Friday, December 13, 2013

Senior Amma Devotees Confirm Gail Tredwell's Amma Expose

For fifteen years Amma and her rapist lover Big Swami Balu hunted Gail Trewdwell. Amma wanted Gail to be her personal slave again. Gail was loved by Amma's inner circle until 2012 when Rolling Stone magazine revealed that she would publish "Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness".

Instantly Amma's PR department created two websites devoted to smearing Gail. This shows how crazy Amma is. Senior ashram residents know that Amma's inner circle are creating fake testimonies. The honest residents have started to expose Amma's wicked plan. Amma is fighting a losing battle as her kingdom finally slips through her fingers.

From Ex-Amma "Being a resident for about 16yrs....during Gail's period....I can say confidently that all of these allegations are big lies . Till the end of 1999 i was there and i never heard any such stories....suddenly... after Gail's book get published....all such stories " wrote an Amritapuri resident after reading fake testimony by Nealu, Lakshmi, Meera Radhika etc.

From Amazon "Having lived with my family in ammachi's two main ashrams during the periods described and having been in close quarters with all the characters involved there is no doubt in my mind of gail's truthfulness. this a brave effort that benefits everyone."

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