Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ammabot zombie rampage over Holy Hell book

Following a detailed eyewitness book exposing her involvement with fraud, violence and rape, Amma Amritanandamayi has gone into panic and is refusing media interviews. Her followers in Italy have defected.

Amma has ordered her Ammabots to smear her former handmaiden who she would personally beat and allow Swami Balu to rape. Even before they had read the book, Ammbot HQ was giving bogus, bland, generic 1-star reviews of “Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness” by Gail Tredwell aka Gayatri aka Swamini Amritaprana. Unfortunately they also used expressions which reveal that Amma is an ambassador of hate. This is not surprising since Amma, who has been linked to murders, riots and right-wing gangsters, has installed a rapist at the head of her business affairs and ashram life.

Ammabots have also created a hate website to smear Gail Tredwell whose book represents a great threat to Amma's image in the West. Amma is incensed that she cannot use the corrupt Indian government officials to ban the book as she did with school teacher Sreeni Pattathanam. Amma needs money-grabbing sex predators like Rishi Taavi Kassila (who has repeatedly threatened this blog) and Swami Balu to run her criminal enterprises.

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Brahmachari Shantamrita aka Brandon Smith outed said...

Amma's cyber-attack dogs are getting outed as they try to suppress awareness of Gail Tredwell's "Holy Hell" book. At the time of the Amma Rolling Stone article it was Amma PR head Rob Sidon's wife Elizabeth Sidon, who was caught using her maiden name "Elizabeth Daniels" to smear Gail Tredell. The Stasi methods of Amma's North Korean camp are now revealed by a French devotee who pretends to be a woman. Oh the shame he must feel!

"Ha, ha both the offending reviews on French Amazon from the French woman and Brandon Smith on the USA Amazon have now been removed. Just checked the French site. Brahmachari Shantamrita is obviously scared now - that he has been outed and his squeaky clean image with the international devotees now tarnished. I should imagine what he has done - his fraudulent posing as a French woman (Francine Perreault,). The fact that he was outed on Ex-Amma would have resulted in some frantic phone calls I would say.
Such a shame for this highly intelligent man who is a multi-linguist, with a degree in oriental studies, a Sanskrit scholar fluent in Japanese, Malayalam and several other languages. That this is what is has come to for him as the result of his devotion to Mummy. That he has to go online pretending to be a French chick, spouting forth venom!"


"Hugging Saint" Amma's Lyings, Beatings and Cheatings

Ammabots jump on Village Voice Amma Fraud Comment said...

Ammabots are quick to harass any criticism. Add your truth to the page:
Amma the Monster will mug New Yorkers Today

"Amma is not without controversy, though. The spiritual leader has been accused misusing funds and of leading a cult."

Anonymous said...

From those who know Ammachi is a fraud:

"I am fairly sure that this WOULD be the same person - Brandon Smith. Too big a coincidence. Probably why the review in the Smith name disappeared so fast. He would have posted it in haste in his real name under his Amazon account. Then realised his mistake - that he could be tracked, as you have done - and removed it. the same person - Brandon Smith. Too big a coincidence. Probably why the review in the Smith name disappeared so fast. He would have posted it in haste in his real name under his Amazon account. Then realised his mistake - that he could be tracked, as you have done - and removed it. "

Read Amma's Hate from Her Official Blog said...

This violently worded diatribe was published on ammascandal.wordpress.com, Amma Amritapuri ashram's main response to Gail Tredwell's expose. The abusive language could easily be thrown at Amma and her terrorist gang of cyber-thugs. The publsiher uses the fake name 'Sneha'.

We received the following email from an Amritapuri resident and want to share it with you:

She is either a pathological liar or totally insane. Either way, this is an assault—a form of terrorism, violence. Not only is it an assault against our mother—the one who has physically held us and discussed with us and taught us the meaning of life, the possibility of love—but, foremost, it is an assault against the mother in our hearts. An attempt to mutilate her, to deform her. Amma has said that she is a mother because she gives birth to the understanding that divinity is our true nature. Ultimately, this is an attack against this child that is growing in each of us. An attempted mass abortion—the curettage of amritasya putrah.

When she first made her intentions known, with such “concern” she informed us that the love we feel in Amma’s arms is only indirectly because of Amma; that it was actually not something external, but something internal we are experiencing—not Amma’s love but our own. She artfully forgot to mention that this is something Amma has been constantly reminding us—the very core of Amma’s message.
“If you are so proud that you have to paint lies on the guru so that you will not be seen as weaker than you wanted others to see you—to try to show that the reason you failed to walk this path was because the path itself is impossible to follow—then there is no end to that world of lies, to that world of adharma.”
start doubting the things they know, then you have them in a place wherein they are ready to believe anything—not only distortions, but total fabrications.

Anu (Anuradha) Iyer Chechi Amma Plot Smear on Tour said...

Ammachi plots revenge against Gayatri (Gail Tredwell) with top followers after hugging and cash collection sessions in Europe.

"Does the ashram REALLY think that what they conspire and plot in Amma's rooms after the hugging sessions on the current Europe? The latest piece of disinformation the ashram has put out about Gail Tredwell on that ammascandal site. This time yet another "testimonial" by Anu (Anuradha) Iyer (Facebook name Anu Chechi) and is the big woman who sits up on stage with Amma on all the tours and plays the tablas, alongside her sister Swarna Iyer, who plays the electric piano."

Kusuma caught lying to Mummy! said...

Kusuma (Gretchen McGregor) who wrote one of the "testimonials" slandering Gail Tredwell on the dung heap AmmaScandal blog site was actually one of the people who helped Gail Tredwell escape from San Ramon. When you read 'Holy Hell' you will see that it was Kusuma who smuggled some of Gail's clothes and belongings out for her prior to when she fled the ashram in the middle of the night. Kusuma then left herself and then subsequently crept back to mummy and then went on to publish her book about her early years with Amma a while back. However we don't think Mummy actually knew that it was Kusuma who helped Gail escape. I wonder if Mummy will forgive Kusuma this one?? Possibly that is why Kusuma was told to make up lies about Gail on this blog. Because it was the only way Mummy would forgiver her!

Anu Chechi Crowd Controller said...

The name on the URL for this "testimonial" from Anu Iyer (Anu Chechi on Facebook), the obese tabla player chick who goes on all the tours with amma is most appropriate:

Yes it certainly is an "anus story".

And part of it also recycled. Big Anu recounts how a few days before Gail fled the ashram she started screaming abuse at and kicking Anu whilst she was lying on the floor in her sleeping bag at the San Ramon accommodation, recuperating after badly injuring her neck in an accident.

The only problem is this story has already been used on the Ammachi Free Speech Zone Yahoo group last year where with almost the same wording, but this time located at Amritapuri, where the sick devotee, also in a sleeping bag, was kicked and yelled at.

However the problem for Anu in her version is, despite her being supposedly incapacitated with a neck injury, she was seen by many that same day vigorously playing her tablas on stage with no sign of injury.

In any case if you see the size of that chick (check her out on Facebook) - she is built like a sumo wrestler with strong arms the size of a bricklayer's - there is no way Gail in her terrorised and ill state could have subjected her to "perhaps the most scary incident" out of all the other incidents she made up in her fake "testimonial" of Gail as abuser.

SHE is so big she has actually been used as a crowd controller at Amma's events. To walk in front of Amma as a form of battering ram to move the crowds aside. That is what makes it SO laughable!!!!