Friday, November 29, 2013

Amma Inner Circle Black Ops Named And Shamed

Amma's fundamentalist fanatics are trying to destroy former Amma disciple Gail Tredwell's privacy, reputation and peace of mind by distributing vile lies and smears. Lying and violence, the Amma way in India, is a threat to the Western law and order.

A few brave truth warriors, unafraid of Amma's continual harassment are telling the truth about Amma's circle of psychopaths. We thank you for your service and posting to our blog:
Rajita Cappadocia Real Estate Agent/Dung Heap Poster has left a new comment on your post "Amma Fanatics Terrorize Free Press To Remove Gail Tredwell-Interview":

Latest "testimonial" on the dung heap Amma Scandal blog comes from Maui Ammabot and high profile real estate agent Rajita Cappadocia -

Stupid Rajita has now possibly left herself wide open to charges of slander and even harassment as she lives on Maui like Gail Tredwell, the object of her scuttlebutt. She has in the past referred to herself as "amma security". No, Rajita, when you do that in the USA and then post slander online about someone who lives in the same town as you it CAN become a matter for the police.

Joke is Rajita certainly doesn't want her real estate clients to know of her Ammabot association. As last year she took down her Facebook page and must have paid someone to totally scour the internet of anything connecting her to Amma. After Ammabot cyber attack dog Surya Narayan Amma Das dropped her in the shit on his FB, every reference to her and amma online disappeared overnight. The only thing she appears to have left is a small reference on her twitter account.
Her pretty little website which she uses to sell real estate and her feng shui skills certainly does not mention Mummy:

The Amma Scandal blog usually never gives the surnames of those who supposedly write their lies and crapola. Others who have written are Grace Aparna Warren, an attorney based in San Ramon; Mira Jane Parkfelt, a South African who lives at Amritapuri and also at Franschhoek, Western Cape where her family has a winery; Radhika Nair (who actually posted her surname) wife of Prem Nair, the head of the Kochi AIMS hospital; Gretchen Kusuma McGregor; and of course our own Anu Iyer (Chechi) Crowd Controller.


Stop Amma Mafia! said...

Westerners! If you want to help Indians rise up to break free of mafia tyranny then stop supporting right wing fascist like mata Amma Amritananda!

Anonymous said...

Amma has diabetes, as Gail used to have to monitor her blood sugar every day and give her injection.

Anonymous said...

"The Amma Scandal disinformation site cannot even get their dates correct! In their latest "testimonial" from some guy called Hari Sudha they claim that Gail contacted this guy in NOVEMBER 1999, ONE MONTH after she left, looking for somewhere to stay near San Ramon. That she stayed at his place along with Balu, Dayamrita and Ron Gottsegen and that they all had a chummy time together. He tries to spin some tale that Gail was actually pursuing Balu. A jar of pickles she made for him as well. One big problem with Hari Sudha's little work of fiction is that Gail celebrated her birthday at San Ramon on 17 November - remember that bit in the book about the little birthday celebration the ladies put on for her and how sad it made her feel. She left shortly after. So if Gail had phoned this guy in NOVEMBER, ONE MONTH after she left then that would place her leaving in OCTOBER....duh!!!!!"

Pro-Amma 'AmmaScandal' Blog's Embarrassing Lies Taken Down said...

AmmaScandal blog created by Amma's team of psychotic haters to smear former Amma devotee Gail Tredwell because she wrote "Holy Hell" has removed Hari Sudha's smear article because it is proven full of lies. It also reveals that Big Swami Balu expected sexual contact with Gail. This validates Gail's testimony that Balu is Amma's ashram rapist.

"The Hari Sudha (who is actually a woman) post has now been removed. I think the ashram may have realised that they screwed up really badly over that one. Wrong dates. As Gail left the org late November. And furthermore Hari Sudha actually confirmed that yes, there WAS something happening between Gail and Balu. And WHY was Balu coming to stay in this woman's house anyhow, who lived some distance from the ashram. Why not at Ron Gottsegen's house just at the back of it?

This time their work of fiction had so many holes in it that even they must have realised it.

