Saturday, September 1, 2012

Investigate Amma Associated Crimes

A partial list for any criminal investigator into the tangle of lies, physical and financial abuses around powerful political figure and business woman, Amma  Amritanandamayi (real name, Sudhamani Idamannel) of Amritpuri (Mata Amritanandamayi Math), Kollam, Kerala 690525, India
  1. Physical violence perpetrated directly by Amma and attested to by Gayatri (Gail Tredwell).
  2. Physical violence perpetrated against citizens by Amma's goons.
  3. Possible torture and murder in custody of a former Amma chela, perpetrated by Amma's goons.
  4. Unlawful imprisonment of indigent hospital patients, again by Amma's goons. 
  5. Illegal pharmacological experiments administered in AIMS. 
  6. Fraudulent representation of for-profit medical enterprises as being charitable institutions.
  7. Skimming of charitable donations to benefit Amma and her family. 
  8. Purchase of palatial residences by Amma's organizations. 
  9. Malnutrition of Seva-slave chelas.


Another Amma related attack said...

Another attack By BJP/RSS/BJP to please AMMA. But NO statement from Ashram to condemn the attack. which happened in front of the Ashram. So don't tell AMMACHI has to relation with any other organization especially RSS.

Kozhikode: The city on Tuesday witnessed another violent incident, the second of this week when Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) workers clashed with the police during a protest march taken out by the activists of Yuvajana Vedi to the Mata Amritanandamayi Math at Vellimadukunnu here.The police resorted to lathicharge when around 250 VHP activists pelted them with stones and blocked vehicles on the Wayanad Road. VHP activists had gathered in front of the Math to prevent the Vedi activists from entering the religious centre. The former went on rampage after the Vedi workers, numbering 50 and including seven women, had dispersed from the scene.Vedi’s protestThe Vedi had taken a march to the Math to protest against the “commercialisation of spiritualism and the links between mafia and religious leaders in the State.” A large posse of police personnel led by Assistant Commissioner of Police (North) C.M. Pradipkumar blocked the activists near the Chevayur police station. Vehicular traffic was disrupted for more than an hour on the route.The Chevayur police took five VHP activists, Anilkumar, Jublileesh, Babu, Radhakrishnan and Rajesh into custody in connection with the incident. They were produced before the Judicial First Class Magistrate’s Court and released on bail.The CPI (M) State secretariat member K.N. Ajoikumar who inaugurated the march demanded that the State government investigate into the source of funds of the VHP and other Sangh Parivar organisations. CPI (ML) district secretary P.T. Haridas and Yuva Jana Vedi State president P.K. Priyeshkumar addressed the protesters.

Amma in bed with VHP politician said...

Hugging Saint Matha Amritamayi and Asho Singal of VHP( world Hindu council) inaugurate Hindu convention

The Ayroor-Cherukolpuzha Hindumatha Maha Mandalam (HMM) held on the sandbed of river Pampa at Cherukolpuzha near Kozhencherry from February 5 to 12. . Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, Renowned Huggin saint ,inaugurated the centenary meet at a ceremonial function being held at a specially prepared pandal on the sprawling sandbed of Pampa . Ashok Singhal, Viswa Hindu Parishad national president, presided over the inaugural function. O.Rajagopal, former Union Minister, delivered the keynote address.Ashok Singal's VHP outfit is involved in major attacks against non-Hindus in India.Thousands of Bill boards were displayed portraying Mata and Ashok Singal across Kerala.

Amma VHP Babu Bajrangi said...

RSS went after scholar Prof Azhikode?? Why RSS thugs Beat up Nurses inside the fortified AIMS campus??? Why then RSS is defending AMMA in all media without looking at the case at hand. Its one side love.

Bajrang Dal Leader. Bajrang Dal is RSS organization. I hope many of u r familiar with RSS by now. I am so horrified to read. You can watch the hidden cam clipping. What inner peace , global peace they r teaching????? hogwash. bullshit. nonsense.These are the organization which provide support to the AMMACHI Empire.

