Thursday, March 7, 2013

Amma Amritanandamayi Hug Of Death Cult

Receiving a hug from 'Amma - Hugging Saint' might cost you your sanity, health and could take your life. Mafia bosses hug their victims before strangling them. Amma is not different.

Deaths at the Mata Amritanandamayi Amritpuri ashram, Kollam, Kerala, have not been properly investigated. Amma is India's second largest export corporation bringing in millions of foreign currency every year. Amma's business has low running costs – she hugs for 'free', her followers bully for 'donations' therefore Amma's business is the most profitable in India.

The murder of Satnam Singh, who was attacked at the Amma Amritpuri ashram by Amma security, like many Amma ashram crimes has been covered up. Doctors who protested against the corruption have been intimidated and lost their jobs.

Eye witnesses have described how 'Amma - Hugging Saint' has violently assaulted her closest devotees.

Amma's gives hugs in mechanical, disinterested fashion. She signs business papers and makes offensive, racist comments her Malayalam dialect as she hugs. Outside the Amma cult, a hug is a free acts of friendship but Ammachi debases hugging, turning it into a commodity in the same way that a prostitute monetizes sex. The few punters who fall in love with Amma are quickly recruited for slave labor at her Amritpuri ashram. The Amritpuri workcamp slaves are sent back to their own countries only after they become physically or mentally sick.

Ex-Amma devotees speak of being drained by Amritanandamayi like an 'energy vampire' sucking their life force, causing her devotees to become like zombies. These 'Ammabots' become like Amma: foul, bad-tempered and hypocritical except Amma has luxury, riches and gold.

Amma was a Kali worshiper who, possessed by the dark spirit of Kali, would fall on the ground, making animal noises, eyes rolling and mouth foaming,. The Thugee cult strangled human bodies to offer to Kali around Kollaka, Kerala. Does Amma do the same?

Amma gets paid more than the poor nurses who are illegally underpaid at her AIMS hospital which receives government funding but fails to deliver to the poor who need medical help. An AIMS nurse was beaten by Amma security guards for being part of a protest. Amma has thugs who will attack entire communities. There is photographic evidence of multiple injuries after Amma's goons attacked peaceful New Delhi residents.

Amma does not give proper hugs,she takes. Ammachi expects hugs as a symbol of guru worship and debasement by those who meet her. Amma's followers start to regress and become infantile.

If you have your head pushed into Amma's bosom then you may get sick from sweat and mucus of sick people who cried on Amma's sari.

Why would a normal, healthy person want Amma's Hug of Death?


Man slits throat, kills self before goddess idol said...

Driven by superstition, an unidentified man on Friday sacrificed himself by slitting his throat before an idol of goddess

Man slits throat, kills self before goddess idol - Times Of India

Ammachi Swami's Sex Abuse said...

Amma's swamis also not celibate. Amma may not be sexually abusing but what about her male swamis? The one who sits behind her on the stage all the time. Woman who lived in ashram told me he forced sex with her some years back!