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Defending Gayatri from Amma and Ammabot Attacks

Gayatri, Amma's closest and earliest Western disciple has started to tell the truth about Amma's violent fits,  financial corruption and personal beatings. Since revealing the truth Gayatri has been strongly attacked and slandered by Ammabots who, while admitting that she is a good and sane person, cannot accept her public statements. One Ammabot,  Shaktidas, admitted that the charges against Amma were of no concern because Amma is the guru. This is how a true cult member thinks.

In support of Gayatri (Gail Tredwell) we reprint a comment in the Rolling Stone discussion section.

"There has been much speculation re Gail Tredwell's motivations in waiting so long to speak out. As one of the people who has actually engaged in face to face conversation with her in recent months I would like to say that the reason she did not speak out straight away after she left was because she was SO TRAUMATISED by the abuse she has suffered. Abuse which is far more than what was mentioned in the Rolling Stone article.

This abuse was NOT something done as a form of guru - student discipline. It was at times Amma totally losing it. Attacks of extreme temper in which she screamed at Gail, yelling obscenities. She was hit, scratched, bitten, pinched, kicked and had her hair pulled out. What had been the odd slap or pinch in earlier years became by the late '90s full blown abuse.

Gail for years accepted this abuse. I think at first she may also have believed that this was part of her role as the student and the guru as master. She initially never tried to protect herself. But at times she told me she was almost shaking in fear whilst waiting for Amma to come back after a long darshan. Not knowing what mood she would be in.

This abuse WAS witnessed by others. Including other swamis. She was even hit by Amma when they travelled by car after the programs. The drivers witnessing this abuse. Other persons close to Amma in the ashram witnessed this abuse. It mainly occurred though behind closed doors. Others close to Amma were also abused by her.

Gail used to wear a scarf around her neck to hide any marks causing scratching and bruising that may have been visible. She said at times she felt ashamed and embarrassed lest others see.

She never hit Amma back or yelled back at her. Although towards the end she did put up her arms to defend herself and get into defensive positions just as the blows were coming at her.

It took years for Gail to get over the trauma of what had happened to her. She had to undergo therapy. She was also fearful of retribution if she spoke out. She had nightmares and could not sleep. She was also embarrassed in so many ways about what had happened to her and what she had allowed to happen to her.

For years she just wanted to not think about it all.
But also knew that she would never be truly free unless she faced up to what had happened to her. Which is what motivated her to write her book. As much as to tell the world her story. Also for her to regain her power.

I don't think Gail hates Amma. I think she now sees her more than anything for who she is. She feels compassion for her as a human being. She also has fond memories of the GOOD times she spent with Amma in the early days.

And no, despite what happened to her she is NOT a crazy person. Still has a fine sense of humour and is able to laugh at herself as well as at some of the things that happened. "


Amma Bully Watch said...

From Rolling Stone Ammabot Attacked Discussion

That "Daisy Snow" is funny. She tried to feign being an innocent college kid who had no agenda but who just happened to join the Amma campaign to discredit Gayatri for revealing beatings and corruption by Amma. Next, this bored college kid who cannot sleep starts to assault a webpage calling for justice in a MURDER case which started when a young man tried to approach Amma got beaten death after AMMA SECURITY grabbed him.

"Achyutamma" admits to spamming the Rolling Stones Amma discussion in an obvious attempt to disrupt conversations between Amma watchers. This clearly has been the Ammabot agenda all along. Although, it is sad that Ammabots choose to spend their energy trying to hide the unavoidable truth that Amma is a human rights violator, the happy news is that ordinary people can see that Ammabots are bullies.

Are "Achyutamma" and "Daisy Snow" connected?

Amma SS Watcher said...

Many Ammabots would be in shock if they got close enough to Amma to receive her regular 'freak out' beatings and they would leave.

Gayatri was made of tougher stuff and her misguided love for Amma allowed her to suffer in silence for 20 years. I believe that she left traumatized and confused but determined to rebuild her life away from Amma's insanity.

Amma is like a man who beats his wife and children. Amma is a coward.

It is possible to be critical of Amma without being angry. I can tell that Gayatri is more honest and honorable than Amma.

Amma critics have been calm and patient especially when tested by Ammabots who have spammed, bullied and disturbed this discussion. Amma, Swamini KP, Elizabeth Sidon and other Ammabots have been caught lying and slandering. Ammabots can only copy their master's example.

Ammabots are like sheep to the slaughter and Amma has a sword for you. Take your chance in Amritpuri and choose between disease, beatings and murder because you are not getting out.

Amritpuri has all the hallmarks of Hitler’s brown-shirts.