This cannibal has been sentenced to life imprisonment till death. Indian media is full of news of this conviction.
In 2007, Tehelka published a hidden-camera interview with Bajrangi, which showed the Bajrangi talking about how he organized the killings of Muslims during the Naroda Patiya massacre during the 2002 Gujarat riots:[3]
We didn't spare a single Muslim shop, we set everything on fire … we hacked, burned, set on fire … we believe in setting them on fire because these bastards don't want to be cremated, they're afraid of it … I have just one last wish … let me be sentenced to death … I don't care if I'm hanged ... just give me two days before my hanging and I will go and have a field day in Juhapura where seven or eight lakhs [seven or eight hundred thousand] of these people stay ... I will finish them off … let a few more of them die ... at least 25,000 to 50,000 should die.

Ex-Amma followers said...

Gail Tredwell (Gayatri) is her own person and no longer tied to Amma as her slave sannyasini. Praise be to the real God who gives freedom not slavery and beatings by Sudhamani "The Dictator" Idamannel !

I have watched Surya Narayan AMMA-das, head of Amma security, working tirelessly on the Rolling Stone discussion to bully, cajole, ridicule, threaten and disrupt any sensible revelations about problems within the Amma organization especially those stemming from Amritanandamayi herself.

Defending Amma as God incarnate is Surya Narayan AMMA-das' robotic mission even if the vain attempts are laughable and bring disrepute upon the whole Amma faith. Such Amma "defenders" will be part of the shameful history of Ammachi.

Surya Narayan AMMA-das, and the rest of the Amma defenders, have you asked Amma what she thinks of your foolish efforts to slander and vilify ex-Amma followers ?

Surya Narayan AMMA-das, does Amritanandamayi support the emotional and mental violence which you serve up daily on internet forums?

The world is watching the actions of Amma defenders, and as we do, Amritanandamayi Ma's ratings are plummeting down the toilet.

Mata 'The Dictator' Amritanandamayi
Amma Goons Beat Delhi residents

Amma Doll Worshiper said...

Amma is not a holy person just an intensely marketed person with delusions of grandeur, backward values and anger management issues. You seem to be similar but I doubt that you are Amma because the Avaturd seems linguistically challenged. Can she even speak Hindi? Learning English would be an "extraordinary act of love and self sacrifice" then we could all hear the infantile nonsense she spouts. Excuse me, while I give my Amma doll her bottle of milk, she's having a screaming fit again. Duck!

Satnam framed by Amma said...

Satnam NEVER put a finger on Amma and there is NO statement of a verbal threat. Who is responsible for the outrageous and unproven accusation that there was a murder attempt on Amma? Why does Amritpuri Amritanandamayi deal with problems in such a destructive manner? All talk of Amma love is just talk. The actions indicate extremely harmful behavior by Amma, who told the media that many of her devotees are insane. How many deaths at Amma Kerala ashram has there been?

 "1 August, the family got a call from Karunangappilly police station in Kerala, saying that he had been in its lock-up, arrested for ‘attempted murder’. "
"Satnam had already been on television news the previous day as someone accused of a murder attempt on Amritanandamayi. By the police account, he had tried to barge his way forth to the dais on which she was bestowing her followers with a darshan, and tried to attack her."

Amritpuri 1990 Murder of V Narayanan Kutty said...

"It was not the first mysterious death with links to the Amritanandamayi muth. The 1990 death of V Narayanan Kutty of Kodungalloor, Thrissur, offers a striking parallel. According to his friends and relatives, Kutty, similarly accused of violence at the muth, was pushed into the same mental healthcare centre by Amma’s devotees 22 years ago. He was found dead there. He was not crazy, his friends say, he was just someone with radical thoughts. After Satnam’s death, a newly formed action council is demanding that Kutty’s case be reopened."

GOD FOR SALE @ Fake Spirituality said...

