Friday, August 31, 2012

Defending Gayatri from Amma and Ammabot Attacks

Gayatri, Amma's closest and earliest Western disciple has started to tell the truth about Amma's violent fits,  financial corruption and personal beatings. Since revealing the truth Gayatri has been strongly attacked and slandered by Ammabots who, while admitting that she is a good and sane person, cannot accept her public statements. One Ammabot,  Shaktidas, admitted that the charges against Amma were of no concern because Amma is the guru. This is how a true cult member thinks.

In support of Gayatri (Gail Tredwell) we reprint a comment in the Rolling Stone discussion section.

"There has been much speculation re Gail Tredwell's motivations in waiting so long to speak out. As one of the people who has actually engaged in face to face conversation with her in recent months I would like to say that the reason she did not speak out straight away after she left was because she was SO TRAUMATISED by the abuse she has suffered. Abuse which is far more than what was mentioned in the Rolling Stone article.

This abuse was NOT something done as a form of guru - student discipline. It was at times Amma totally losing it. Attacks of extreme temper in which she screamed at Gail, yelling obscenities. She was hit, scratched, bitten, pinched, kicked and had her hair pulled out. What had been the odd slap or pinch in earlier years became by the late '90s full blown abuse.

Gail for years accepted this abuse. I think at first she may also have believed that this was part of her role as the student and the guru as master. She initially never tried to protect herself. But at times she told me she was almost shaking in fear whilst waiting for Amma to come back after a long darshan. Not knowing what mood she would be in.

This abuse WAS witnessed by others. Including other swamis. She was even hit by Amma when they travelled by car after the programs. The drivers witnessing this abuse. Other persons close to Amma in the ashram witnessed this abuse. It mainly occurred though behind closed doors. Others close to Amma were also abused by her.

Gail used to wear a scarf around her neck to hide any marks causing scratching and bruising that may have been visible. She said at times she felt ashamed and embarrassed lest others see.

She never hit Amma back or yelled back at her. Although towards the end she did put up her arms to defend herself and get into defensive positions just as the blows were coming at her.

It took years for Gail to get over the trauma of what had happened to her. She had to undergo therapy. She was also fearful of retribution if she spoke out. She had nightmares and could not sleep. She was also embarrassed in so many ways about what had happened to her and what she had allowed to happen to her.

For years she just wanted to not think about it all.
But also knew that she would never be truly free unless she faced up to what had happened to her. Which is what motivated her to write her book. As much as to tell the world her story. Also for her to regain her power.

I don't think Gail hates Amma. I think she now sees her more than anything for who she is. She feels compassion for her as a human being. She also has fond memories of the GOOD times she spent with Amma in the early days.

And no, despite what happened to her she is NOT a crazy person. Still has a fine sense of humour and is able to laugh at herself as well as at some of the things that happened. "

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Foaming Ammabots At War With Rolling Stone

Laugh at Ammabots squawking like geese when trying to cover up legitimate criticism of their unholy mother, Sudhamani Idamannel -   Ammabots go to war in Rolling Stone comments section.

Careful! Ammabots are known to froth at the mouth and bite critics.

Another person who froths and foams is Amma herself!

Fun fact - Before Amma  Amritanandamayi started hugging for a living, she was spirit possessed by the dark and bloody goddess Kali, which earned her the title 'Scary Momma'.

Amma rolled on the ground, foamed at the mouth, cussed, cursed and wielded a sword. It scared the pants off the local villagers but was considered not profitable in America, so she changed her act.

Amma still gets possessed during her 'hug them and mug them" marathons. Amma allegedly becomes the Hindu god, Lord Krishna, dons a silver crown, wears peacock feathers and acts slightly insane. Unsurprisingly, some Ammabots become insane after associating with the class actress, Ammachi Amritanandamayi .

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ammabots Fight For Holy Mother Ammachi

Ammabots are sad souls who, for the price an occasional hug, will allow their tragic lives to become completely trashed by a tyrant who neither loves nor cares for them.

Ammabots were once gullible creatures who have been conditioned to become mindless automatons who will fight for a stranger they call their Mother. Their "Mother", real name Sudhamani Idamannel, beats and exploits them until they become sick and broken before sending them back to their own countries penniless and without health care.