Amma Rolling Stone said...

Ammabots cannot accept that Gayatri would leave Amma and insist that she should return to Amritpuri where she receives irrational beatings from Amma.

Ammabots deviously pretend to be Gayatri's friend although they have had no contact with her, as this comment on Rolling Stone reveals:

Surya I don't think Gail is upset about anything that Amma devotees may be saying. For the simple reason that Amma devotees are no longer a part of her life. WHY would she be interested in meeting up with people like yourself who continuously criticise her and make strange speculations about her? Or receiving communications and items sent on to her from her past. But kind of you to think of sending something on to her all the same. If you have a web site maybe you could scan and publish them and she will see them that way.

She told me that she hadn't heard from Amma people for years before her book announcement, so I really don't know about these "mutual friends". That until she announced she had written her autobiography early this year, had little communication with anyone connected to Amma. Doesn't associate with devotees any more - socially or in any other way. Accept Suyra that this lady has moved on in life.

If you had walked from a job you had with a corporation 13 years ago and totally moved on from the part of your life why would you want to reconnect with people whom you knew just wanted to rehash some of the bad stuff from the past.

I am not even sure if Gail is even reading much of the comment on this article.

I think if anyone is hurting it is yourself. You just cannot understand how someone who had almost 24/7 access to Amma and could hang out in her room all the time with her would want to just walk from that situation. Because getting that intimate access to Amma is every devotee's dream. That is the part that they just cannot get their heads around. How a person could reject all that and just walk out the door.

Cannot understand that Gail was just OVER the whole thing with Amma. She knew, more than anyone close to Amma, possibly with the exception of some of her own family members, the person that she truly was. THAT is the truly frightening part for so many devotees.

And also the reality that NO, being that close to Amma for so long does not necessarily bring you closer to Enlightenment. Or at least the sort of enlightenment that they are hoping for.

The position I am coming from is that of a political activist. I am concerned about the issue of justice in relation to Amma's org. At the end of the day I don't hate the woman either. What I write certainly does not make me unhappy. I sleep very well at night and have a wide range of other things happening in my life. At the moment this is the political issue I have chosen to focus on. I also monitor what is being said re Gail out of commitment to her as a friend.

Ammachi Fraud Intimacy said...

Some people never fulfill their romantic fantasies. Amritanandamayi provides a service which creates the illusion of intimacy. It is like prostitution. Unlike prostitution, the paying customer does not get sucked into a life time of bondage and slavery.

The use of music and ritual, long waits, anxious pushing, constantly being told how lucky you are and comments supporting Amma's divinity at Amma events distorts perception. Amma is only a human. Her hugs are lack-luster and lethargic. Amma sometimes talks business, signs contracts and makes insulting snide remarks about foreigners when she hugs.

A funny spoof accusing Ammachi of spreading bird flu, | The Art and Culture of the Diaspora | Here's Comes A New Crop of Jokers from India

High Ranking Ammabots Attack Rolling Stone said...

High ranking Ammabots are behind attack on Rolling Stone Amma Expose

Marnie's post

"Interesting how so many of those who are screaming the loudest in defending Amma and coming up with slanders of Gail Tredwell after this article was published appear to be connected to the inner circle around Amma.

Mira Parkfelt, friend to Lakshmi, Amma's current personal attendant, and Facebook friend to the Sidons amongst others who have also slandered Gail on this site. Who more than some knew about the abuse meted out to Gail because she was in the freaking room when it happened wasn't she!

Those who benefit most from being part of Amma's close entourage. Friends with the Amma inner circle groupies who tour the world with her, staying in the same accommodation, lording it over the local devotees who have slaved for months to prepare for Amma's visits. Local devotees who have held fundraisers, getting halls ready, cleaning and detailing private homes so that the groupie entourage can stay in them, collecting them from airports and driving them all around, tending to their needs. Only to be rudely treated as little more than servants when these people with huge egos and so puffed up with their own self-importance arrive in town for the Big Show with Amma.

They look down on other devotees and jealously guard their close access to Amma. Have other devotees suck up to them in the hope that they may also get this access. This is the basis of the whole culture within Amma's org. Most devotees are wannabes jostling for positions to get close to Amma. To have physical access to her. To finally fulfil their dreams of being able to visit with her in her private rooms.

At the end of the day that is all which is going on folks. This big groupie scene. Some of them have even paid huge amounts of money to Amma to gain entry into this group. I have heard that a donation of $1 mil should just about do it, if you are not already mates with one of the privileged inner circle. Was the price I heard one of the sour faced western chicks who is always behind her on the stage paid. This chick has currently spouted a whole crock of lies about Gail on the Yahoo Ammachi site. No doubt protecting her investment.

