Thursday, August 30, 2012

Foaming Ammabots At War With Rolling Stone

Laugh at Ammabots squawking like geese when trying to cover up legitimate criticism of their unholy mother, Sudhamani Idamannel -   Ammabots go to war in Rolling Stone comments section.

Careful! Ammabots are known to froth at the mouth and bite critics.

Another person who froths and foams is Amma herself!

Fun fact - Before Amma  Amritanandamayi started hugging for a living, she was spirit possessed by the dark and bloody goddess Kali, which earned her the title 'Scary Momma'.

Amma rolled on the ground, foamed at the mouth, cussed, cursed and wielded a sword. It scared the pants off the local villagers but was considered not profitable in America, so she changed her act.

Amma still gets possessed during her 'hug them and mug them" marathons. Amma allegedly becomes the Hindu god, Lord Krishna, dons a silver crown, wears peacock feathers and acts slightly insane. Unsurprisingly, some Ammabots become insane after associating with the class actress, Ammachi Amritanandamayi .

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Justice for Satnam said...

I am more cynical about Amma because everything around her looks like a sham. I once gave Amma the benefit of the doubt but now the doubts just grow and grow.

Did you see the Ammbot claim a few days ago that Amma had visited the dead or dying Satnam who was murdered for trying to approach her? That would be unusual for Amma because she typically gives no attention to sick devotees but instead sends them away to die.