Monday, December 23, 2013

Amma's headlock of hell is no hug!

Comments from victims during Amma's holy "Hug a Thugee" tour.

"Why would anyone want to place their head on Ammachi's greasy sari after a whole plane load of unwashed hippies have coughed up their snot on her?"

"Amma's groupies are sad, bad and mad. Can't they get anyone to hug them?"

"It was not a real hug. It felt like my head was being pushed into a woodcutter."


"Disgusting! It reminded me of stale donuts and bad coffee."

Amma does not give hugs. She tells her Indian devotees that she is possessed with the Goddess Kali. Kali is depicted decapitating human heads. Amma comes from the region where the Thugee cult would rob and strangle travelers as an offering to Kali.

Amma's so-called hug is Amma's way to control and rip off gullible punters. Gail's hug led to 20 years of slavish hell and another 15 years of harassment which still continues.

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