Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Amma Fanatics Terrorize Free Press To Remove Gail Tredwell Interview

Murderíng Mata Ammachi "the patron saint of rapists" frightens the life out of locals in India but in the West Amma's PR team are working day and night to present the mafia cult leader as a saint even though Scary Momma fanatics have started to terrorize Westerners.

The latest victim is Martin Frischknecht of Swiss spiritual magazine SPUREN who published an interview with Gail Tredwell, the author of “Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness”. Amma sent   a bloodcurdling threat; SPUREN is too afraid to make a public statement. Amma's fascist shock troops are frightening the free press. Who will fall next?

While the cowardly Amma group feel confident to attack weak devotees and small magazines they are afraid of Rolling Stones magazine, the New York Times and Gail Tredwell. Amma's nasty side is revealed on Amazon where every positive review of Gail's book is viciously attacked by Ammabots except Marit Hegge's review (Amma HQ have been ordered the Amma PR team to not antagonize Marit because their tactics will backfire).

We will publish a translation of the interview in solidarity.
Amma Martin Frischknecht SPUREN Guruphiliac


Anonymous said...

"I have NO respect for this woman. She is a global scamster, who preys on the weak, confused and vulnerable, who pretends to be a great humanitarian but, just like any other fraudster, the truth of who she really is can be seen in the amount of wealth she has socked away."

Anonymous said...

Fight the fascist Ammabots

SPUREN: Leave a comment in support of Gail Tredwell's valuable expose of Amma

Anonymous said...

a different story in German about Amma

Amma hat Millionen umarmt – doch wo sind ihre Millionen?

Rajita Cappadocia Real Estate Agent/Dung Heap Poster said...

Latest "testimonial" on the dung heap Amma Scandal blog comes from Maui Ammabot and high profile real estate agent Rajita Cappadocia -

Stupid Rajita has now possibly left herself wide open to charges of slander and even harassment as she lives on Maui like Gail Tredwell, the object of her scuttlebutt. She has in the past referred to herself as "amma security". No, Rajita, when you do that in the USA and then post slander online about someone who lives in the same town as you it CAN become a matter for the police.

Joke is Rajita certainly doesn't want her real estate clients to know of her Ammabot association. As last year she took down her Facebook page and must have paid someone to totally scour the internet of anything connecting her to Amma. After Ammabot cyber attack dog Surya Narayan Amma Das dropped her in the shit on his FB, every reference to her and amma online disappeared overnight. The only thing she appears to have left is a small reference on her twitter account.
Her pretty little website which she uses to sell real estate and her feng shui skills certainly does not mention Mummy:

The Amma Scandal blog usually never gives the surnames of those who supposedly write their lies and crapola. Others who have written are Grace Aparna Warren, an attorney based in San Ramon; Mira Jane Parkfelt, a South African who lives at Amritapuri and also at Franschhoek, Western Cape where her family has a winery; Radhika Nair (who actually posted her surname) wife of Prem Nair, the head of the Kochi AIMS hospital; Gretchen Kusuma McGregor; and of course our own Anu Iyer (Chechi) Crowd Controller.

Just WHAT do these people think they are doing? Posting lies and slander on a public website. Things which they must know are untrue, and in some cases have even forgotten they had sent emails to Gail and others in the past contradicting such testimony. Just like with Taavi Kassila Amma will ditch these fools when things get too hot and these actions rebound on them. Because, ha, ha this website is not actually in her name, some dude called Randall W and another called Sneha appear to own it, which are obviously fakes. But the identity of the idiots Mummy got to post for her is known to SO many!

Marit Hegge said...

Thanks for your support on this site Kali Doll but I just noticed that my review on Amazon HAS attracted one negative comment. I think the reality is that Amma Inc will attack and go after ANYONE now who appears to be supporting Gail! All part of their campaign to terrorise any critics into silence. My review also did not get as many likes as others so possibly with it not being so popular did not attract their attention. I am under no delusion that I am untouchable. They just can't attack me so much as others because I have no friends or family connected with the ashram. However if LOTS of people speak up using their real names and post in support of Gail and criticise the ashram then there is strength in numbers. I urge lots more people to speak out strongly. They can't attack ALL of us:):)

Anonymous said...

Ammabots always fail to report though how when Gail requested her personal effects, photo albums which included ones from her early childhood, her paper diaries all of which she had left behind at the ashram be sent on to her, the ashram, and specifically Swamini Krishnamrita Prana, in an act of supreme spitefulness, refused to do so. So after 20 years of working her arse off for amma all Gail had when she left was a set of useless orange swami robes, whatever she had brought on the USA tour with her - possibly some spare sets of underwear - her laptop computer, and the contents of her handbag. Plus of course further along the line that $15,000. And the ammabots cannot see THAT as exploitation and abuse!!

Maui Ammabot Rajita Cappadocia Secretly Ashamed of Mummy said...

Rajita Cappadocia must actually be in denial as to who her beloved Mummy really is. Or at least ashamed to acknowledge to the world that she is a member of a CULT. And one that encourages its adult members to carry around cabbage patch type dolls made to look like the guru, talk to them and pray to them and at times even walk in the streets with them.

Looking at her web site in more detail:
- you can see that in her biography she states that "her love for service work and eastern philosophy led her to India where she worked in a U.N. recognized charitable NGO under the umbrella of"
Oh, you mean that charity which only gives less than 10% for actual needy people. The one that keeps 63% of its foreign donations in offshore bank accounts.

But no mention of being a renunciate in Hugging Mummy's ashram for all those years she talks about in her attack on Gail on the dung heap blog. No mention of her creeping around at Mummy's feet all weepy and talking to her dolly at night, which is what most ammabots do.

Could she possibly be ashamed of all this? So better just to account for those years in her resumé by saying she worked for some UN affiliated NGO? Makes it sound like she was doing voluntary work with Save the Children or something like that. Not spending years in an ashram delusionaly worshipping a fake Indian goddess!

Wonder what her real estate clients would think if they knew the true nature of her cult membership? Or that she is publicly slandering another person on Maui?