Saturday, August 24, 2013

Taavi Kassila Compulsively Censoring Suomi24 And Wikipedia

Self-publicist Taavi Kassila is showing mental strain after spending several weeks glued to Suomi24, a popular discussion forum. Kassila is addicted to searching for his name in a desperate attempt to prevent the public from discovering the truth about his unholy lifestyle.

Latest Taavi Kassila discussions: Suomi24 Taavi Kassila

Kassila promotes the self-image of being yogi who has detached himself from the world (by claiming to have retired to an Indian ashram) is in fact hiding in a Helsinki apartment in a paranoid attempt to avoid media attention.

So far, no journalist has come knocking on the door! This in itself a cause of great anxiety for the vain Kassila who declared himself to be an international celebrity in his recent self-brought court case. In court, Kassila revealed that he had suffered emotionally, and more importantly financially, when an ex-girlfriend exposed him as herpes spreading, teenage girl chasing sex addict and religious fraud. In a travesty of justice, Kassila's poor sex victim was tragically ordered to pay damages to Kassila.

Ironically since the herpes court case, Kassila has finally achieved celebrity status. We have proof : internet traffic to the Amma Amritanandamayi Taavi Kassila Sex Scandal Cover-up blog has increased by 2,000% and internet forums polls reveal that Kassila's herpes case is as popular as Big Brother and the former political sexting scandal model the busty striptease dancer, nude model, escort and singer Johanna Tukiainen.

Unfortunately for Kassila, celebrity also brings paranoia. Kassila is complaining every 5 minutes to Suomi24's administrators to delete embarrassing factual comments about his perverse sexual habits including his attempted seduction of teenager Karoliina Hallenberg just a few days after her 17th birthday. Kassila has caused 1000's of comments and 5-7 discussion threads per day to be erased from the public forums. We have started to post those deleted discussion threads on our blog and invite you to send more.

We wonder what the sex addict Taavi Kassila does with all that internet time ever since yoga women are avoiding his herpes-infecting handshakes (according to Suomi24). Does he fuel his insatiable sexual appetite with internet porn? If you know then please write your answer in our comment section.

The Taavi Kassila Wikipedia entry (created of course by Taavi Kassila) does not mention Kassila's dubious court case victory (herpes is difficult to prove). Is Kassila hiding something? The Taavi Kassila Wikipedia Talk section reveals that an attempt to mention the court case was blocked on August 20, 2013. There is no reason to block it since the Taavi Kassila privacy/defamation case was mentioned in Iltalehti newspaper (Joogaguru syyttää naislaulajaa kunnianloukkauksesta , Jättilasku suomalaisen joogagurun loukkaamisesta). We predict that the herpes court case entry will eventually appear on Wikipedia but that Taavi Kassila will continue fight to suppress the truth because this is the automatic behavior of the criminally corrupt Amma organization.

We know many embarrassingly secrets which we promise to reveal including the fact that violent cult leader Amma forced her dsciple Rishi Taavi Kassila to sign a secret contract. Amma forced Kassila to declare that he had lied in his book Erään etsijän tarina about promising to be a bodyguard to ex-minister of culture following threats about Tanja Karpela's planned visit to an Ammachi Hugathon in Helsinki. Karpela fortunately canceled an Amma-advertized visit to Amma Amritanandamayi Amritapuri ashram, thereby saving her own life from a catastrophic tsunami which damaged the ashram.

Who is the biggest liar and greediest spiritual fake? Billionaire cult leader Amma Amritanandamayi or her disciple, the fraudulent Rishi Taavi Kassila?

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