Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sudhamani Idamannel (aka Amma) Refuses Public Financial Inspection

Religious cult billionaire Sudhamani Idamannel (aka Amma Amritanandamayi) refuses public financial inspection of her many businesses and charities.

Amma devotees are trained to deceive the media about the cult like nature of their organization which worships Amma as a Goddess. They parrot phony PR lines such as “Amma is a humanitarian known as the Hugging Saint” and avoid mentioning that Amma hugging events are occult seances where Amma supposedly becomes possessed by the Dark Goddess Kali and Lord Krishna. The media are kept away from these “Devi Bhava” nights but ordinary punters unsuspectingly offer their children into vampire Amma's energy sucking arms.

Amma's hugging events are structured to extract as much money as possible from the naive punters, who do not realize that Amma enjoys being worshiped, as they are pushed forward for a lackluster hug which carries the risk of being infected with tuberculosis or swine flu.
Amma runs her organization like the mafia with secret codes, rituals and violent punishments for those who break the code of silence.

Why are Amma's financial books kept secret?

We can suspect that Amma is involved in some dubious financial practices. Swami Muktananda had over $5,000,000 in a secret Swiss bank account (in 1980). Like Amma he never wanted anyone to know how much profit he made from events and beat his disciples into silence. It was discovered only after the death of suspected pedophile Satya Sai Baba (whose hagiography Amma copied) that he had amassed a huge amount of gold. Guru monk Swami Nityananda who was videoed having sex and drugs with two Bollywood actresses was also discovered to have an undeclared gold stores when his ashram was raided by irate devotees.

Amma has been accused of financial malpractice. Her hypnotic high-pressure events suck in as much money as any professional TV evangelist scam. Amma converts 'donated' money at her overseas events into gold jewelery before importing it to India. Does the Goddess pay customs tax to mere mortals?

Amma's AIMS hospital which was supposed to be for the poor, for which it receives government subsidies, accepts very few poor people because it charges prohibitively high fees. However, the poor have been used as unsuspecting guinea pigs in illegal AIMS hospital drugs trials. Where money is to be made there you will find Amma.

Gayatri (Gail Tredwell), Amma's closest and most trusted devotee, witnessed secret deliveries of gold from Amma to Idamannel family members. This was many years ago. How much more corrupt has Ammachi become?

A good charity has nothing to hide but Amma is hiding how much money comes in from her ashram real estate, hugging events, food businesses hospital, university mill, Amma doll, jewelery and tapes sales, and other business enterprises.

We say “Amma open your money books if you have nothing to hide”.

Amma of course will stay silent and smile like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the guru he copied, the late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Why should these billionaire gurus reveal their secrets when they can grow fat from fleecing their flocks?

The final word is a deceitful quote from Amma's ashram treasurer to the New York Times:

The ashram’s treasurer, Swami Ramakrishnananda, acknowledged that its finances were not open to the public... I asked if there was an official, like a chief compliance officer, who could be contacted if people saw money being misused. “Yes, of course,” Mr. Ramakrishnananda replied. “They can go directly to Amma.”
Amma’s Multifaceted Empire, Built on Hugs by Jake Halpern in NY Times

We still await Amma's reply but after decades of covering up the sordid truth of her money making empire we doubt that we will hear from her except threats.


Amma Kenya Fraud said...

This information was just posted by a person on a discussion group.
The man Nagesh Karuturi, who is the contact for Amma in Kenya, who organises her programs there and who set up the orphanage which she solicits donations for, was the CEO from 2008 until 2012 of a multinational company which was found guilty of massive tax fraud by the Kenyan government, in a landmark first ever prosecution of this type by an African government. This company is the biggest producer of cut roses in the world, was originally Indian based and now has farms in Kenya and Ethiopia.
This person who appears to be the official rep for Amma in Kenya, Nagesh Karuturi, signed the document setting up the MA Math Charitable Trust Kenya which can be viewed here:
Linked In states that Nagesh Karuturi was CEO at Sher Karuturi Ltd, the main Kenyan farm of the company prosectued for tax evasion and other offences, from June 2008 until September 2012.
The man whom most of the focus seems to be on now is the current CEO of Karuturi Global, Sai Ramakrishna Karuturi.
But given that they both have the same surname I would say that this is a family based company and all the various Karuturi family members would have been involved. And in any case Nagesh Karuturi would have been Kenyan CEO during the period under investigation.
During Amma's visit to Kenya in 2009 much of this was merely a stage-managed event orchestrated by Karuturi. As much of the action took place at Karuturi's rose farm outside of Nairobi and the audience to the event was provided by his farm workers, friends and family members. Videos of this event which can be viewed on You Tube clearly show African farm workers from his estate, and footage on the actual estate.
Not only tax-evasion it seems but ripping off land and causing hardship for farmers in Ethiopia, as the link from GRAIN shows:
"Karuturi is also expanding aggressively into large-scale agriculture, and has acquired long term rights to more than 300,000 hectares of fertile farmland in Ethiopia since 2009. The land was leased from the government, but intense conflict has emerged over the compensation, displacement and relocation of villagers and herders who lived on or grazed the lands.
"We are extremely grateful that the Kenyan authorities have caught this land grabber right in its tracks," says Nyikaw Ochalla of the Anywaa Survival Organisation, a group defending the indigenous Anuak communities badly affected by Karuturi in Gambela, Ethiopia. "This company is criminal, on many counts," continues Ochalla.
"Not only are they fiscal cheats, but Karuturi has been accused of human rights abuses, poor labour practices, threats to the environment and so on," points out Devlin Kuyek of GRAIN, one of the groups following the tax dispute. "Even the World Bank Group did not grant Karuturi the political risk insurance it requested for its Ethiopian operations."
When one also examines the Trust document you can see that it has such clauses as 5.19 - "Form companies in any part of the world and companies may at their discretion transfer to those companies all or any part of capital or income of the Trust Fund and the charge of forming such companies shall be a charge on the Trust Fund"
And a raft of other dodgy clauses re the renumeration of the Trustees.
And THESE are the people that Amma has as her official contacts in Kenya, who signed off on the paperwork setting up yet another "charitable" trust for her. To whom the Kenyan Amma website urges you to send donations.

