Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Taavi Kassila and Human Sex Trafficking Police Investigation

Taavi Kassila preaches celibacy, claims to live in an ashram where celibacy is the rule and follows an Indian guru who is supposed to be a peaceful celibate but is brutally violent to her followers. In reality Taavi Kassila is not celibate – he chases women, seduces teenage girls, gives herpes, breaks hearts and buys prostitutes. Following the shocking sex revelations about Taavi Kassila by several women, including a teenager, the multi-billion religious Amritanandamayi dishonestly claimed no responsibility for the actions of Rishi Taavi Kassila who continues to bring thousands of people and dollars to Amma Amritanandamayi and her Amritpuri ashram in Kerala, India.

Another scandal is set to break following several reports that Taavi Kassila has been involved with a tantra group which has been accused of sexual exploitation, pornography, human trafficking and corruption in Romania and Finland. The leader of the group which is known internationally Movement for Spiritual Integration in Absolute (MISA) and in Finland as Natha Tantra and Yoga school is self-styled occultist Guru Gregorian Bivolaru who escaped arrest by Romanian police for serious crimes.

Natha's connection to the sex industry was exposed in 2009 by MOT, an investigative documentary for Finland's main TV channel YLE. The Finnish National Bureau of Investigation is investigating Natha for sexual exploitation and human trafficking of young women following a second MOT report in May 2013. MOT interviewed on camera a Finnish girl, Reetta, who had been sexually traumatized by her involvement with Natha. Reetta's account of being groomed for sex with Gregorian Bivolaru is similar to the testimony of a Romanian girl, Roxana-Mălina Chirilă. Both girls were disorientated, put on an airplane to an unknown country, had their passports removed after arrival, disguised, blindfolded, driven to a secret destination which they did not know, intoxicated, made to stay for many days inside a cramped over heated room with other women in their underwear, expected to watch pornography and play with sex toys. After many days in these inhuman conditions, fed strange food and intoxicating drinks, the girls are led to Gregorian Bivolaru who used them for hard, brutal vaginal and oral sex, used foul and threatening language and expected to be urinated on. The girls were then expected to sign a contract promising not to reveal what had happened to them and stating that they had enjoyed their time. MOT reported that at least 20 Finnish women had been flown to Bivolaru for sex. These are women that Taavi Kassila met with at Natha's house and was observed at a Natha party which had over 100 guests.

Rishi Taavi Kassila preaches celibacy but he is not celibate. He promotes a billionaire guru AMMA who is accused of corruption and violence. He claims to have emigrated to India but spends a lot of time outside India. When has Rishi Taavi Kassila, Amma's top PR man, not lied?

Watch the MOT documentary (Finnish, some English)

Read the MOT documentary transcript (translated)
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Amma is Violent said...

Harassing their victims is what abusers do. Amma is a violent bitch. She smiles to the audience as she takes their money and later beats her disciples when off the stage. Sickness!

Anonymous said...

Taavi Kassila has not denied that he tried to seduce a teenager because he is afraid that he will be questioned in court.

Get the TV stations and newspapers involved. This story is bigger than you think.

Anonymous said...

Sexual predators like Taavi Kassila and Gregorian Bivolaru can only exist in a culture of dishonesty. Evidently their communities are based on lies. The whole Amma fraud is a scam based upon a lie that Amma is God. Cults deify their leaders and justify their abuses. Of course they keep their mouth shut when they are investigated because some part of them know that they are living in a very wrong way. Amma has helped no one. She paid a tiny percentage of her earnings to charity so that her followers could promote the ridiculous idea that she is a saint. Amma is an abuser. Wake up people!