Saturday, February 2, 2013

Rishi Taavi Kassila Cast Out as a Failure and Embarrassment

Rishi Taavi Kassila made a lot of promises but failed to keep them.

Taavi Kassila guaranteed huge profits for those who signed up under him in a colostrum MLM pyramid selling scheme which seems to have flopped. Monk Rishi claimed to make 7,000 euro per month from it.

Taavi 'Rishi' Kassila promised to serve Amma Amritanandamayi but she publicly disowns him.

Taavi Kassila promised to protect the Finnish Minister of Culture, Tanja (Tellervo Karpela) Saarela if she visited Amma Amritapuri ashram but has brought nothing but embarrassment.

The Finnish Amma center cover-up their long relationship with Rishi Kassila their own honorary president, PR man and AMMA IAM meditation instructor. They deleted Taavi Kassila from 36 webpages without explanation.

Why would a monk start a legal fight? Why would Kassila who told media he had given up the world care about their reputation? Why did Amma order Rishi Taavi Kassila to legally fight his ex-girlfriend? Why would Ammachi support an old man who tries to seduce teenagers to have sex and buys prostitutes?

The conclusion is that Taavi Kassila and Amma Amritanandamayi are hiding secrets because they are running a self-serving business which is aimed at extracting money not helping people.

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