Ammabots will lie for Amma Amritanandamayi and repeat the lies which they have been told to tell. They will cover up mysterious deaths, hide Amma's financial corruption, pretend miracles happened and blame others for cuts and bruises caused by Amma.

Why would anyone serve such a violent dictator? The answer is to fulfill their dreams. Some Ammabots believe Amma is God and believe they will be blessed. A few Ammabots know that Amma is corrupt. They want Sudhamani Idamannel's power and money.

Ammabots start out naively believing stories about Amma's supernatural love but become cynical, jaded and spiteful. Amma's devotees are capable of great cruelty and violence. Love is hard to find in Amma's inner circle.

Amabots have started posting comments on Amma Amritanandamayi Taavi Kassila Sex Scandal Cover-up in an attempt to make Amma look good and her critics seem bad. Ammabots have lost their commonsense and ability to reason. They do not understand that there is a growing case against Amma which will not go away when they make post inane praises.

The Ammabot hive is buzzing since the Amma Rolling Stone magazine article included Gayatri's (Gail Tredwell) expose of the real Amma's psychopathic behavior. Amma's high command have been mobilized to discredit Gayatri by infiltrating Ex-Amma, posting internet slander, planting fake stories and vandalizing Wikipedia. Pay attention to how Ammabots go to war and you will understand how Rishi Taavi Kassila can believe himself to be holy whilst he harasses and persecutes a woman to whom Kassila gave genital herpes.

To Taavi Kassila and Amma, you knew eventually that you cheating scams and cons would be exposed.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Hugging Saint" Amma's Lyings, Beatings and Cheatings

On stage Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma) is presented a saint who smilingly receives hugs and dispenses candies and flower petals. Off-stage Sudhamani Idamannel (Amma) is a brooding petulant dictator who terrorizes who her gullible aides with unpredictable bone-breaking physical attacks.

When you add up all of the wrong and criminal acts associated with Amma, you will see not a saint but a malevolent boss whose gang is involved in crime, lying, cheating and cover-ups at every turn.

Amma monk, Taavi Kassila's inexcusable sexual excesses, which violated several mothers' trusts, shocked teenage girls by attempted seductions and gave at least one cheated partner incurable genital herpes was not the first scandal from which Amma irresponsibly tried to distance herself from the Kassila sex expose.

Nor is Satnam Singh Mann's mysterious murder the only death associated with Amma's ashram to be shrouded in contradictions. It is not the only case of a beating given for trying to get Amma's hug.

Pavithran was also beaten, as reported in 'Indian Currents, Issue 36, September 04, 2005'. "Those who expressed anguish and contacted the Ashram following the attack included former Prime Minister A. B. Vajpayee, BJP President L. K. Advani, and former Union Minister O. Rajagopal, who himself is a close devotee of the Amma. Amma's ashram falsely claimed to not know Pavithran, even though he had lived at Mata Amritanandamayi ashram as did Satnam Singh Mann (it has been reported). The same outrageous denial was made of Taavi Kassila, another Amma ashram resident.

Mental illness seems to be the alleged cause of problems at Amma's ashram, but is Amma, who beats her devotees to blame? "Even Mata Amrithanandamayi had admitted that many of her devotees and Ashram inmates are mentally deranged persons."

There was also the suspicious death of a French lady, Caroline Abitbole, within the Ashram premises, another Amma controversy which has been covered up, the webpages removed.

A whole community were beaten with iron bars by a 50 man gang of Amma goons because they no longer wanted an Amma billboard taking up their space (after Amma's tour had left) in "Green Avenue" New Delhi. Amma did nothing to help the residents.

Amma got Kerala State Government to criminally prosecute Sreeni Pattathanam, for writing "Matha Amritanandamayi: Sacred Stories and Realities" which claimed that all the miracles of Amritanandamayi are bogus, and that there have been many suspicious deaths in and around her ashram, which need police investigation. International pressure stopped the legal harassment.

Amma's huge wealth gives her the ability to corrupt public officials, several of whom find it beneficial to be her devotees.

