Friday, November 15, 2013

Amma suicidal libel attacks on Gail Swamini Gayatri Amritaprana Tredwell

Sudhamani Idamannel is angrily refusing media interviews after reading "Holy Hell" a factual account of fraud, sex and violence by her alter-ego Amma Amritanandamayi. Amma's suicidal strategy is to order her touring staff to write aggressive attacks against the woman who served her faithfully for 20 years, Gail Tredwell .

The task of smearing Amma's critics has been carried out by Elizabeth Sidon, wife of Amma PR chief Rob Sidon, who was outed for infiltrating an Ex-Amma group using her maiden name Elizabeth Daniels.

Anu 'Anuradha' Iyer (Facebook name Anu Chechi) has posted to the pro-Amma smear blog “Amma Scandal” while traveling and playing music next to with Amma this week. Kusuma (Gretchen McGregor) writes for the libel blog too.

Brahmachari Shantamrita Chaitanya AKA Brandon Smith has been posting libelous reviews of "Holy Hell" on Amazon with a French woman's name, Francine Perreault . He is suspected to be the cyber attack dog 'Satya Smith'. Brahmachari Shantamrita Chaitanya was tasked with causing havoc on the Amma Rolling Stones article comments section.

These are the fouling words which Amma's top team use about Gail:
pathological liar
totally insane
a form of terrorism, violence
an assault against our mother
attempt to mutilate her, to deform her
an attempted mass abortion

Amma has proven that “Holy Hell” is a true factual account of abuse of trust, safety and money at the hands of Amma Amritanandamayi who places her hands into the hands of serial rapist Big Swami Balu, head of Amritapuri ashram. We now understand why Amma did not protect women against sex predator Rishi Taavi Kassila.

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Swiss Magazine Trashes Mummy! said...

This Swiss magazine has just published an article totally trashing Amma:

It is in German, so non-German speakers would need to translate. But this one is by far the most hard hitting yet.

What the first paragraph says in English:
"Amma : the downside of a saint
Temper tantrums, and blows against the closest confidants , suitcases full of money from the cash donations , handed directly to family members - what the erstwhile follower Gail Tredwell brings against Mata Amritanandamayi and their organization is outrageous."

This article doesn't talk much about the sex. Possibly they did not want to be taken to court. But readers can fill them in about all the sex details in the comments and about Swami Rapist Balu as well as Herpes Kassila.

I am sure there will be many more articles like this to come. That soon WHO magazine will be giving intimate details of what went on in Amma's bedroom!! Maybe one of her lovers will come forward and sell his story to a magazine? Nowadays telling the world you are a Goddess cannot stop this happening. Look at all the bedroom stories about the English Royal family and other European royals that have come out over the years.

And all the ashram can come up with is fake reviews on Amazon by Brahmacharis pretending to be French women, and the chicks who sit on stage with Amma saying Gail used to hit them????

Amma Refuses Medical Help for Dying Devotee said...

Letter re abuse of devotees and gold deliveries sent by Gail Tredwell in 2012:

Part 1

"Dear Everyone,
After the release of the Rolling Stones Magazine article I have been feeling compelled to share more details around my claims of physical abuse and mishandling of offerings given to Amma in the name of charity.

Some may feel it okay or a gray area for Amma to be providing for her family especially in a culture that places such emphasis on family values. On this point I agree. I felt it her duty to provide a comfortable home for her parents and the dowry to marry her sisters. The brothers would have been fine, now being of such famous, powerful stock in Kerala they could have easily demanded a hefty price for their hand in marriage.

What I was not okay with was the lavish amounts of money (rupees) and gold given to them and the lies, secrecy and hypocrisy around it all. Towards the end of my stay in late 1999 chatter began amongst some Indian devotees, "Why all of a sudden are her family building mansions across the river?" Naturally, the news reached Amma's ears and she immediately went into damage control. She summoned an ashram meeting, had Swami Amritaswarup, her head spokesman stand before the congregation and swear on his mother's grave that the sudden wealth of Amma's family had absolutely nothing to do with her, but the extraordinary success of her father's fishing business. I cringed with shame when I heard this, because I knew for a fact it was a lie. Especially when I was the one delivering the mountains of money and gold!

What made me mad was not only the lies around the giving, but the fact that ashram residents who had given their life to her and who worked around the clock, sacrificing their health were living in impoverished conditions, with no decent nutrition or care.

One incident I feel compelled to share is the story of Suneeti (Bri. Nirmalamrita). This most delightful, hard working, devoted angel who was misdiagnosed at AIMS in mid 1999 made her way back to the USA just to discover she had colon cancer. This woman all of a sudden, was on her own without health insurance. One very well to do American woman named Lola graciously offered to pay for her health care but Amma said no. The devout may argue, it was because Amma in her omniscience knew her time was up. Maybe it was, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't be given the best health care possible, especially after surrendering her money, cutting off ties with her family as all are encouraged to do, working around the clock and neglecting her own health for Amma. Instead, she was left to fend for herself and get whatever medical care she was able under the far from satisfactory public system in the USA.

Now this made me sad and mad. Especially, when the story swirling around the ashram at the time was that Amma was so saddened by Suneethi's illness that she was sleeping with a photo of her underneath her pillow. It was this form of hypocrisy and lies that eventually forced me to leave.

Amma Refuses Medical Help for Dying Devotee said...

Letter re abuse of devotees from Gail Tredwell, Part 2:

Moving on to the physical abuse. In the early years it was just a slap here a kick there and Amma would later laugh about it and refer to herself as a Rakshasi (demon). She frequently said that she only scolded and hit those closest to her. I hung onto that belief tightly for it enabled me to accept the treatment in exchange for feeling special. As the crowds grew, so too did her aggression. Eventually it was no longer a laughing matter. I never knew what her mood would be upon return from the programs. She became extremely ill tempered and would hit, kick, slap, punch, rip me by the hair for the slightest mistake and sometimes for no reason at all. Towards the end, her signature move became to grab me by the throat with one hand, dig her nails in and claw towards the center. I was left with scratch marks and sometimes blood. I then had to cover my neck with my sari the best I could and conjure up lies to explain the marks to those who noticed, out of fear that I would be in more trouble if word got back to Amma that I told anyone. Towards the end, no longer could I justify such behavior as being for "my highest good" as a "test" or "some sins getting destroyed" by my benevolent Guru. I could only see them as the act of an ill tempered, callous, aggressive human being.

I was not the only one harmed by Amma in this way. One afternoon, an Indian woman was kneeling by Amma's bed giving her legs a massage when she nodded off or made some minor error. Suddenly, Amma with one of her stocky legs kicked the woman so hard that she cracked one of her ribs. A few others have also been slapped and knocked around. Some still in her fold but others now living, peaceful, happy lives far away from her grip.

These are just a few examples of what I experienced and witnessed, could no longer tolerate and why I chose to leave. No longer could I subject myself to such treatment and live with someone who does not practice what they preach. It took me many years to reach the painful decision to leave, but I had to. My conscience could no longer tolerate what I was witnessing and be an accomplice to the same.
It was for reasons of Truth, Honesty and Integrity that I chose to leave Amma's service.

Yours sincerely,


Amma suppressed expose in India said...

Gail's book DOES corroborate what the Keralan Rationalist society member Sreeni Patathanam said in HIS book - which he wrote in the 1980s and which the ashram took him to court over in the early 2000s after Amma became famous and stopped further sales of it in India. HIS book was based on the hard evidence he gathered from police file reports re deaths associated with the ashram, complaints made against it, interviews with locals who knew the truth about who this woman REALLY was. Confirmation of fake miracles and sexual impropriety. Beatings and maltreatment of locals, threats to locals of bad things happening to them if they spoke up.

Anonymous said...

Mothers, keep your children away from that psychopath Ammachi Amritanandamayi. She thinks that she is an untouchable goddess but she is just a sicko who is supported by some serious crooks. Do not go to Amritapuri ashram, it is run by a local mafia.

Truth Hurts Amma said...

The Ammabots are spreading their hate around on Amazon. Their malicious efforts will backfire as readers will realize that their unrelenting and malicious efforts to smear Gail Tredwell reveal that complaints about Amma's criminal behaviur are accurate. Read "Holy Hell" and make up your own mind about Amma.

Amma is Hannibal Lecter in a sari said...

Amma is Hannibal Lecter in a sari, a criminal mastermind who services her need for blood by beating, cheating and disposing of gullible minds.

Neal Rosner Bankrolls Mummy said...

Once again Amma Inc is at it on their dung heap Amma Scandal blog. This time with a "testimony" from Neal Rosner (Nealu) who claims, shock, horror, that Gail threw a wet and dirty rag at his face. And of course that she is also crazy.

Rosner who is big on pontificating to others about their vasanas and lack of spirituality did most of it stretched on his back with his various illnesses, getting served and pampered by others in the early days after he first arrived at Amma's village. Protected by these illnesses, his wealth and his gender, he allowed Gail to be used as the servant and workhorse for them all, cooking, washing and cleaning under the hot tropical Kerala sun in primitive village conditions.

No harsh words, beatings from Mummy or nastiness for HIM, as he was the golden goose, the cash cow, the rich American who had arrived to bankroll Mummy, to make her famous and launch her into the world.

This super rich guy who had been drifting around India since he was 18 already thought of himself as a bit of a spiritual master. He certainly was not short on ego and arrogance. But despite him hanging around various ashrams he still had not attracted the status and following that he craved.

However that all changed when he met Mummy. He gave HER the money and she gave HIM the status of being a Swami, with his own ashram to run back in the USA. The ashram at San Ramon being built however by his own very rich family member, who had a luxury mansion higher up the hill.

Like so many of the rich who have subsequently flocked to Amma they have found that their wealth buys them a bit of instant good karma, that their vasanas are eliminated a lot faster, and they can bask in the knowledge that they are vastly spiritually superior to the average devotee. As long as they hand over a large proportion of that wealth to Mummy!

Ammachi tries to destroy everyone said...

The character assassination campaign by Amma *should* set off alarms for everyone" -- which was exactly my reaction upon reading the stories. What if being treated abusively by Mother contributed to Gayatri's treatment of those "below" her on the pecking order? What if being raped by a co-aspirant made her "crazy." If the ashram party-line is "she is crazy," well, that needs to be looked at in the context of PTSD and rape survivor syndrome. It's so difficult for women who have been abused to speak out. Gail's courage in speaking her truth impresses me.

Crazy Amma head followers path of destruction said...

Anu, Radhika, Lakshmi and Nealu do not directly deny Amma's abuse of Gail and others, do they? No, they merely attack Gail...personally.

examples of Amma's physical violence said...

Some examples of what I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears: Amma taking a brahmacharin by the throat and slamming him against a wall; wild temper tantrums; verbal abuse; slaps; pinching; attendants flinching in fear of Amma on a level that I *interpreted* as indicating being accustomed to being hit; infighting amongst the Swamis; I have been present at meetings with Big Swami where he was stunningly nasty. I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

Amma makes violent threats on Amazon said...

Read the inside story in "Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness" by Gail Tredwell. Witness the threats on Amazon that Amma inner circle make on this poor woman who was beaten by Amma and raped by Amma's lover Big Swami Balu

This is what Amma inner circle "Karma Yogi" wrote who claims to know where Gail's family live!

"so called Gayathri ... You are a venomous snake ...spitting the poison... around AMMA betraying all those who trusted you. Don't be that donkey ...devoted supporters will throw stones at you.
Still praying for you not to have the fate of that donkey."