Sunday, July 29, 2012

Taavi Kassila In Police Criminal Investigation For Genital Herpes

Taavi Kassila is the subject of police criminal investigation. The person who started the investigation is none other than the narcissistic 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila himself. Why would the faux holyman celibacy preacher be worried about his reputation? Could it be that the Amma monk still chases unsuspecting ladies on Facebook?

'Rishi' Kassila has started to delete his Facebook trail of seduction in the same way that deleted all evidence of their links with their honorary chairman in a futile attempt to cover-up a sex scandal. Did the multi-billionaire god-woman, Sudhamani Idamannel  (Amma Amritanandamayi), forget that her relationship with Kassila exists on several Finnish media sites?

'Rishi' is falling apart. The police are not interested in libel but they might be interested in medical fraud. Taavi Kassila has offered the police in Finland a medical certificate from an Indian hospital in a desperate attempt to publicize that he is free from genital herpes. Could the Indian hospital be an Amma hospital which claims to serve the poor for a fee? Kassila has previously admitted to having genital herpes which would make himself and the hospital look silly.

The target of Kassila's cover-up operation is one of  'Amma monk' Kassila's ex-girlfriends, the writer of 'The Story of Love's Apostle' (Tarina rakkauden apostolista), who wants to protect other women. She has started her own police case and will fight the malicious Kassila even if it costs her money. Show your support by posting at  Tarina rakkauden apostolista .

Friday, July 13, 2012

Did Amma Amritanandamayi Give Genital HerpesTo Rishi Taavi Kassila?

Hindus expect their single gurus to be celibate. Catholics believe their priests to be celibate. Things turn ugly when the real truth is discovered. Powerful organizations fear the lose of their reputation and financial income. Worshipers go into denial. Terrible scandals get covered up.

Amma Amritanandamayi's politically protected billionaire organization is no different from companies like Monsanto which puts profit before people's rights. Amma has a vested interested in preserving her goddess image. She is expected to have special divine powers and to be able to give her devotees exactly what they need. Taavi Kassila got genital herpes and then passed it on. Are sexual diseases part of Mother Amma's maternal love?

Tibetan lamas and Catholic priests have been accused of sexual impropriety and pedophilia. Hindu gurus too. Swami Nithyananda's ashram was burned down by rioters after news videos showed him taking drugs and having sex with Bollywood actresses. Satya Sai Baba's delightful habit of touching male genitalia for “healing purposes” was covered-up for decades. Swami Muktananda had a secret passage to the women's dormitory( for sexual contact)  at his ashram and his successor Gurumayi Chidvilasananda disappeared after allegations of a sexual affair with a Lebanese man. Swami Vishwananada was outed for by his own Brahmachari boys for having illicit sex with them. Guru Maharaji Prem Rawat had sexual congress with his secretary. Transcendental Meditation monk guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi attempted sex with Mia Farrow. When you hear the label “celibate” expect to find a cover-up.

 Amma Amritanandamayi is no stranger to sordid truth cover-ups. Her followers believe that she is celibate but they are Ammabots, blind followers, who think only Amma wants them to think.

Tarina rakkauden apostolista describes how Rishi Taavi Kassila angrily insisted that his sexual affair with a younger woman (the writer) should be kept secret. Kassila hypocritically promoted the practice of celibacy and had multiple affairs at the same time. After repeatedly lying to his sex partner, he admitted getting genital herpes from a concurrent affair. While it is true that Taavi Kassila must have gained genital herpes from someone, we do not believe that he first got the sexually transmitted disease in 2011. If Taavi Kassila wants to claim otherwise then he would have to open his medical records to reveal the truth of about his sexual diseases.

Taavi Kassila has so far lacked the honesty which is a basic requirement for yogis, therefore Kassila is not qualified to teach yoga philosophy. Amma Amritanandamayi continues to hide her “son” Taavi Kassila's sexual predations behind her sari, therefore she is not qualified to be a guru and should immediately stop pretending to be anyone's “Mother”. This viewpoint is not based solely on Amma's protection and cover-up of Rishi Taavi Kassila but on testimony about the cruel actions of Amma Amritanandamayi towards her devotees. It will be revealed that claims of Amma being a “saint” are slick lies from Amma's PR department.

