Saturday, December 7, 2013

Amma Caught Lying, Removes Pages From Her Smear Campaign Sites

Amma Caught Lying, Removes Page From Her Smear Campaign Sites

Amma's hate-spreading websites made a mistake which has ruined their credibility in the eyes of her own ashram. Amma's response as usual is to try to cover it up. Too bad for her that others have copied her malicious pages as evidence of calculated libel.

In Kerala where she is known simply as "The Mother", Mata Amma Amritanandamayi can have anything which she wants through her extensive network of devotees, thugs, corrupt policeman and fawning politicians.

When policeman Sreeni Pattathanam connected Mata Amma Amritanandamayi to at least five murders including her own brother, Amma threatened him with jail and her thugs tried to intimidate him. Amma's fearsome reach spans India where in New Delhi her thugs attacked a whole community with iron bars for daring to remove from their property her billboard advertising an old "hug and mug" event.

Far from the compassionate image which Amma wants to be seen as, behind the scenes Amma is seething with rage at those who would not submit to her. For Amma a hug is not an act of kindness but homage like kissing the ring of the Pope or a mafia boss. Amma wants everyone to bow down to her, take a beating and hand over all their money. Many do. Gail Tredwell did for 20 years. Amma has sought to abuse Gail for a total of 35 years. Amma can no longer physically beat Gail and Big Swami Balu cannot rape her but this sadistic couple are pouring their hatred into two websites created to smear Gail with fake testimonies from faithful senior Amma devotees.

The sites misleadingly titled "Amma Scandal" and "Letters to Mother" published a testimony by a senior Amma woman "Hari Sudha". It has now been proven to be so embarrassing wrong for Amma that it had to be removed. The testimony unwittingly validated accusations that Big Swami Balu had been sexually interested in Gail when she was Amma's nun and servant. Balu had in fact been raping Gail all along. Important dates were wrong which proved that Hari Sudha must had lied.

If Amma and her senior followers can so easily lie then who would trust them? Publicly Amma pretends to love Gail but privately she is sponsoring character assassination attacks upon her.


Liar Hari Sudha Pants On Fire said...

Hari Sudha got her lies so confused when she said Balu came to stay at her place and also Ron Gottsegan. She lives in reality a short drive from San Ramon, but not as close as Gottsegan, whose house is just further up the hill from the ashram, as it is on his property that the ashram is situated. It is in Gottsegen's house that amma and the swamis usually stay. So, what, people would be asking, was Balu doing coming to stay in this woman's house anyhow. A bit improper for a swami to be in this woman's house. Was he also having sex with her?? And WHY was Gottsegen, who had his own house down the road wanting to stay with her? As she would have us believe that Ron had to sleep on the lounge chair as all the other bedrooms were filled up by this happy little group that included Balu and Gail.

Then there was the business of the dates. Where she said Gail phoned up up in November, one MONTH after she left. But, hang on, Gail says she left soon after her birthday on 17 November. It was actually 21 November she left, so how could she be phoning up in November asking to stay?? supposedly one month later.

Unluckily for Hari Sudha this post was copied and full screen shots taken of it before it was removed. It will come back to haunt her one day, that is for sure. All these posts from the dung heap site are being copied and screen shots taken of them. As are all the other nasty posts they dump in other places.

The ashram should read some of the comments on Amazon. So many people saying what they are reading on the Scandal site finally convinced them of the truth in what Gail is saying. All these sites do is provide absolute proof of how nasty this org truly is!

No Real Letters on Letters from Real People said...

Amma Inc is SO stupid that in their "Letters to the Mother - Letters from Real People" second dung heap blog spot that they do not even try to hide that it is something officially sponsored by the ashram. As they have links in the column on the right side under "Follow" that take you straight back to the official ashram site. First the Scandal site posts them and then shortly after they appear on the Letters blog.

Ha, ha the people's names may be real but the letters certainly are not.

And THIS so far, along with the other Amma Scandal dung heap site is ALL the ashram has come up with as a response to "Holy Hell". Along with a team of cyber warriors posting negative reviews on Amazon and dumping abuse on Gail Tredwell's Facebook page. Which Gail then usually removes straight away.

Amma encourages her supporters to make such pithy comments on Gail's FB as "you look so ugly". So that then all the world can see the schoolyard bitchiness that is so rampant in her organisation. That one from Vaju Moorthy, mates with the New Mexico organisers.

I think above all this tactic has shown the true face of this uneducated village woman who barely finished primary school, who it is reported likes reading comics and trashy women's magazines in her down time, watching Indian soaps sprawled on her bed chewing pistachio nuts and dropping the shells for others to pick up. Who spends her days in her rooms when she is not hugging, gossiping with her homies and listening to reports back from her network of spies about others in the ashram. Who has vile temper tantrums, throwing things about, screaming and kicking others in her fits of uncontrollable rage.

I wonder how many people she has hit, kicked, punched and scratched since "Holy Hell" was released?