Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Malicious Ammabot Posts Banned by Amazon

Amma has billions of dollars, several professional PR teams and thousands of blind-faith zombies, Ammabots, who will work all day and night to spam the internet. These Ammabots have not purchased or read Gail Tredwell's "Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness" but they pretend that they have. They do not review the book but merely tell others to not read it, they attack Gail's character with vile smears and post links to Amma's smear sites.

Amazon have responded by removing more than 10 Ammabot reviews and over 50 comments. The wife of Amma PR chief Rob Sidon, formerly of Disney and owner of Higher Ground, using her maiden name again Anne Elizabeth Daniels has again joined the frenzied mob attack on Amma's star victim. In her two star review Elizabeth Sidon, as she is properly known, wrote "A Bitter Pill" November 21, 2013. What Sidon fails to even try to comprehend is what actually happened to Gail? Amritapuri is a torture chamber not a Disneyland. Sidon has never experienced the seedy side of Amritpuri because she has always been treated like royalty. Sidon had lead a sneaky attack on the Ex-Amma list and then tried to cover-up her posts after she was exposed in 2012. Amma's PR keep putting their foot in it and we will keep covering the stories.

An archive of Amma's recent shockingly malicious online attacks will be a permanent stain against abusive Amma and her knuckle brained enablers.

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Ammabots Harassing Amazon Critics By Phone said...

"They are also attacking people who are writing reviews on Amazon. One guy stated he was forced to take his down after all his ammabot acquaintances emailed and phoned him up to harass him over what he wrote. He then reposted again after he took down. Now his review has disappeared again. I was told they even got to him through his wife who must be a devotee, got phone calls from them. The barrage of ammabots going him was intense. THIS is what they are doing to those who support Gail that they know they can get away with harassing. I have decided if they go for me I will inform the employers of all the ammabots I know that they are in a delusional cult, send pics of the amma dolls, the fake goddess stuff and the whole story. Many of those attacking from the satsang groups, phoning up and harassing those who speak out are middle class people, some of them with jobs where their colleagues and employers have no idea they are involved in a weird cult. They are now essentially stalking people who engage in freedom of speech - which I think is against the law in most western countries! I am keeping a close eye on what local Ammabots say. If ONE of them starts attacking then I have decided the whole freaking lot of them where I live will go down! I will be punishing the collective for the sins of the individual. A bit of a reverse strategy to amma using the collective to punish the individual!"