Thursday, November 21, 2013

Deceptive Amma Amritanandamayi Rubs Out Man From Photograph

Further evidence of the deceptive practices and dishonesty of the Amma Amritanandamayi criminal businesses emerged as Amma rubbed out a man from an early group photograph. No explanation has been given by the Amma Math which has been associated with murder, suicide, physical violence, cruelty and insanity.

Amma erased her filmmaker promoter teenage sex predator Rishi Taavi Kassila from over 35 pages of when she tried to deny knowing him in public statement. Amma has had several lovers from her supposedly celibate swamis including rapist Big Swami Balu who is also in the photo.

It has been predicted that Gail Tredwell, Amma's secretary for 20 years will also be earsed from photographs possibly putting will placing Amma's current slave Swamini Krishnamrita Prana's head on her body.

Now you see him, now you do not. Amma the miracle pudding-maker is a magician (with the help of Photoshop).

Soviet style cover-up of Mata Amritanandamayi Ammachi with Big Swami Balu , Gail Tredwell, Harshan, Nealu, Satish  from Judith Cornell book
Soviet style cover-up of Mata Amritanandamayi Ammachi with Big Swami Balu , Gail Tredwell, Harshan, Nealu, Satish and the disappearing man

Facebook Amma Photo Soviet Style Cover-Up

Guruphiliac: Busted Again, Amma!


Amma Is A Lie Made Myth By Rapist Swami Balu said...

"This incident of the photo altering is symptomatic of what the ashram and the cult of Amma has been doing for a long time. In fact probably right from the start. The whole notion that Amma was self-realised, enlightened, manifested God, had "powers' or call it what you will, resulted from events that were supposed to have occurred in the 1970s. Some much publicised "miracles" - the turning of water into pudding, some healing of sick people and most famously, the so-called "healing" of the leper. It was this last "miracle", which had all the Jesus connotations, that more than anything launched Amma into fame. The biography of her which was for sale in the the early days, which was written by the man we now know was her lover, Balu talks of her showing much compassion in her childhood, feeding the poor and needy of the village. Of going into trances where both Krishna and Devi (Kali) entered her. These latter events then became a more formalised god channeling performance, at which money was collected from the audience. Another biographer wrote that the "little one was pure" meaning she did not menstruate. All of the above events have basically been busted except possibly her going into trances. There was NO feeding of the poor and needy happening when Gail arrived, in fact the locals were expected to giver Amma gifts and money. The leper STILL had leprosy when Gail was there and disappeared after a couple of years. The ashram, and most significantly her lover Balu, have consistently re-written history as the cult grew bigger. They attempted to write Gail out of the ashram records, that is why when you do a search on the official site there is no mention of her. It is only in early publications which devotees still have and books such as the Judith Cornell one that you now find any mention of her."

Anonymous said...

" It was remarkable how quickly any mention of Gail was expunged from the Internet soon after she made good her escape, Also, the rapid removal of all photos, books and tapes in which Gail figured from the tour store and online sale was interesting. She was clearly erased from organizational history. This was a poorly-calculated strategic organizational move. It raised a red flag for me and was the cause for my leaving the scene. Thus, when I first saw the photo with the fellow photoshopped out of it, my immediate thought was that he wasn't erased from the photo for the purpose of aesthetic balance or any other neutral reasons. I may be wrong about the photo, but given the org's pattern of rewriting history for strategic reasons, I have to wonder if this guy knew something embarrassing and compromising, and if he's reading this discussion, would he please come forth and reveal whatever he may have known."