Monday, June 17, 2013

Revealing Taavi Kassila Media Articles Suspiciously Removed Before Legal Sex Case

Suspiciously timed with the Taavi Kassila sex scandal legal prosecution case, two Finnish media articles in which Taavi Kassila claimed to have renounced the world, sex and his home country of Finland in 2008 have been removed from the Internet.

The articles titled "Taavi Kassila: Selibaatti kohottaa tietoisuuden tasoa (Celibacy Raises Your Level Of Consciousness - Studio55)" and "Taavi Kassila: Tämän vuoksi selibaatti kannattaa (That Is Why Celibacy Is Worth It - MTV3)" can still be found on search engines. A copy of "Taavi Kassila: Selibaatti kohottaa tietoisuuden tasoa" exists on an Internet forum - but could be removed at any time by Kassila's enablers. Taavi Kassila seems to be covering his tracks and shredding evidence which could be valuable to the criminal investigators.

In the articles, Taavi Kassila claims that he is celibate and left Finland in 2008 to live in the India in the ashram of controversial billionaire guru, Amma Amritanandamayi. Corruption and violence within the Amma worshiping cult has been exposed by the media including "Amma: The Hugging Saint" by famous investigative journalist, David Amsden in Rolling Stone magazine

Amma and 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila are involved in threatening actions against individuals who have exposed the fraudulent, hypocritical and abusive nature of the Amma cult.

Kassila, who has used Amma cult lawyer, Kirsi Pettersson, is executing a threatening legal action against a former girlfriend who revealed that Taavi Kassila is not celibate but is instead an unfaithful liar who seduces teenage girls and is suspected of spreading herpes. Her blog "Tarina rakkauden apostoli (Story of Love's Apostle)" published the testimony of teenage girl who Taavi Kassila attempted to seduce while visiting her mother's home on the pretext of delivering an Amma video. Kassila has not denied this claim but is fighting the herpes accusation (herpes lives forever inside its infected host but can only be detected when open sores appear).

Taavi Kassila is not celibate. He appears to merely visit India but not permanently reside there. Have the "celibacy" articles been removed because they prove that 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila is dishonest?

The Amma cult removed over 35 webpages which named TK as their lifelong honorary chairman, media contact and main meditation instructor within the Finnish Amma branch. Amma then made a public statement which deceptively implied that she did not know the Kassila, the man she named 'Rishi', who made a documentary about her, arranged her visits to Finland and followed her on tour around the world. Deception and cover-up typify criminal activity and the controversial cult of Amma Amritanandamayi.

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Anonymous said...

Kassila is deluded but not stupid. He conspires to make Amma seem to be God so that they both can make money.