Amma's Amritpuri ashram has been described as a living hell. Amma's followers are expected to be celibate. Amma interferes with romantic relationships and married couples. Meanwhile, Taavi Kassila's sexual excesses go unchecked. There is a rotten smell coming from Amritpuri, the stench of corruption, cruelty and lying which has been covered-up for too long.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mother Amma Amritanandamayi, Patron Saint of the Sex Victimizers?

“Has Mother Amma Amritanandamayi ever acted to stop sex abuse of her "children" (followers) at her Amritpuri ashram?” our esteemed reader asked.

The mishandling of the Rishi Taavi Kassila sex scandal threatens to expose a trail of inhumane corruption within the Amma Amritanandamayi cult which reaches all the way up to Sudhamani Idamannel whose blind followers consider her to be the infallible goddess, Mother Ammachi.

Ammachi's Amritpuri ashram hides a catalog of horror stories: psychological abuse, suicide and untimely death.

Ex-devotees of the Mother Amma cult who speak out against unforgivable crimes happening under Amma's command are silenced by Amma's powerful political, legal and PR machinery. Villagers have been beaten with crowbars by Amma goons. Amma is supposed to be an avatar, a goddess, with omniscient powers but the reality is that she is cruel and deluded.

Amma's followers believe that she is managing their lives including the horrible injustices which they suffer at Amritpuri. Into this mess stepped Taavi Kassila who callously does what ever he wants because Amma's followers have been trained to uncomplainingly suffer as they take it laying down. Amma is more corrupt that Kassila, behind Amma's sari hides a thousands men like the bogus "Rishi", Taavi Kassila. Mother Amma is the patron saint of the victimizers when she fails to protect the victims.

Join the Ex-Amma discussion group to read true accounts of unbearable suffering within Amma Inc.

Ex-Amma (Ex-Devotees of Amma or Ammachi)

Amma goons beat up villagers:

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Requesting Legal Information About Amma "Rishi" Taavi Kassila

"Rishi" Taavi Kassila, monastic ashram resident, organizer for Amma Amritanandamayi Amritpuri and celibacy advocate is using nasty tricks to victimize his sexual victims.

Kassila, who was given the bogus title of "Rishi" by the equally bogus "Mother" Amma has been secretly harassing one girl because she dared to expose his destructive sexual habits. Amma has not stepped in to protect the girl. Amma cares for Kassila but not his victims.

The totalitarian Amma Amritanandamayi goddess cult has denied any responsibility for the unethical actions of its enthusiastic supporter and worker, Taavi Kassila.

Kassila, used his powerful position within the Ammachi cult (Kassila is honorary chairman of Amma Keskus Finland) to recruit Amma Finland laywer, Kirsi Pettersson. Kassila, who helped found Amma Keskus Finland in 1998, has tried to save his tarnished reputation by spreading untruths about his victim, the writer of "Tarina Rakkauden Apostolista" who revealed Kassila's sordid affairs about buying prostitutes, attempting to seduce a teenage girl with an Amma video and spreading genital herpes.

The writer of "Tarina Rakkauden Apostolista" was threatened by Amma Finland lawyer, Kirsi Pettersson but nothing followed. Kassila claims to have contacted the police but seems to be bluffing. "Tarina Rakkauden Apostolista" is requesting witnesses and well-wishers to supply information about Taavi Kassila to help support a potential legal case against him especially if he does start a proper legal action. Kassila could be prosecuted for assault for knowingly spreading herpes.

Do you know women who might have contracted herpes from Taavi Kassila or been seduced by him?

We believe that there are many complaints against Taavi Kassila because of the number of negative comments on several blogs and forums about him. It is time for women to come forward and protect their own - Goddess Mother Amma will watch them all go to hell while braying "Ma" in their ears and handing out candies.

Protect the victims of Taavi Kassila. Expose Mother Amma. Make the world a better place.

Email your words of support to the courageous female writer of "Tarina Rakkauden Apostolista":