Monday, October 1, 2012

Amma AIMS Hospital Fraud

"A charitable hospital must set aside a certain percentage of its free hospital beds for care to the poor. AIMS did not do this, so was not a charitable hospital per this requirement. Their fraudulent action against the Government of India was because AIMS gave the government an Irrevocable Undertaking that treatment at AIMS would be free in order to get a complete waiver of customs duty for all imported medical items under the Indo-US Trade Agreement." 

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Leslieboy said...

Shocking! In such a democratic country like India with such great population, many with high education, the media freedom, the rationalistic movements and in a communist-dominated state, such things are going on. How all people, government, media, judiciary and even common people are all frozen to say or do against such happenings. If such is power of paralyzing fear spreading from this lady to even other great nations of the world, then the whole world is governed by the devil himself. No wonder even the CM of Gujarat bowed before her in admiration and worship. All this seems so unbelievable.