Thursday, July 4, 2013

Amma The Free Speech Hating Racist Homophobic Fake Hindu Has A Secret Son

Amma Mata Amritandandamayi has more dirty  secrets under her sari than a real saint should have according to this insider report:

I know personally an Amma devotee in MA (Mata Amritandandamayi Center) who was refused ashram because he is gay.

I have witnessed racial bias as well in Amma Satsangs.

You are not welcome to ask questions about finances or where your money goes.

Amma had no guru, and as such, cannot be a guru by Hindu law, so she is a heretic, or apostate at best. You are not welcome to confront this issue in Amma Satsangs.

Amma said not to spend much money travelling to see her, but all devotees do is fly around on planes everywhere.

We pray for the earth, but you are not welcome to discuss energy conservation.

You are not welcome to discuss rationale for retaining SOME traditional Hindu hierarchies while ignoring other traditions and laws.

You are not welcome to ask about Amma's celibacy or the rumours she has a son.

Rich devotees get access to power where poor devotees are treated as underlings.

If you question anything that you are not welcome to question, you are excluded immediately and messages are circulated against you.

Secrets are kept from most devotees and shared with the inner circles.

Hostile treatment and personal attacks are in store for anyone who stands their ground and demands answers about: where did my money go?

What Hindu laws are observed and which ones are ignored?

Who do I go to if I have a complaint about mistreatment?

I personally know longtime devotees who gave years to support Amma in every way who have been verbally abused, pushed aside, and threatened to keep their mouths shut.

I know devotees who were told to leave classes for objecting to racist, sexist, and elitist statements being made in a public forum. Oh, there's lots more. . . .

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