Sunday, November 17, 2013

Amma Contracted Taavi Kassila To Lie About Minister Relationship

Amma ordered Rishi Taavi Kassila to lie in his vain 'kiss and tell' autobiography about his relationship with former Finnish minister Tanja Karpela. Amma then forced Kassila to sign a contract declaring that Kassila had written lies. Strange then that Amma and her organization later issued a public statement which implied that they did not know Kassila after deleting all references to Kassila from over 35 webpages of .

This evidence was revealed in a text chat between Kassila, who was supposed to be a celibate Amma ashram monk and a jilted girlfriend in her blog 'Tarina rakkauden apostolista'. The blog which was closed down by order of Finnish government officials contained a signed testimony of a teenage girl who Kassila had stalked and tried to seduce.

Kassila, a former film director, has a history of using women to gain fame, power, money and sex. Kassila targets vulnerable women for multiple secretive, short-term relationships. Tanja Karpela, a former Miss Finland who had several difficult divorces after meeting Amma, was used in Amma publicity campaigns which negatively affected her political career. Karpela's colleagues advised her to not go to Amma's Amritapuri ashram just before a tsunami hit it. Kassila irresponsibly and dishonestly told the media that he would protect Karpela whose life had been threatened if she arrived at Amma's Helsinki meeting. This was ironic because Kassila has a reputation for using, abusing and destroying women. Kassila had even used fake names of women to harass and cyberstalk a former girlfriend. The attacks had originated from Kassila's internet address.

The text chat also revealed that Kassila was afraid of a “jealous woman” who had a photograph of him with “his pants down”. This supports the claims that Taavi Kassila used the internet and Facebook to swap sexual photos with women who are half his age. Kassila was afraid that the scandal would wreck his reputation as an Amma monk and yoga and celibacy preacher.

The original text Tarina rakkauden apostolista: Totuus vai maine? may be read with Google's translation: The story of love's apostle : Truth or reputation?

Amma asks her followers to lie for her and has installed serial rapist 'Big' Swami Balu to run all her affairs. Amma and her organization cannot be trusted. Amma while currently touring is asking her helpers to lie in an attempt to smear her former secretary Gail Tredwell aka Gayatri aka Swamini Amritaprana. Amma is avoiding media interviews too. This simply proves that Gail Tredwell's book 'Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness' is the dynamite of truth which will cause Amma's house of lies to fall.


Anonymous said...

Ammachi and Rishi Taavi Kassila are criminals who wear religious clothes.

Anonymous said...

Taavi Kassila and Big Swami Balu are next

Los Angeles County Superior Court jury in Pasadena convicted Naader Shagagi last week of four misdemeanor counts of sexual battery

Anonymous said...

Sex, drugs and rape - India's godmen and god-women are cashing in on Indian and Western naivete. This is where Taavi Kassila learned to haunt teenage girls in their mother's homes