Amma's ashram devotees live in squalid conditions, sleep only a few hours per night and slave for free while Amma secretly gives obscene amounts of gold and money to her relatives so that each can live in their own palace. Amma's family live like royalty and are both feared and respected. Amma has absolute power.

Amma could be responsible for the neurotic, cruel behavior and lying of her devotees. Amma kicked her masseuse for no reason, cracking her ribs. Amma has slapped, beaten, scratched, pulled hair and throttled her devotees for insignificant and made up offenses, such as not cooking rice to her liking.

Just before Amma's closest and oldest Western devotee, Gayatri, revealed the true horror of life with Amma, in Rolling Stone magazine, another Amma cover up was being planned. Amma's devotees, including high representative Elizabeth Sidon, wife of Rob Sidon, the former Disney employee who now heads up Amma's PR team infiltrated Ex-Amma to destroy Gail Tredwell's (Gayatri's) reputation. Elizabeth Sidon, who also calls herself "Elizabeth Daniels" - deleted "Sidon" from her profile when she realized that she had been caught red-handed.

Rob Sidon, Amma PR man, is apparently the editor-in-chief of a magazine called "Common Ground," and "Elizabeth Daniels" is listed as a staff member on the magazine's staff listing.

Robert Sidon lists the dubious distinction in his online resume of "Achieved world-class news coverage for "Amma", (a rare humanitarian compared to Gandhi and Mother Teresa) in prestige media internationally." Robert Sidon might also add that he is supporting the biggest con of the century for which he will go to hell for helping to cover up the truth. Amma is no saint, no humanitarian. Amma cares nothing for the truth nor her devotees. If the victims could be heard above the professional PR noise then Rob Sidon would slink away in shame from the public gaze just like his wife "Elizabeth Daniels" did.

At this time, Amma's Rishi Taavi Kassila has started a police investigation against one former sexual partner, claiming that he does not have genital herpes. In return, Kassila will be prosecuted for causing bodily harm for giving genital herpes. One would think that an Amma devotee would be more kind - but then again we know that will never happen.

Before she dies, Amma who lives on painkillers and wears incontinence pants, will have left a trail of misery in her wake.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hindu Law Student Beaten To Death After Trying To Get Amma Ashram Hug

The day after the death of Satnam Singh, the law student who tried to approach Amma for a hug, but was repelled by Amma devotees and later found beaten to death, the Kerala state minister, an Amma devotee, was seen visiting Amma at the ashram. Was this to get the story straight? Indian police have been accused of torturing the man. Amma's website has erased their initial report of the incident in the same way in which they deleted Rishi Taavi Kassila's history after the sex scandal appeared.

Amma devotees were seen calling for the death of Singh on YouTube, wrongfully accusing him of being an Islamic fundamentalist (he was not, he was a Hindu Brahmin).

Amma failed to protect the man. Another suspicious death connected to Amma Amritanandamayi.

Petition at -

The petition mentions suspicious deaths at Amma's ashram.

Justice for Satnam on Facebook -

Early media reports -

TV footage of the incident in Amma ashram -

Friday, August 10, 2012

Amma Violence And Corruption In Rolling Stone Magazine 2012

Expose of the physical violence and financial corruption of Amma Amritanandamayi in "The Big Squeeze: The Guru Who Turns Hugs Into Gold" by David Amsden for Rolling Stone magazine [August 16, 2012. Issue 1163]. Amma's first, closest Western devotee, Gayatri who was later renamed Swamini Amritaprana after be admitted into Amma's inner circle describes beating by Amma upon herself and others. Amma siphoned off money and gold to her six siblings and parents allowing them to obtain luxury palatial houses. Amma's current devotees deny the allegations but their denials are suspicious as we have seen with the Amma Rishi Taavi Kassila sex scandal cover-up involving fake celibacy, genital herpes and attempted seduction of minors.

Gayatri (Swamini Amritaprana), who was with Amma for 20 years, smuggled out under a blanket in 1999, kept silent until 2012, is writing a book currently titled  “For The Love of God: A Memoir Of Faith, Devotion And Pure Madness”.

Update 8/23/2012:  "The Big Squeeze: The Guru Who Turns Hugs Into Gold" is free for online readers.