Matha Amrithanandamayi Devi, Amma And Satnam Singh Mann, Amma And Taavi Kassila, Sai Baba And Majic Tricks, Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Taavi Kassila, was a promoter, tour organizer, meditation instructor and Ashram resident of Amma Centre Finland, has been accused of sex addiction, abuse and dishonesty. Taavi Kassila is a religious fraud who pimps Amma's fake holiness to promote his ego obsessions. who runs prostitution racket, chases teenage girls and spreads herpes to women. After the revealed history, Amma's IT department start scrubbing their internet servers and simultaneously deleting Taavi Kassila's name from every historical page of and desperately trying to hide Taavi kassila by using Google's cache."

GOD FOR SALE @ Fake Spirituality said...

Matha Amrithanandamayi Devi, Amma And Satnam Singh Mann, Amma And Taavi Kassila, Sai Baba And Majic Tricks, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Swami Nithyananda, Swami Ichadhari Bhimanand, Nirmal Baba, Swami Santhosh Madhavan

GOD FOR SALE @ Fake Spirituality


AIMS has grown to be a prominent super specialty teaching and research hospital in Kerala. held hundreds of medical camps in even more remote areas home to India’s rural and indigenous tribal populations. In the name of these free medical camps, some of the private hospitals including AIMS were carrying out clinical trials on patients.

India’s clinical-trials system has come under intense scrutiny after a series of scandals involving alleged malpractice and patient deaths. But for those injured or killed in trials, there is no guarrantee of compensation. Concerns have also been raised about the lack of ethical oversight of these studies, and there have also been allegations that vulnerable patients are routinely recruited to clinical trials without informed consent. “People were being used as guinea pigs”. According to figures presented last year 668 people died during clinical trials in India in 2010. Indiavision Television reported that the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare confirmed the death of 10 patients at AIMS in five years. People should be informed about the probable side effect of testing drugs. Payment of high compensation must be mandatory to gain public confidence.


The Kerala nurses are acclaimed the world over for its commitment to the profession and a humane attitude towards patients. But it is not well appreciated in our home country or even AIMS. Nurses at the AIMS went on strike against the Mata Amritanandamayi Math few months ago, demanding for wage hike, acceptable welfare measures and freedom from work bonds. In Kerala, even an unskilled labour get Rs.500 per day. So why highly qualified nurses are denied even the minimum wages? The people very well knows that the AIMS is built out of the generous donations given to Matha Amrithanandamayi Trust worldwide. It was appalling to see respected religious institutions like AIMS using Gundas (street criminals) attacking the poor angels. This is most inhumane especially from the "Hugging Saint". "

Anonymous said...

Kerala is a progressive state with Guru like Sree narayana Guru , who fought against superstition.

In 2009 , kerala govt cracked down on Fake god men and women few of them like Santhosh madhavan had been put behind Bar. one of the Godwomen committed suicide. And most of the fake Gods went underground. Only Mata Amritanadamayi could withstand this govt assault as she was protected by powerful RSS/BJP/VHP.

here is the link to the news of suicide by the Godwoman in 2009

Anonymous said...

Well know Magician from kerala Muthukad exposes Fake humanoid Gods.

Anonymous said...

The Communist govt of kerala acted tough on fake godmen, but small fishes. they could not touch the shark. As this shark was protected by the BJP/RSS/VHP. who have more power across india. Communist have some strength in the states of Kerala and Bengal.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

GOD in Jail from Hospital

Amma Charities Fraud Revealed said...

Here is a statement from Amma's former Joint Secretary in charge of accounts
about the fraudulent nature of Amma's charities.

