Thursday, January 23, 2014

Amma Monk Rishi Taavi Kassila SLAPP Demands $250,000 From Bloggers

In the expensive lawsuit brought against us by attorney Lee S. Brenner of Kelley Drye & Warren LLP is a demand to pay $250,000 to monk 'Rishi' Taavi Kassila for criticizing his poor sexual habits and dedication to the criminal cult of Sudhamani Idamannel aka Mata Amma Amritanandamayi.

Kassila misleadingly claims that this is a case of religious discrimination. We assert that exposing a criminal cult is in the public interest and that monk Kassila is using an expensive SLAPP to violate our constitutional right to free speech.

Would someone let that fake monk know that we gave all our money to the poor? If "Mr Rishi" would like some cash then he can ask Amma to chip into her $300,000,000 stockpile which is being eaten by the Amritapuri rats. Taavi Kassila learned how to be obnoxious from the violent Goddess Mata Amma, the woman used to bite the heads off of birds. If Kassila can find three more victims then he can make one million dollars! We wonder how much money he has extorted from the terrified ladies he transports to Amma's prison ashram complex?

Kassila's tears are fake as was his apology to our blog. Kassila has never apologized to his victims or answered any of our complaints. We invite Kassila to enter into a public dialog and face his accusers.

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