But it goes to show that they are just reacting in anger with their scuttlebutt sites. That what they are putting up is being done without proper legal consultation. I urge everyone to copy the text of any such amma "testimonials" they come across and take screenshots. I have a feeling that this slander is going to come back to bite them in a BIG way some time in the future!"

Hari Sneha Amma Tredwell Testimony Removed For Lying said...

"The Hari Sneha testimonial has now also disappeared from the Letters to the Mother blog. But not before it was copied and screen pics taken:):) Guess they realised they stuffed up REALLY badly over that one! For sure these "testimonials" are going to come back to bite them. As more of the old timers hear about the book and comment on Amazon and other places. Comment just posted on Ex-Amma YahooGroup by an old timer:
"Being a resident for about 16yrs....during Gail's period....I can say confidently that all of these allegations are big lies . Till the end of 1999 i was there and i never heard any such stories....suddenly... after Gail's book get published....all such stories...."

Raped beaten and still stalked by Amma cult said...

Feel free to post my review on your blog, amazon or anywhere.

Australian Gail Tredwell was frequently raped, beaten, abused and exploited during her 20 years as slave to billionaire religious Indian cult leader Sudhamani Idamannel aka Mata Amma Amritanandamayi. It's a sad but true story which has been validated by Amma disciples.

Physically exhausted and mentally destroyed by the Amritapuri ashram torture program, it took Gail 15 years to summon up the strength and courage to write this enlightening book about her path to real joy and freedom.

"Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness" starts with Gail's escape while being hunted by the rapist head of Amma's organization and one of several supposedly celibate Swamis who were having sex with Amma. Big Swami (aka Swami Balu and Swami Amritasvarupananda) searched houses and interrogated Amma devotees in a desperate bid to find and silence Gail. It's a nail-biting, edge of your seat kind of Jason Bourne type tension that has you rooting for Gail's escape. Well written, I am still shaking with adrenaline!

Amma's cult continues to harass Gail to this very day as demonstrated by a wave of fake posters who spam Amazon with hundreds of posts containing links to two Amma sites devoted to libeling Gail. Ten outrageously untrue and spiteful Ammbot posts have been removed by Amazon already but the kamikaze Ammabots keep on robotically posting their hate because they fail to know love. Ammbots please note that this is Amazon for book lovers not a book-hating Amma-zone!

Gail had to overcome many psychological barriers to write "Holy Hell" including Stockholm Syndrome and PTSD. She even felt guilty about leaving behind 200 ashram women who had depended upon her support.

Gail describes how she hid cuts, bruises and Amma's violence from her friends and family. Amma's giving of charity money to build large Kerala houses indicates massive fraud. Amma's overseas income is India's largest import. Although Ammachi claims to be a religious saint she refuses to open her business accounting books or to be transparent about her assets. Very fishy!

Gail is not the only victim to Amma's terrorism, Anyone who writes a book about Amma gets threatened. Amma tried to jail policeman Sreeni Pattathanam for writing a book "Matha Amritanandamayi: Divya Kathakalum Yatharthyavum (Matha Amritanandamayi: Sacred Stories and Realities) " which linked Amma to at least 5 murders, fraud and exposed her supposed miracles as scams. Amma leader and writer Taavi Kassila was ordered by Amma to lie in his book "Erään etsijän tarina" as reported in "Totuus vai maine?"

Mata Amma Amritanandamayi is worse than Jim Jones, Shoko Asahara and Charles Manson put together but las with the pedophilia of Satya Sai Baba, the West is slow to wake up to the danger in the midst. Amma's Amritapuri is the location of suspicious suicides, murders and psychotic breakdowns. The most recent ashram murder was that of Satnam Singh, a 25 year old brahmin boy who tried to get Amma's counsel.

Gail's book tells how she escaped the clutches of a religious fraud and eventually regained her sanity and dignity. I would recommend this book to all religious seekers, travelers, academics and journalists. Top 5 star rating! Thank you Gail for your courage, insights and humor.

Amma abused innocent Gail said...

To all those Ammabots who unthinkably believe Amma's sudden smears about Gail remember that
Gail was very close to Amma for a very long time. Thus, we know she wasn't the abuser in this relationship, as Amma could have replaced her at any time.