Amma Kenya Fraud said...

Amma Kali Doll, Just sent you a post re Amma's fraud in Kenya. The link to the file with the PDF of the dodgy Trust document will probably now be removed by Amma Inc I expect, as this same post has now also been put on the public comments on the Rolling Stone site. I don't know if you can access the new Ex-Amma site - assume you can?? Anyhow the PDF file for the Trust document is also here. Just was not sure how to post to you.

Amma Exposed said...


Amma's secret financial dealings are finally beginning to come under the spotlight in India.

Amma Inc was put on the notice this week by the media in India about not declaring her foreign earnings. They were so worried that they published an official statement on their web site with a link showing scans of the forms they had lodged. Proof they said that they had done this. However STILL did not publish a financial statement.

But in doing so this then led researchers to the Foreign Currency Declarations site of Indian Home Affairs office:
where reports could be found outlining the detail of five years worth of foreign currency declarations by Mata Amritanandamayi Math. The reports can be found here:

When one looks at these reports what is really shocking is that it also states what this money was spent on. Most of it went on CONSTRUCTION - probably connected to the AIMS hospital (which has been shown NOT to be charitable), the university colleges (another money making venture) and expansion to the ashram. NOT primarily to help the poor and needy.

And equally as shocking is the HUGE amount of money Amma has sitting in foreign bank accounts. The interest alone - converted into US dollars - which Amma declared as income is as follows:

2007: $2.17 million
2008: $2.32 million
2009: $3.45 million
2010: $3.43 million
2011: $3.20 million

So if you assume an average bank interest rate of 2-2.5% per year during this time, then there are deposits of $115-145 million sitting in foreign banks somewhere collecting interest.

And let us not forget that this is just what has been DECLARED!

It was also stated that in the FCRA report for 2011 that Amma's org is the 11th highest recipient of foreign donations in the whole of India, only 5 below Oxfam!

One has to ask WHY a guru needs to have such huge foreign bank holdings.

Finally some real proof is emerging that this woman is NOT the humanitarian she claims to be.

Anonymous said...

Why does Amma lie about the finances of her relatives and the ashram? Is that the truth and love she preaches? When did she lose dharma? Why doesn't she take a break from her high throne and relearn how to be a decent human being!

Enough of all of these people bowing and scraping to you, Amma. Have you learned nothing? You make a mockery of dharma and the guru principle. Come clean and start again. Who cares how many people worship you. They are so many people who will be hurt by your lies. Do you have only contempt for these people? Have you no heart? When did the money become so important? Your hugs mean nothing. You waste our time with your circus act.

Amma Exposed said...


The 2011-12 foreign contribution report (from 4/1/2011 through
3/31/2012) for the Mata Amritanandamayi Math is up now on the FCRA

The amount of foreign contributions during this period was 1,191,596,739
Rs. Using the average exchange rate during this period of 48 Rs to 1
US$, this is $24.8 million. Around three-quarters of this was for
"Construction/Running of hospital/dispensary/clinic". After reading up
on the subject, my understanding is that the state of Kerala pays for
care given by Amma's district medical care facilities, while the
government of India pays for the small amount of care given to the poor
at AIMS. Therefore, most of these funds were likely used to purchase
expensive medical equipment or for the construction of more commercial
hospital buildings and infrastructure.

Toward the end of the institutional donor list, bank interest is once
again the largest item. It is 205,169,556 Rs, or $4.27 million for this
year! Bank interest for 2006-7 was $2.17 million (at 45 Rs to 1$ then).
So the amount of bank interest has almost doubled during this five year
period, and the amount on deposits in banks has more than doubled, given
that interest rates have fallen.

I researched the best annual interest rates being paid on bank deposits
these days. For U.S. dollar accounts, it is 1.05%. For euros, it is 1.2%
in Germany and 1.6% in the UK. Dividing the $4.27 million of foreign
interest income by a representative 1.25% rate of interest, gives an
amount on deposit in banks of $342 million!