shankar Das, Ramagya Das, Mahant Tribhuvan Das, Tribhuvan Das,, Gauri Shankar Das, Hari Bhajan Das, Deen Bandhu Das, Sadhu Naveen Das, Mahant Ramagya Das ,Bajrang Das and Harbhajan Das ,Mahant Prahlad Das , "goonda baba" Prahlad Das, Nritya Gopal Das ("This man is not a saint, but a land-grabber and a goon,"), Triveni Das, Gopal Das, Devram Das Vedanti, Janmejai Sharan, Maithili Sharan Das, Swami Sudarshanacharya, Jitendra Pandey, Kamdev Singh, Ram Kripal Das, Mahant Lakshman Das, Sriprakash Shukla, Birendra Pratap Sahi, Mahant Ram Kripal Das, Bada Sthan Sadhu Raghuvar, Ram Sharan Das, Mahant Ganga Ram and Shankar Das.

Amma is a one trick pony. Her PR states that she gives hugs. It is a lie. She receives hugs. It is a gimmick which hides a career criminal who abuses unwitting victims every day.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Amma's Fake Immigration Tax Avoidance Scam

Taavi Kassila, former yoga school bankrupt and MLM pyramid selling scammer, held a party in 2008 claiming that he was emigrating to Amma's Amritapuri ashram in Kerala, India. It was a false claim but Kassila has often repeated it to the media. Why would Taavi Kassila lie? It would not have been the first time or the last.

Was Kassila launching his business to take tourists to Amma's ashram (making him a human trafficker because Amma wants makes them become mindless slaves), escaping angry ladies who he cheated or sexually abused, pretending to be finally celibate or avoid paying tax in both Finland and India?

As Indian residents ourselves with contacts in the Foreigners' Regional Registration Office and Ministry of Home Affairs we know that Taavi Kassila has failed the Indian residency criteria every year for the past five years.

In India, an individual is treated as a resident in a year if:
1. He is present in India for a total period of 182 days.
2. Maintains a dwelling place for a period of 182 days in a year and is in India for at least 30 days.
3. Has been in India for 60 days in that year and for 365 days in preceding 4 years.

Taavi Kassila paid Amma for a fake address in Amritapuri ashram. Kassila does not stay at the address. It is used by others for 11 months every year. For $12,000 Amma will sell residences and addresses to those who are willing to be celibate and slave for her. Kassila does not work at Amritapuri for more than a few days per year and is not celibate as a recent court case proved.

Is Amma running a scam to fool the Indian government and make even more money for herself? We imagine that Amma gets all kinds of benefits for pretending that she is taking care of thousands of absentee tenants. It profits both Amma and her fake Swamis, Swaminis and Bramacharinis so no one will reveal the scam.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Amma Caught Lying, Removes Pages From Her Smear Campaign Sites

Amma Caught Lying, Removes Page From Her Smear Campaign Sites

Amma's hate-spreading websites made a mistake which has ruined their credibility in the eyes of her own ashram. Amma's response as usual is to try to cover it up. Too bad for her that others have copied her malicious pages as evidence of calculated libel.

In Kerala where she is known simply as "The Mother", Mata Amma Amritanandamayi can have anything which she wants through her extensive network of devotees, thugs, corrupt policeman and fawning politicians.

When policeman Sreeni Pattathanam connected Mata Amma Amritanandamayi to at least five murders including her own brother, Amma threatened him with jail and her thugs tried to intimidate him. Amma's fearsome reach spans India where in New Delhi her thugs attacked a whole community with iron bars for daring to remove from their property her billboard advertising an old "hug and mug" event.

Far from the compassionate image which Amma wants to be seen as, behind the scenes Amma is seething with rage at those who would not submit to her. For Amma a hug is not an act of kindness but homage like kissing the ring of the Pope or a mafia boss. Amma wants everyone to bow down to her, take a beating and hand over all their money. Many do. Gail Tredwell did for 20 years. Amma has sought to abuse Gail for a total of 35 years. Amma can no longer physically beat Gail and Big Swami Balu cannot rape her but this sadistic couple are pouring their hatred into two websites created to smear Gail with fake testimonies from faithful senior Amma devotees.

The sites misleadingly titled "Amma Scandal" and "Letters to Mother" published a testimony by a senior Amma woman "Hari Sudha". It has now been proven to be so embarrassing wrong for Amma that it had to be removed. The testimony unwittingly validated accusations that Big Swami Balu had been sexually interested in Gail when she was Amma's nun and servant. Balu had in fact been raping Gail all along. Important dates were wrong which proved that Hari Sudha must had lied.

If Amma and her senior followers can so easily lie then who would trust them? Publicly Amma pretends to love Gail but privately she is sponsoring character assassination attacks upon her.