Excerpt from Message 283 in files of Ex-Amma followers website:
I'm enclosing below a statement that was emailed to the Amma satsang groups
by one of Amma's former swamis when he left the organization. He was the Joint
Secretary in charge of accounts, administration, banking and investments. He
was offered money by the ashram if he would retract what he wrote, but he has
courageously stood by his words despite being now under financial pressure. He
recently started a wholesale export business for religious and devotional
items. The quality and prices of his merchandise seem very good. Anyone
interested should check out his website


My life of Twenty-Two Years as a Monastic was of never ending struggles in
trying to bring the various Spiritual Ideas as Reality in my Life. While
attempting to narrow down the gaps between the Ideas and Reality, I finally
chose to observe my Life in Reality and had to give up the Ideas that remained
unrealistic in my Life.

Chastity was the main Idea that had failed to become Reality in my Life
primarily due to the highly stimulating environment that I was put in.

Not only in the individual level, but also in the Organization level, I have
seen wide gaps when the ideas are put into practice. To narrate a few

1. Just before the Inauguration of the Hospital at Cochin, we had suggested
Amma to declare that Hospital as a Charitable One. But Amma had firmly told us
that Amma would declare it as a FREE Hospital as that being Amma's real
intention while establishing the same. Under the Indo-US Agreement, to get the
complete waiver of Customs Duty for all the Medical Items to be Imported, the
Ashram also has given an Irrevocable Undertaking to the Government of India
that the Hospital would provide Medical Treatments at Free of Cost. But in
Reality, as everyone here knows, the Ashram Hospital at Cochin is not a Free
Hospital; Neither it could be considered to be a Charitable One as Certain
Percentage of Beds have not been set aside as Free Ones for the use of
Deserving Poor Patients. Many of the Deserving Patients from the Poorest Strata
of the Society are turned away by the Hospital; Few of the luckiest ones get
Subsidy; Persons from the Middle Class of the Society get affordable
Treatment and the Affluent ones get the Treatment at a Competitive Rate. The
Math which is a Charitable Trust is not supposed to run the Hospital like a
Commercial Establishment as it is doing right now. When would the Ashram make
the Hospital at Cochin as a Free or a Charitable One in Reality ?

2. The Ashram now claims to have completed 15,000 Houses to the Deserving Poor
under the current Housing Scheme. In Reality, the Ashram has constructed not
more than 7,500 Houses [50%] so for. The Ashram also is claiming to have spent
about Rs.28,000/= per House. But in Reality, the cost incurred by the Ashram
for each of the House is not more than Rs.14,000/= [50%]. Why are the False
Claims ?...

Amma Tricks Media said...

The media image of the “hugging saint” is an entirely different story than the one that begins to reveal itself once an even moderate indoctrination into the cult occurs. Throughout the media and the various propaganda materials of the Mata Amritanandamayi mission, we are presented with the image of a tireless humanitarian, a living saint, and a compassionate woman who spends her days doling out hugs free of charge and establishing charities. Within the cult, Ammachi is worshipped as a living God, an omnipresent guru, and the embodiment of the Supreme Consciousness. Devotees believe she is intervening in their daily affairs and controlling even the smallest details of their lives. Bhajans are sung in praise of Mata Amritanandamayi, a living incarnation of God. She is often referred to as the direct reincarnation of Krishna, the Goddess Kali, and Jesus Christ. Ammachi has also allegedly claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. To view a conversation in which devotees profess their belief in Ammachi as the reincarnation of Christ, read the following thread:

Needless to say, these red flags of cult behavior never make it into the television and newspaper reports. The reason for this is not mere oversight on the part of reporters, but rather a result of the deliberate manipulation of the media by the cult and a lack thus far of investigative reporting into its activities. All media interviews are conducted with pre-selected devotees who are presented with a sheet outlining the details of what types of discussions are forbidden. Devotees are dissuaded from discussing the devotional aspects of the cult, and are encouraged to only discuss the humanitarian activities of the mission. Photography and video of any kind are not permitted during any programs or retreats, and only selected press are granted interviews. When it is known that the media will be present, Devi Bhava items are removed from the Ammachi shop. It seems that the concern over Devi Bhava arises from the protective measures the cult takes against revealing the fact that Ammachi is worshipped as God. Understandably, the public would be much more wary of cult activity if these facts were revealed in the recruitment propaganda. The focus is steadily held on the humanitarian and charitable activities of the group, and it isn’t until one begins to immerse themselves further that the cult aspects come into play.

