Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ammabots Fight For Holy Mother Ammachi

Ammabots are sad souls who, for the price an occasional hug, will allow their tragic lives to become completely trashed by a tyrant who neither loves nor cares for them.

Ammabots were once gullible creatures who have been conditioned to become mindless automatons who will fight for a stranger they call their Mother. Their "Mother", real name Sudhamani Idamannel, beats and exploits them until they become sick and broken before sending them back to their own countries penniless and without health care.

Ammabots will lie for Amma Amritanandamayi and repeat the lies which they have been told to tell. They will cover up mysterious deaths, hide Amma's financial corruption, pretend miracles happened and blame others for cuts and bruises caused by Amma.

Why would anyone serve such a violent dictator? The answer is to fulfill their dreams. Some Ammabots believe Amma is God and believe they will be blessed. A few Ammabots know that Amma is corrupt. They want Sudhamani Idamannel's power and money.

Ammabots start out naively believing stories about Amma's supernatural love but become cynical, jaded and spiteful. Amma's devotees are capable of great cruelty and violence. Love is hard to find in Amma's inner circle.

Amabots have started posting comments on Amma Amritanandamayi Taavi Kassila Sex Scandal Cover-up in an attempt to make Amma look good and her critics seem bad. Ammabots have lost their commonsense and ability to reason. They do not understand that there is a growing case against Amma which will not go away when they make post inane praises.

The Ammabot hive is buzzing since the Amma Rolling Stone magazine article included Gayatri's (Gail Tredwell) expose of the real Amma's psychopathic behavior. Amma's high command have been mobilized to discredit Gayatri by infiltrating Ex-Amma, posting internet slander, planting fake stories and vandalizing Wikipedia. Pay attention to how Ammabots go to war and you will understand how Rishi Taavi Kassila can believe himself to be holy whilst he harasses and persecutes a woman to whom Kassila gave genital herpes.

To Taavi Kassila and Amma, you knew eventually that you cheating scams and cons would be exposed.


Amma Bottoms said...

Ammabots posting with names like "Sky" and Tree" all over the internet to distract from the criticism.

"Celibate" Rishi Taavi Kassila used names of flowers for email addresses to harass the woman who exposed his genital herpes promoting lifestyle.

Amma Bottoms take the submissive position with Amma the Dom.

Kassila Ammabot? said...

For the all the Ammabots who want to hide Rishi Taavi Kassila's claim of following Amma, read this 2009 article which quotes Kassila after he approaches the writer (a female?) at an Amma "hug for money" event INSIDEOWL: Ammabots. Kassila keeps changing his story about when he moved to Amritpuri ashram. The article implies he is supposed to be a celibate.

"I settled to the floor next to the man in robes [Rishi Taavi Kassila]. He glowed at me as I took up a lotus and faced Amma, “Have you ever been to India?”

"Aah, the litmus test. Soon the man, a 55-year old Finn called Rishi who has been following Amma everywhere for 13 years, was telling me of his first meeting with his guru."

"I wanted to ask Rishi about everything he’d forked over for this deal—the home, sexuality, creative life, personal love relationships, self expression… the energy-blooms of all the lower chakras given away so that he can stay in Amma’s delta-wave forcefield and sustain himself on the one glorious love-emotion with which she infuses it. "

Gayatri's Email said...

From Gayatri's post.

The real "Amma"- repost from

Dear Everyone,
After the release of the Rolling Stones Magazine article I have been feeling
compelled to share more details around my claims of physical abuse and
mishandling of offerings given to Amma in the name of charity.
Some may feel it okay or a gray area for Amma to be providing for her family
especially in a culture that places such emphasis on family values. On this
point I agree. I felt it her duty to provide a comfortable home for her parents
and the dowry to marry her sisters. The brothers would have been fine, now
being of such famous, powerful stock in Kerala they could have easily demanded a
hefty price for their hand in marriage. What I was not okay with was the lavish
amounts of money (rupees) and gold given to them and the lies, secrecy and
hypocrisy around it all. Towards the end of my stay in late 1999 chatter began
amongst some Indian devotees, "Why all of a sudden are her family building
mansions across the river?" Naturally, the news reached Amma's ears and she
immediately went into damage control. She summoned an ashram meeting, had Swami
Amritaswarup, her head spokesman stand before the congregation and swear on his
mother's grave that the sudden wealth of Amma's family had absolutely nothing to
do with her, but the extraordinary success of her father's fishing business. I
cringed with shame when I heard this, because I knew for a fact it was a lie.
Especially when I was the one delivering the mountains of money and gold!
What made me mad was not only the lies around the giving, but the fact that
ashram residents who had given their life to her and who worked around the
clock, sacrificing their health were living in impoverished conditions, with no
decent nutrition or care. One incident I feel compelled to share is the story
of Suneeti (Bri. Nirmalamrita). This most delightful, hard working, devoted
angel who was misdiagnosed at AIMS in mid 1999 made her way back to the USA just
to discover she had colon cancer. This woman all of a sudden, was on her own
without health insurance. One very well to do American woman named Lola
graciously offered to pay for her health care but Amma said no. The devout may
argue, it was because Amma in her omniscience knew her time was up. Maybe it
was, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't be given the best health care possible,
especially after surrendering her money, cutting off ties with her family as all
are encouraged to do, working around the clock and neglecting her own health for
Amma. Instead, she was left to fend for herself and get whatever medical care
she was able under the far from satisfactory public system in the USA.
Now this made me sad and mad. Especially, when the story swirling around the
ashram at the time was that Amma was so saddened by Suneethi's illness that she
was sleeping with a photo of her underneath her pillow. It was this form of
hypocrisy and lies that eventually forced me to leave.
Moving on to the physical abuse. In the early years it was just a slap here a
kick there and Amma would later laugh about it and refer to herself as a
Rakshasi (demon). She frequently said that she only scolded and hit those
closest to her. I hung onto that belief tightly for it enabled me to accept the
treatment in exchange for feeling special. As the crowds grew, so too did her
aggression. Eventually it was no longer a laughing matter. I never knew what
her mood would be upon return from the programs. She became extremely ill
tempered and would hit, kick, slap, punch, rip me by the hair for the slightest
mistake and sometimes for no reason at all. Towards the end, her signature move
became to grab me by the throat with one hand, dig her nails in and claw towards
the center. I was left with scratch marks and sometimes blood.


