Saturday, June 15, 2013

Taavi Kassila Sex Scandal In Helsinki District Court On August 9th, 2013

On August 9th, 2013, the media and public are invited to watch Taavi Kassila in the Helsinki District Court fighting a desperate and futile campaign to defend his fraudulent self-created image. The fake religious holy man was finally been exposed as a 60 year old man who seeks sexual relations with teenage girls.
In 2008 Taavi Kassila claimed to the media that he was renouncing sex, business and Finland to live as a celibate monk in the Indian ashram of billionaire cult leader Amma Amritanandamayi.
Businesswoman Amma is worshiped as the man-eating Hindu goddess Kali during occult spirit possession séances. She has been working her disciples hard to promote herself as saint and humanitarian through a chain of charities which have been accused of fraud.
Taavi Kassila is no less honest with the public. He has not renounced the world but is living a very material life - which he seeks to hide through by suing his victims.
One teenage girl testified (name verified) to a sickening sexual seduction which Kassila did as representative of Amma Amritanandamayi. Kassila has not publicly denied these shocking charges.
But Kassila has conducted a secret retributive campaign against a girlfriend who reported that Kassila has been unfaithful and infected her with herpes. The girlfriend's private email address received harassing emails from an internet address believed to be connected to Kassila. When the email harassment failed, Taavi Kassila employed an Amma lawyer and organizer, Kirsi Pettersson, to threaten forums which discuss Taavi Kassila's unethical activities.
Taavi Kassila is sending a clear threat to his victims as he attempts to prosecute his girlfriend for writing about him. Her blog "Tarina rakkauden apostoli", which does not directly name Kassila, is intended to protect other girls from Kassila's disturbing sexual predations by giving factual accounts.
In a legal counter-claim Taavi Kassila has been investigated by police for assault by knowingly spreading a sexual disease. Also the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation has been investigating a tantra cult, with which Taavi Kassila had been involved. Natha ry, is suspected of human trafficking young women for guru Gregorian Bivolaru and associated yoga VIPs (of which Kassila fits).
Natha have removed a webpage which shows the religious names and photos of their main teachers, while (Suomen Amma-keskus ry) removed over 35 webpages from their website which proved that Taavi Kassila is their honorary president, media contact, meditation group leader and tour organizer in Finland and India.
Suspiciously, two Finnish media articles in which Taavi Kassila, claimed to have renounced the world, sex and his home country of Finland in 2008 have also been removed. The articles named "Taavi Kassila: Selibaatti kohottaa tietoisuuden tasoa" and "Taavi Kassila: Tämän vuoksi selibaatti kannattaa" can still be found on search engines. A copy of "Taavi Kassila: Selibaatti kohottaa tietoisuuden tasoa" on an internet forum might be removed at any time by Kassila's emablers. Taavi Kassila seems to be covering his tracks and shredding evidence - evidence which would be invaluable to the police investigators.
Taavi Kassila has made himself a minor celebrity through his association with Amma Amritanandamayi, a rich and powerful businesswoman who is accused of harassment, violence and financial impropriety like converting donations into gold for personal use and carrying across international borders.
Taavi Kassila introduced Finnish Minister of Culture and former Miss Finland Tanja Tellervo Karpela to Amma as he cleverly but ridiculously told the media he would protect her if she traveled to India.
Another Amma Finnish follower is musician Mikko von Hertzen who has lived in Amma's Amritapuri ashram in Kerala, India.
Amma's group uses physical intimidation and lawyers in India to prevent free speech notably against Sreeni Pattathanam, a former policeman who investigated five suspicious deaths related to Amma.
Amma's PR war now comes to Europe as Amma's representative Taavi Kassila fights in the law courts. Who is funding Taavi Kassila, who once claimed to be a monk, as he defends his piece of Amma's financial kingdom?
We hope that the Finnish media gives the public some answers when Taavi Kassila reveals his true nature in the Helsinki District Court on August 9th, 2013. Please send legal advice and media support to the courageous girl which Kassila is hounding. Her special email address as listed on her blog is Kulttuurielli(AT)


lucky escape said...

The intentions of 60 year old Taavi Kassila were not honorable when he walked 29 year old Cristal after Shanti party.


Pattathanam prosecuted for Amma blasphemy said...

Amma's followers present her as a Goddess who cannot be crticised. In the West they present her as a humanitarian only. It's all a money making scam run by some scary people.

"The prosecution orders were issued against Mr. Pattathanam on the grounds that the book on Mata Amritanandamayi that he had written was blasphemous. Mr. Balakrishnan, however, said that through the order the State Government has made an attempt to de facto recognise the institutions run by Mata Amritanandamayi as a separate religion."

Ban Mata Amritanandamayai Cult said...

Mata Amritanandamayai is conning gullible punters.

First, she claims to have magical powers. Second, she extracts huge amounts of money from her slaves. Third, she pretends to be a humanitarian.

The reality is that she destroys people spiritually, mentally and physically.

Ask your government to investigate and ban this criminal.

Investigate Amma Organized Crime said...

Investigate Amma's finances. It is a mafia sized scam.

Bikram yoga guru is now indicted for rape, sexual assault and human trafficking.

Taavi Kassila will follow.

Taavi Kassila Dubious Legal Posture said...

I do not understand Taavi Kassila's libel and privacy prosecution case.

As a public figure he has less rights than a private person. Is he angry that it is reported that he has herpes or that he spread herpes?

Is he embarrassed that a girl testified that he tried to seduce her (with an Amma video) when she was just 17 year old?

Is he ashamed that his faked holy celibate image has been exposed as hypocrisy?

It reminds me of the convicted violent rapist Toni Juha-Pekka Aaltosen who complained that his victim stabbed him in the leg so she could escape. The victim will be jailed and the rapist got a lesser sentence.

But what is Taavi Kassila's legal complaint? That he makes less money? Times are economically hard for all of except Amma who will have earned a $100,000 while I wrote this.

Spreading an STD Could Land You in Jail said...

n the United States, not telling your partner that you have HIV or AIDS is a felony in 27 states. What I find surprising is it’s not a felony in all 50. What may be even more surprising to learn is that knowingly exposing your partner to other incurable STDs like herpes and HPV is also a criminal offense in several U.S. states. And if the criminal charges don’t stick, there are always lawsuits. This year in Palm Springs, Calif., a 56-year-old woman was awarded nearly $7 million in damages after her 77-year-old partner gave her herpes.