Monday, August 26, 2013

Teenager Reveals Taavi Kassila Tortured Her With Sex Obsession To Dominate Young Girls

The truth  Taavi Kassila is afraid of and scanning forums to delete.

Karoliina Hallenberg wrote to Taavi Kassila because he had repeatedly tried to seduce her as a teenager after her mother had visited him. Kassila even tried to seduce the girl after she had her own husband and children. She accuses Taavi Kassila of having an obsession with dominating young girls and advises him to stop teaching until he has had psychiatric treatment. The translation below is loose and may contain small errors but is simple to understand the sick flaw in Kassila's character.


I find it easy to believe because I know that the girl's story
 is true [Tarina rakkauden apostolista].

You were tried to take advantage of me too Taavi. I was at
that time barely 17 years old.

You know the story, but I'll tell it anyway, so that
others, especially young people and minors learn to be wary
of men like you.

Taavi, you knew mom as well. When you came to our place in
the country when I was still a little girl …

During my adolescence we moved to Espoo. When I turned 16
years. I started going with my mother to a spiritual
center, where you taught yoga. It was not a long time until
you invited me to come visit the center without a mother,
you said that it would be nice to chat sometime when my
mother would not always be present …

There came a time when you came to my house under the
pretext of, you may remember, you were planning to bring me the Amma
movie ... but it was just something completely
different. My boyfriend at the time was working and
that's why I was alone at home. You tried to seduce me into
sex. However, I agreed to it then, and I subsequently. I
was extremely shocked by the events, because You who was
dozens of years older than me, told me you were living as a
celibate and give the impression that you are a great

It took me a long time to restore my faith and
spirituality in "teachers". Fortunately, however,
my experience has helped me to see the life path of men
who have true intentions.

You continued your torturing and seduction business for a
long time. The last session was even after I was living together
with the father of my children.

Taavi, it is extremely dangerous to use
spirituality in favor of  your sexual urges. You are the
skillful at this deception work, I hope the day comes when you have to admit that you
have an addiction of serious concern. You should not work as a
teacher until you have worked out your problem, so that
you no longer are obsessed with dominating young girls.

By what right were so many people ready to judge the girl's narrative
[Tarina rakkauden apostolista]?

Karoliina Hallenberg


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