Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Requesting Legal Information About Amma "Rishi" Taavi Kassila

"Rishi" Taavi Kassila, monastic ashram resident, organizer for Amma Amritanandamayi Amritpuri and celibacy advocate is using nasty tricks to victimize his sexual victims.

Kassila, who was given the bogus title of "Rishi" by the equally bogus "Mother" Amma has been secretly harassing one girl because she dared to expose his destructive sexual habits. Amma has not stepped in to protect the girl. Amma cares for Kassila but not his victims.

The totalitarian Amma Amritanandamayi goddess cult has denied any responsibility for the unethical actions of its enthusiastic supporter and worker, Taavi Kassila.

Kassila, used his powerful position within the Ammachi cult (Kassila is honorary chairman of Amma Keskus Finland) to recruit Amma Finland laywer, Kirsi Pettersson. Kassila, who helped found Amma Keskus Finland in 1998, has tried to save his tarnished reputation by spreading untruths about his victim, the writer of "Tarina Rakkauden Apostolista" who revealed Kassila's sordid affairs about buying prostitutes, attempting to seduce a teenage girl with an Amma video and spreading genital herpes.

The writer of "Tarina Rakkauden Apostolista" was threatened by Amma Finland lawyer, Kirsi Pettersson but nothing followed. Kassila claims to have contacted the police but seems to be bluffing. "Tarina Rakkauden Apostolista" is requesting witnesses and well-wishers to supply information about Taavi Kassila to help support a potential legal case against him especially if he does start a proper legal action. Kassila could be prosecuted for assault for knowingly spreading herpes.

Do you know women who might have contracted herpes from Taavi Kassila or been seduced by him?

We believe that there are many complaints against Taavi Kassila because of the number of negative comments on several blogs and forums about him. It is time for women to come forward and protect their own - Goddess Mother Amma will watch them all go to hell while braying "Ma" in their ears and handing out candies.

Protect the victims of Taavi Kassila. Expose Mother Amma. Make the world a better place.

Email your words of support to the courageous female writer of "Tarina Rakkauden Apostolista": kulttuurielli@yahoo.fi


Anonymous said...

Amma does not hug, she sucks at hugging. She greets people like any rich person and sucks the dimes out of them.

Amma is an energy sucking vampire. Amritapuri ashram is a mad farm, screamers are heard all night long.

Rishi Taavi Kassila has no right to preach celibacy. The fraudulent Rishi has never practiced it. How dare Amma corrupt India by supporting scams!

Sex Guru Scammers said...

Rishi Taavi Kassila went to Mama Amma's bosom for a cuddle 20 years ago and still has a rampant sex addiction!

Amma did not give him a cure but his penis did get genital herpes. Mama Amma is so kind!

Anonymous said...

Mother gave genital herpes to her son Rishi Taavi Kassila? They are about the same age. She is a foxy lady.

A fire started at the Mother Amma Center Chicago just before Ms. Kali Durga Ma is to appear. Burning the evidence? ATF are investigating. This could be too hot for the Mother Hugging "Saint".

Police investigate fire at M.A. Center in LaFox

Fire at ashram near La Fox under investigation