Friday, July 19, 2013

The So-called Hugging Saint Who Never Gave A Proper Hug

If Amma was presented as she really is then few people would bother to get a hug.
It's never a real hug anyway. I get real hugs from my friends. Amma's hugs are fake like everything else about her group. Those sad Amma devotees need hugs from each other but they are too uptight and tired. Amma has turned them into lobotomized infantile slaves.

When Amma first came to the West our hippie friends attended to sing bhajans. We never attended for hugs. Amma would sit there expecting a hug. Her attendants pushed us towards her. We gave Amma hugs, not the other way around. She looked ridiculous just sitting there and waiting.

We are very kind in the West because of our Christian upbringing. We hugged Amma as a kindness, out of pity and because of our 'try anything once' philosophy. I was shocked when middle-aged women started going to her ashram in India. They would come back with shaved heads (to avoid the ashram lice) looking more lost than before they went. Their eyes were dead. It was tragic. No one liked Amma's ashram, they all hated it.

Amma preyed on those who had self-esteem issues. We did not know then but we know now that Amma was always a predator and an abuser. She tricked us. She seems to enjoy most when others are in pain. She's like a psychopath but she makes the abused think that they need her abuse to become holy like her. My opinion now is that Amma is not a holy person but insane. Please keep exposing her. The media is sometimes slow to catch a real story when the can lazily copy Amma press releases.

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Anonymous said...

Amma does not hug. People lean towards her and she whispers stupid baby talk in their ears!