Monday, December 9, 2013

Amma's Fake Immigration Tax Avoidance Scam

Taavi Kassila, former yoga school bankrupt and MLM pyramid selling scammer, held a party in 2008 claiming that he was emigrating to Amma's Amritapuri ashram in Kerala, India. It was a false claim but Kassila has often repeated it to the media. Why would Taavi Kassila lie? It would not have been the first time or the last.

Was Kassila launching his business to take tourists to Amma's ashram (making him a human trafficker because Amma wants makes them become mindless slaves), escaping angry ladies who he cheated or sexually abused, pretending to be finally celibate or avoid paying tax in both Finland and India?

As Indian residents ourselves with contacts in the Foreigners' Regional Registration Office and Ministry of Home Affairs we know that Taavi Kassila has failed the Indian residency criteria every year for the past five years.

In India, an individual is treated as a resident in a year if:
1. He is present in India for a total period of 182 days.
2. Maintains a dwelling place for a period of 182 days in a year and is in India for at least 30 days.
3. Has been in India for 60 days in that year and for 365 days in preceding 4 years.

Taavi Kassila paid Amma for a fake address in Amritapuri ashram. Kassila does not stay at the address. It is used by others for 11 months every year. For $12,000 Amma will sell residences and addresses to those who are willing to be celibate and slave for her. Kassila does not work at Amritapuri for more than a few days per year and is not celibate as a recent court case proved.

Is Amma running a scam to fool the Indian government and make even more money for herself? We imagine that Amma gets all kinds of benefits for pretending that she is taking care of thousands of absentee tenants. It profits both Amma and her fake Swamis, Swaminis and Bramacharinis so no one will reveal the scam.

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