Thursday, December 19, 2013

PR for "Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness"

Real readers, real reviews and real Amma followers have given Gail Tredwell's book a majority 5 star review. Gails was formerly Gayatri Swamini Amritaprana, much loved by the Amritapuri ashram residents for her loyal service to Amma. Gail who was beaten by Amma and raped by Big Swami Balu for twenty years never complained because she believed Amma was the Goddess.

Amma, incensed that Gail has gained some publicity has tasked her full-time PR department which include PR professionals such as Rob Sidon, formerly of Disney and owner of Higher Ground, to trash the book with one star review on Amazon. Sidon's wife using her maiden name Anne Elizabeth Daniels posted a two star review. None of the Ammabot reviews address the serious incidents that caused Gail to leave Amma's psychotic, spiteful service.

Gail's book is not well known. Unlike Ammachi she does not have millions to spend on publicity or a full-time army of Ammabots who mindlessly spam everywhere possible. Gail was left penniless by Amma who refused to return Gail's possession including personal diaries. Eventually Amma sent Gail a paltry $15,000 for 20 years of backbreaking servitude. Ammabots lie about the amount. We cannot believe their claims that Amma donates millions when they never provide proof since Amma hides her finances from the public.

Gail is like a David going up against the might of a multi-national Goliath. Amma Inc. want to crush Gail and her book but you can protect the right of free speech.

Give publicity to "Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness".

Holy Hell: The Inside Story of Amma, The Hugging Saint Revealed in New Book by former Personal Assistant


Amma Got More Money Than Oxfam And Kept It said...

There now appears to be yet another Amma expose site: Amma is Embezzling The World Blog

Shocking that this Amma in 2008 got more foreign donations than Oxfam yet only spends less than 10% on actual humanitarian works. Gail said in Holy Hell Amma ordered her to deliver bags of gold and currency to the relatives but I don't think even SHE realised all this other stuff!

Amma covers up that she has periods said...

"I think many of Amma's westerner devotees still have no realisation of how significant the "amma not menstruating" thing is in India. It was the one big hurdle about her being a female guru that the creators of her mythology initially had to overcome in the 1970s. Because had she presented as a normal woman with menses I do not think she would have become as famous as she did in those initial early days in Kerala. She would NOT have been allowed to perform pujas in the temple OR give the sort of darshan that involved touching others when she was in this stage of her cycle. At the best she would have stayed as a small village god channeller type, doing scary Kali performances, rather than morphing into the Mother of Compassion and the Hugging Saint.
Once her "purity" was written about and established then all other things flowed on from that. Her "divinity" and her "powers"."