Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Amma and Balu offered Gail an Ashram after she escaped

After Gail Tredwell escaped from Amma, the ashram and particularly Big Swami Balu (who had repeatedly raped her) promised her that she could run an ashram in Australia if would sign a gag order which prevented her from telling the truth.

Amma's organization had no complaints about Gail until she exposed Amma's violence, fraud, fake celibacy and support of rape. Amma's recent sites which smear Gail are fakes and are being exposed.

For Christmas send your friends a copy of Gail's book "Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness"


Taavi Kassila Lies About India Emigration Again said...

Taavi Kassila will not leave for India in 2014 either. Caught lying in 2013 when he contradicted his cliam to go to Amma ashram in 2014.

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Ajankohta: 16-18. toukokuuta 2014.
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The Hugging Saint is also the Slapping Saint said...

Speaking of good intentions going somewhere bad...have you ever heard of this hugging guru named Amma? For hours and hours she hugs people who come to see her, beaming with love and joy and all things good and holy. And then in private she's a whiny, needy, entitled bitch who slaps people and has sex with students while preaching the need for abstinence amongst her followers. Or at least that's the story from her ex-right-hand-woman Gail Tredwell in her recently published memoir, Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness. Amma's followers have subsequently been trying to smear Tredwell through a PR campaign of disinformation and denial.