Check out the early pics from decades ago of the people on stage with Amma and hanging around up the front with her. As well as the swamis look at the pics of all those dressed in white. Still the same faces today. Some of them are even related to each other.

Yes, its a real little gravy train all her homies have. No wonder they are prepared to so vociferously defend it.

People like Surya delusionally hoping that by acting as Amma's online defender and slayer of demons he will one day possibly be rewarded with access inside this privileged group. In your dreams buddy.

Next time the Big Show comes to town you should ask yourself why you have been seeing these same people hanging about close to Amma for so many years. Take a bold step and actually turn up at the house where Amma is staying. That is if anyone will tell you where it is and if you can gain entry. Don't be humble - they certainly ain't! Check out the whole little scene guys. Then maybe the penny will finally drop with you as to what is going on!"

Anonymous said...

Sreeni Pattathanam, the Kerala-based head of the Indian Rationalist Association, wrote Matha Amritanandamayi: Sacred Stories and Realities,[43] a controversial critique first published in 1985. He claims that all the miracles of Sudhamani are bogus, and that there have been many suspicious deaths in and around her ashram, which need police investigation. The research work contains elaborate references to court records, newspaper reports and quotations from well-known literary figures, including statements from devotees and residents of the Math close relatives and an interview with Amritanandamayi herself.

In 2004, the Math demanded prosecution of the author and persuaded the government to act. The state government sanctioned prosecution of Pattathanam, the owner of the publishing company, and the printer of the book. The order followed directions from the Kerala High Court to the Home Department for considering an application by a devotee and resident of the Mata Amritanandamayi Ashram, T.K. Ajan, to criminally prosecute the three,[44] based on criticisms found in the book.

The order ultimately received international attention, and was rescinded after criticism by Humanists, Rationalists, writers, and the Communist Party.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Um, no. Sorry. I have absolutely NO INTEREST in being worshipped with a ridiculous crown on my head while people fawn at my feet. Nope. Not interested. I prefer to be relatively anonymous. I have no interest in being a celebrity. I like being able to go the grocery store with no make-up and not have anyone taking snapshots of me. Don't want to be Amma, no way, no how.

Anonymous said...

It appears that Hinduism, as taught by many 'export gurus' who came to the West, concealed its tantric and Shivite core, to present a reassuring and respectable face to Westerners who were not equipped to know *how* to do background research..and who did not even know they needed to do any such thing.

Anonymous said...

About the Author

Mr. Sreeni Pattathanam is a Malayalam writer who has ten books and many investigative reports to his credit. He was born in Kollam, Kerala State. He began his career in Police Department, which helped him to find the unjustifiable alliance between the State and Religion. Mr. Sreeni Pattathanam was instrumental, among others, several years ago in exposing the `miracle' of the divine Makarajyoti light, which appears during the annual Ayyappa pilgrimage in Kerala on a remote hill. Having resigned from the Police
service Mr. Pattathanam joined as a teacher in a Government school.

The investigative mind of a police officer and the analytical mind of a school teacher gave Mr. Pattathanam a charming presentation of his topic which reflected in his writings as well. He traveled a lot in the nook and corner of Kerala. He had been the Editor of `Ranarekha', rationalist monthly, published in Malayalam. He was also the State General Secretary of Indian Rationalist Association (IRA) of which Mr. Sanal Edamaruku as its National General Secretary. Currently he is the Chief Editor of `Yukthirajyam', Malayalam rationalist monthly; and, the General Secretary of Bharatiya Rationalist

About the Controversial Book

Mr. Sreeni Pattathanam has written a book Matha Amritanandamayi: Divya Kathakalum Yatharthyavum (Matha Amritanandamayi: Sacred Stories and Realities, Mass Publicationas, Kollam, Kerala, revised edn.) that becomes the controversial one in Malayalam language. It was first published in 1985, since this godwoman was not as famous as she is today. For the book there was no demand from the Math to prosecute the author.

But later, when the lady became an incarnation of the Lord Krishna himself, they could persuade the government to move against the author. Mr. Sreeni Pattathanam's efforts to bring to light facts are pioneering. His main contentions are: the Math's claims to miracles are bogus, and that there have been many suspicious deaths in and around her ashram, which need police investigation. The research work contains elaborate references to court records, newspaper reports and quotations from well-known literary figures, including statements from the Math's close relatives, as well as an interview with Matha Amritanandamayi herself.

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Anonymous said...

Gail Tredwell's book (paperback) is now available on Amazon:

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