Thursday, July 25, 2013

Amma Voodoo Doll Mens T-shirt Protest

Violent Guru with a god complex Amma has threatened to sue anyone who publishes her image.

Scarily Amma has now extended the ban to cover all photos of the Amma Kali Doll - one of the many over-priced items sold at those "Hugging Saint" events which net Amma millions of dollars each year.

The tiniest fraction of Amma's millions will ever go to Amma's fraudulent charity unless one of her corrupt cronies is involved to siphon the money away like Amma's Kenya representative Nagesh Karuturi who has been found guilty of massive fraud.

The Amma Kali doll proves that Amma has fooled her devotees into thinking that she is the goddess Kali. Amma further defrauds the hapless followers into believing that she will answer their requests if they pray to her form as the Amma Kali doll!

If Amma were god then why would she be scared of being photographed? Something to hide? Perhaps an angry scowl and abusive words which she uses for Western huggees? Not content at infantalizing grown adults she now robs them totally of their dignity. The joys of Amma de Sade!

The solution to Amma's vindictive fake copyright harassment is to create your own Amma images. Jodi Radzik of Guruphiliac has a good Amma montage. Feel free to create your own Amma avatar!

The latest and greatest offering is an Amma Voodoo Doll Men's T-shirt on Amazon. It is hysterically funny and we want more!

I Love Amma - Voodoo Doll Mens T-shirt

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