Gayatri message (continued) said...

continued ...

"I then had to
cover my neck with my sari the best I could and conjure up lies to explain the
marks to those who noticed, out of fear that I would be in more trouble if word
got back to Amma that I told anyone. Towards the end, no longer could I
justify such behavior as being for "my highest good" as a "test" or "some sins
getting destroyed" by my benevolent Guru. I could only see them as the act of
an ill tempered, callous, aggressive human being.
I was not the only one harmed by Amma in this way. One afternoon, an Indian
woman was kneeling by Amma's bed giving her legs a massage when she nodded off
or made some minor error. Suddenly, Amma with one of her stocky legs kicked the
woman so hard that she cracked one of her ribs. A few others have also been
slapped and knocked around. Some still in her fold but others now living,
peaceful, happy lives far away from her grip.
These are just a few examples of what I experienced and witnessed, could no
longer tolerate and why I chose to leave. No longer could I subject myself to
such treatment and live with someone who does not practice what they preach. It
took me many years to reach the painful decision to leave, but I had to. My
conscience could no longer tolerate what I was witnessing and be an accomplice
to the same.
It was for reasons of Truth, Honesty and Integrity that I chose to leave Amma's

Yours sincerely,


Anonymous said...

The right wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the ardent supporters of AMMA. The party leaders were in all the local channels defending AMMA. State party president Muralidharan called satnam a terrorist based on the statement from the Ashram. Today there is statement from RSS kerala state secretary that there is effort from vested interest to malign AMMA in the SATNAM incident. (reported in Kerala Kaumudi dated 28-08-2012)

The bright law student died. let him RIP. but these monsters still call him a terrorist, ignoring the fact that he was mentally ill. If AMMA had no role why they rile a departed soul. Why did AMMA failed to know with her divine power that the boy was mentally ill not terrorist? Getting someone killed in kerala jail is a child play if u have the right connections and money power.

The SATNAM probe is creating its own ripples in kerala. They finally fixed the responsibility on some inmates of the mental asylum and few doctors got punishment transfers.Now the doctors are on a state wide protest against the govt action. They are trying to find some scape goats. There are lot of devotees of AMMA in keral power ladder. in police, politcs and judiciary etc. So the probe is futile is a foregone conclusion.

The BJP is the political wing of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. RSS is accused of killing our father of nation and the symbol of peace Mahatma Gandh. RSS was banned many times in india. the first time for the killing of Gandhi. RSS is generally called Sangh Parvar. ( Sangh Family)

One of the prominent leader of BJP today is Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi. He was denied visa to US. The human right watch has black listed him for the 2002 Gujarat riot. The riot killed 3000 innocent human. Modi govt did nothing to stop the riot rather abetted the riot. Many human right organizations are fighting cases in supreme court of india agaist modi and the Indian federal agency is probing him in the case.

THE RSS has many frontal organizations most of them very violent and Taliban like. Some of them are Bajrang Dal, Ram sena, Vishwa hindu parishath, Bharatiya mazdoor sangh, Bharatiya yuva morcha etc. These organizations go and harass young couple who enjoy valentine day saying its against indian culture. they go and attack young couple in pubs. search "Mangalore pub attack"
They want to turn india into Taliban country. They support honour killing. (search honour killing in india)These guys kill their girl children. The govt had to ban all the gender test for the unborn baby as there was lot of abortion once the sex is known as girl.

AMMA gets her immunity from her devotees from the powerful BJP/RSS. The police is anyway corrupt, u can bribe them easily. AMMA has so much wealth bribe is not big deal for her.

The most profitable business in my country now is business of Bhakti. Earn million, throw peanut to poor as charity live life king size. no hard work. more and more people in my country take this easy route to riches.

Only God can save my country from falling into a dark age.

See the blog by Robert priddy to know about indian god men and women.

Anonymous said...

Ammabot rampage on Rolling Stone website proves how terrible are Amma's devotees

Anonymous said...

Continuing the comment posted on 28-08-2012, The special court has convicted one of the former minister and 32 others from the RSS/BJP for one of the mass murder incident during the riot. This facist force is strongly behind the MATA amritandamayi and other fraud ALDAIVAM (GODMEN). See the article in Times of india (29-08-2012)

Anonymous said...

Another BABA escaped a helicopter crash.

Amma Scam said...

The Rolling Stone Ammabot rampage shows how Amma's goons bully anyone who speaks about abuse in the Amma cult

Hugging Saint - Rolling Stone