Sunday, June 30, 2013

Amma Rishi Taavi Kassila Legal Case Is Flawed

Taavi Kassila's legal case is flawed. This does not matter to Taavi Kassila. Kassila is committed to pursue legal action even if it fails because cult leader Amma Amritanandamayi has ordered it. Amma Amritanandamayi claims to be God is simply and some Indian government officials believe it. Amma cannot imagine that she will be defeated in any court anywhere in the world. Unfortunately for Sudhamani Idamannel (Amma's real name), the world does not believe that Amma is God - but this fact is inconceivable to the megalomaniac Amma Amritanandamayi.

Taavi Kassila wants to make two contradictory arguments in his legal persecution case: defamation and privacy violation.

For Taavi Kassila to argue that his privacy has been violated he will have to admit that what has been alleged about him is true. If he admits what has been alleged is true then he cannot argue libel since he has admitted that the statements are true.

Taavi Kassila is a public figure. He preaches celibacy to the media. Exposing 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila and Amma Amritanandamayi as religious frauds is a public service and not a privacy issue. Any citizen may expose "the natural defects of a public figure".

Taavi Kassila has strategically taken a herpes test in India (where Amma's hospital is accused of fraud) but  by so doing has unknowingly waived any claim to medical privacy (because he can now be accussed of fraud). The herpes test result will be positive only if the herpes virus moves from a dormant to active state. A negative result does not prove the absence of herpes. The fact is that Kassila's girlfriend's medical records will show that she developed herpes only with 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila.

To avoid public ridicule and ruining his own libel prosecution case, Taavi Kassila does not want to publicly admit that:
  • his former girlfriend developed herpes after he forced unprotected sex upon her
  • he eventually admitted having herpes
  • he eventually admitted having a teenage mistress
  • he confessed to sex with prostitutes
  • he wants sex with young women but not mature women
  • he is a religious hypocrite and celibacy preacher
  • his guru Amma ordered him to initiate a frivolous legal case
  • he tried to seduce a teenage girl with an Amma video when visiting her mother's home
Taavi Kassila's will have legal difficulties because evidence exists to support the above claims. In general it can be shown that Taavi Kassila is sexually promiscuous, heartless and dishonest.

Any court will have difficulty believing Taavi Kassila because he has a reputation of being a compulsive liar. Kassila lied to his ex-girlfriend, the media, Amma Center Finland, Amma and the public. covered up Kassila's behavior by deleting over 35 webpages which described Kassila's activities as their representative.

Taavi Kassila is embarrassed by witness testimony about his herpes-spreading teenage girls seducing secret lifestyle. He is worried that statements he made to the media will show him to be a hypocrite. The evidence is that just before the court date Taavi Kassila media articles were suspiciously removed from their webpages. Kassila is frightened that his nasty verbal attacks upon critics will be used in evidence against him, he therefore had a two year old Taavi Kassila forum discussion suddenly deleted to avoid weakening his legal case.

Kassila has financial motivations to lie.

Kassila made claims to an audience, which he was trying to recruit to a controversial colostrum MLM business, that he earns $9,250 per week from the pyramid selling scheme. The scam went bust after the mysterious death of the owner.

Kassila makes money from his association with Amma through books, courses and India tours. Of course he wants us to believe that Amma is good but he hides the violent nature of Amma and her prison-like Amritapuri ashram. Amma's devotees believe that Amma is God and must be blindly obeyed. The devotees falsely promote Amma as humanitarian and saint. None of these are true because Amma and her devotees are associated with violence, murder and fraud. 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila is about to be revealed as fraudster too. Amma is being exposed in the media and on the internet, as they do Taavi Kassila's reputation will suffer. Kassila has already ruined his reputation by pursuing teenage girls in his yoga classes, by taking an unnatrual interest in their bodies and asking them to 'friend' him on Facebook.

When Taavi Kassila realizes that his legal case will fail he may try to settle out of court by paying his former girlfriend for her court costs. The costs will be nothing compared to how much Amma makes in a single minute. Amma is India's biggest earner in her sector of foreign revenue for India.

Taavi Kassila has never apologized for his actions.


Jairam said...

conferRishi'a problem is that he brought shameful attention on Amma's businesses. Amma is punishing him by ordering a humiliating day in court. Amma can cast him away if he loses.

kali moodra said...

Give up the silly legal fight, Rishi. It would be the first spiritual thing that you have ever done. Do not bother going back to Amritpuri unless you plan to become a whistleblower. Have your escape route figured out?

Anonymous said...

To the previous comment and seeing what your comment on this will be. The correct word is "Mudra" not "Moodra". A person is a "Whistle-blower" not "whistleblower".

My thoughts are towards the fact he will come back to his country of origin. Or to whom were you referring to?

Amma Prevents Free Speech said...

Your support is required to protect free speech from Amma!

For first time in West Amma has ordered her disciple to fight against free speech in legal court. Celibacy preacher 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila, honorary chairman and media contact for Amma will fight against claims that he spread herpes and had teenage girlfriend.

Herpes Spreading Amma Monk said...

Self-publicist celibate 'monk' cannot stop media whoring. Having created a second Facebook account with public posts about events and 'love poetry' he continues to disqualify himself as mere private person.