Amma AIMS Rolling Stone said...

Amma's project was being conducted in conjunction with the Indian government. Which would indicate that some government funding also was involved in this. Later on in the video another philanthropic trust was also mentioned in the funding of the mobile classroom. Until Amma Inc actually publishes financial statements there will always be questions asked as to veracity relating to her charitable organisations. Government grants and other bequests should appear in such a statement.

Just the same as it has been shown that government money given to her AIMS hospital for certain sorts of operations specifically to be used for charity cases was actually used for high fee paying patients and gift in kind operations for VIPs. That instead of 50% 0f patients being non fee paying charitable ones as her brochures claimed the figure was in fact 5%.

Amma puts her face on and uses every opportunity she can to promote herself in relation to her charitable activities. If her projects are in fact jointly funded by other organisations, including the Indian government, such acknowledgement should be made in her brochures. She only gets away with so shamelessly making her claims and not acknowledging such government support because she has so many politicians in her pocket.

In the west organisations such as Amma's have to show in all their literature that their projects receive joint funding and the logos of other such funding bodies be displayed.

Anonymous said...

The Madm Mad world of Godmen and the politician nexus

See the video about the greatest godman india ever produced. Sai baba. See the arrogance in the minister Dr Joshi. Thumbs up BBC

Anonymous said...

The Madm Mad world of Godmen and the politician nexus

See the video about the greatest godman india ever produced. Sai baba. See the arrogance in the minister Dr Joshi. Thumbs up BBC

Real face of Mata Amritanandamayi said...

Translated Malayalam YouTube comments

Real face of Mata Amritanandamayi

The suicide of Subhagan alias Sunilkumar, brother of Amrithananda Mayi.

Subhagan was beaten to death for opposing the activities of his sister.

Vikeshhhhhhhhhhh 8 months ago

Vellappillil Narayanan Kutty of Kodungallur, an inmate of the Amrithanandamayi Ashram, died on April 4, 1990, due to internal hemorrhage as per postmortem report.

He was an employee of Government Bureau of Economics and Statistics, Trichur, Kerala.

(The New Indian Express, April 19, 1990, Kochi, Kerala, India and Janayugam a Malayalam daily April 22, 1990).

Vikeshhhhhhhhhhh 8 months ago

Pradeep Kumar, a relative of Amrithananda Mayi, died on August 16, 1994 under mysterious circumstances.

Vikeshhhhhhhhhhh 8 months ago

Rumdhur, a historian and inmate of the ashram, died on July 15, 2000 within the precincts of the ashram. The ashram authorities did not intimate his death to his friends or his relatives.

Vikeshhhhhhhhhhh 8 months ago

5. Ramanatha Iyer of Mumbai allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the 12th floor of Amrithanandamayi Math at Vallikkavu on September 5, 2001.

(The New Indian Express, September 6, 2001, Kochi, Kerala)

Anonymous said...

famous malayalam writer talk about AMMA at Hay Festival in Thiruvananthapuram. He says she is being used by RSS.

Amma Unpopular said...

Why is Amma so unpopular? The answer is really simple. She is not liked because produces nothing but hot air. Her followers are crazy and rude. She takes money and gives nothing in return. She talks little and when she does it is nonsense. She is in bed with fascists. She steals from the poor and continues to get rich.

Anonymous said...

attack by RSS on paul zackariah for his writings against AMMA.

Amma Fake Environmentalist said...


Another crime you may be interested in is how Amma has been polluting the backwaters across from her Indian ashram now for decades. Via a huge sewerage pipe she had constructed to send all the untreated effluent into the river system.

This post was recently made on Rolling Stone magazine re her fake environmentalism. How she is sucking up to the United Nations for more awards, claiming she is some sort of Green environmentalist when she is one of the worst polluters in her region:

Read more: