Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Amma Amritpuri Pollution, Charity Fraud & Contempt for Westerners

 Questions which will make any Amma follower froth at the mouth:

a)    Amma's directive to dump the ashram raw sewage into the backwaters and provide contaminated water to ashram residents

b)    Amma's contempt for Westerners, such as expressed when she says on tour, "…tell those bastards to get back on the bus."

c)    Amma's organization charging for things that most ashrams provide on a donation basis

d)    The great wealth accumulated by Amma's family

e)    The exaggeration and possible misrepresentation of the amount of free medical care and housing given to the poor

f)     Most donations to AIMS (Amma hospital) goes for purchasing high tech medical equipment rather than treatment to the poor

g)    The business orientation of the organization in building and operating highly profitable colleges

h)    The large amounts of cash hoarded away in foreign deposits (estimated to be over $300 million)

i) Why does Amma have sex with her Swami's who are supposed to be celibate?

j) Why does Amma support 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila the vain celibacy preaching Amma monk who lives in Amritapuri, has a secret habit of seducing teenage girls and is accused of spreading herpes during uninvited unprotected sex?

k) What is Amma's role is several riots, murders and suicides related to her and her Amritapuri  ashram?

Read Holy Hell an eye-witness book exposing cult mafia leader Amma Amritanandamayi who is accused of raping, stealing, beatings and murder.

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Amma Holy Hell Facebook said...


Guruphiliac: "Amma can not give realization, but she can apparently give blow jobs and bloody noses."

Amma is a sociopath said...

I'm reading "Holy Hell" now, I'm just past the half way point. Ammachi is utterly insane, a psychopath. The mother of all nut jobs. Put sociopath on the list.

Finnish Cult Victom Support Group said...

Victims of sexual predator Amma Rishi Taavi Kasila should contact the Finnish Cult Victom Support Group


Kobo "Holy Hell" is Amma said...

Gail Tredwell's "Holy Hell" rings true. Senior members are leaving the Amma cult.

Holy Hell can also be acquired from:

Holy Hell from Kobo Books

Holy Hell from iTunes

Anonymous said...

Gail Tredwell's book "Holy Hell" reveals that Amma was having sexual contact with her supposedly celibate swamis in particular the head of her organization who is accused of rape of several Amma nuns - women who trusted Amma to protect them. This terrible situation still exists after several decades. Amma's promoter and ashram resident Rishi Taavi Kassila was protected by Amma after he was accused of spreading herpes and having sex with teenage girls. Kassila's seductions started during his Amma promotion and yoga philosophy classes. Amma protects sex abusers but not her innocent followers.

Amma sucks cock not lepers - faked miracles said...

From Facebook discussion about Amma sucking cock:

Amma did not actually "suck" the leper's sores. Gail only ever saw her placing the tip of her tongue on them. The so-called documentary film that Neal Rosner made of her healing the leper was just a piece of propaganda to promote her "powers'. The leper still had the disease for a number of years after Gail came.
Same with that much talked about film of amma performing the "miracle" of turning water into pudding. That film which is all over You Tube was actually staged some years later with a local woman whom Gail knew acting the role of amma. NO, it is NOT a film of the real event! As for the veracity of what REALLY happened in the '70s, I have three words for you ......instant pudding powder!

Amma fakes being wise said...

Amma has tried to make prophesies and has been wrong. If you take the big "Divine Mother" theatrics away, there is nothing wise, wonderful or enlightening about her. Her charities are said to be big frauds as well.