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Tarina Rakkauden Apostolista. First Post

Unfinished  translation of the first post from Tarina rakkauden apostolista which was destroyed by Mata Amma henchman Taavi Kassila. Reproduced without permission.

The Story Of  The Apostle Of  Love

Published on June 27, 2011

I am writing about a man who is a Finnish writer, yoga teacher and spiritual lecturer. This person spends part of his time in the monastery as a monk.  The man TK (Taavi Kassila) after being converted has preached much about the uplifting effects of celibacy.
I had a relationship with Taavi Kassila that lasted  three months. The relationship gave me only a broken heart and genital herpes . Taavi Kassila betrayed and brought venereal disease.
I chose to blog, because I did not write the story because of the money or publicity. I want to tell the truth in your own words. I can see Taavi Kassila's version of spreading false stories. For me, the truth of their importance is my duty. The  target audience are young, beautiful women, with a heart hungry for love and are therefore vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation. I want to warn these women.

Beginning of the story

I read an article about Taavi Kassila in a women's magazine. His wise words  impressed me and I sent him an invitation to your friends on Facebook. I liked that Taavi Kassila seemed some kind of a spiritual teacher, role model, a beautiful soul. His existence, increased my faith in love and goodness. Taavi Kassila began to write me as soon as active. Wise counsel found for every occasion. Little by little, cunningly, he slithered into my heart. He praised me, told me how to talk we longed for. I was confused. This man was 26 years older than me! When I suggested platonic friendship, he dropped me for a moment Facebook friends. He did not want to meet me, if intimate contact would be ruled out. Eventually he managed to charm me with beautiful words. I thought that love so hard talking man would be a good, loving and faithful partner, one of which I had been dreaming of.
When Taavi Kassila came to Finland in March 2011, he wanted to arrange a meeting directly asunnolleni. He also suggested that I would have expected pre-bed, naked. I refused to desire. He managed, however, led by me sexually (your period due to a one-sided), with the already saapumisiltana. In those cases, Taavi Kassila no unnecessary delay.

A fee and a preference for sex with young women

After the meeting, there were early signs that showed that my Taavi Kassila was to be too rosy. Taavi Kassila told me about the first joint after the weekend that he has a powerful fondness for young women. Own words, he has never been with a woman older than 40. When I asked why the behavior, Taavi Kassila replied, "Because it is possible. If I would not be young women, should probably be considered an older ". Next, I was shocked when you mentioned the Taavi Kassila had paid for sex five times in Estonia and Russia, although these cases had already elapsed since a lot of time. He was, however, events in a yoga instructor and is an active figure in Finland in spiritual circles. One morning, Taavi Kassila told that he had been a one-night stand of 18-year-old girl while well over 50 years old. Report kuvotti me, and I left the Taavi Kassila in its own stand. However, I still trust in myself, and I went back.

Women warmed -up on Facebook

One day a giant Taavi Kassila Facebook profile open on my computer. Since instincts foreshadowed the problems, I took an introduction to the situation, and I read the messages. I found out that the Taavi Kassila active contacts with dozens, if not hundreds of young women. There were several women who posed a very low-wear. Taavi Kassila assured me wants a loyal relationship. I had conflicting feelings. I believed and hoped that the Taavi Kassila is a good person, and my gut is lying.


TK painted black, and barked a strong female ex-friends. Someone was in his words morbidly jealous, a traitor, and there were more than one traumatized victim of incest. He blamed me, too. Taavi Kassila did not understand at all why the information arising out of sank. His interpretation is that I will cause a conflict. Taavi Kassila itself failed to detect defects. An acquaintance warned me. I learned that Taavi Kassila has a reputation as an old häntäheikkinä. Taavi Kassila explained it to their own advantage, he is just looking for love, the women have left him.

Hiding Affair

Our relationship continued, however, because I was still emotionally tied to him. I suggested that we could put a Facebook profiles without the information that we have a relationship of persons. Taavi Kassila the reaction was unexpected. He got angry and said fervently hope to be unrealistic. For me was not important to him to be branded, I was wondering why he cannot in general admit to being in relationship? The whole relationship to the time he was hidden from me. He introduced me to their friends did not, and did not move with me in places where we could walk into his acquaintances. I believe that relationship for two reasons was kept secret, Taavi Kassila wanted to maintain a celibate monk's halo. In addition, he wanted to keep the doors open for other women. So it did, it turned out, at the same time Taavi Kassila warmed one new women, so that the virus was borne to me ...

Disease reveals the truth

Sick with genital herpes in early June, just after Taavi Kassila had gone traveling. When I asked the matter, he lied that he had not had sexual relationships with other women. Taavi Kassila's absence, I realized that the relationship worth pursuing. I do not trust him, and I could no longer deny it, deep down I knew what the correct and true. Herpes was the last straw. Even my body told me that the relationship is impossible. After the separation Taavi Kassila admitted that he had been sexual relations with another woman while dating with me. Taavi Kassila also told that the woman had a history of herpes, which had moved him. The pieces fell into place. Instincts proved right. I always knew that Taavi Kassila cannot have loyal relationships.

Distorted sexuality

An empty barrel rattles the loudest. Taavi Kassila preached about love, but is not able to love. He does not want a functioning relationship, but the adventure of young women. Taavi Kassila 's relationship to sexuality is distorted. He is not able to equal the normal love relationship with a partner. A happy medium is lost, the behavior pirskahtelee extreme to another. I doubt, celibacy of speeches to be only a means by which he is seeking credibility.

Another thing I was wondering Taavi Kassila's sexuality, was his way to seek only their own gratification. This is not my view, incompatible with his doctrine, which states that other people should worship.

Manipulative servility

Taavi Kassila pretending good, puhtoista and gentle. Admiration of air, which he breathes. Taavi Kassila gets people to spell and know which cord to pull support. Taavi Kassila The new keyword is humility, he has realized that by humble is easy to manipulate people. In fact Jesus was jealous of his jeesustelunlahjojaan! I understand that for some it is difficult to see the truth. It feels bad to lose their faith.

No Apology

My blog after the release of Taavi Kassila There was a need to explain things on Facebook. He told me (now at last, forced) to have been in the spring of the relationship. He edited the whole thing with their minds, collected pity points and made ill-used martyr. Taavi Kassila was shining generosity by sending me love and light to the public, and wishes me to find happiness and peace. Disgustingly hypocritical! First, he fails and brings the gender of the disease, after he has pokkaa to send light and love! Taavi Kassila also tried to turn a good friend against me, and innocent people are recruited to act as an intermediary.

I've been waiting for an apology. It was not the subject, on the contrary. Was to hear my own fault that he brought me herpes. It states that Taavi Kassila seeking spiritual growth. If this is true, this would be to go to his window of opportunity for themselves and grow. If in him should not preach a bit of humility, he admit his mistakes and to apologize. I sincerely hope that the Taavi Kassila dares to confront the hypocrisy of his real self behind the mask.

Post Words

I am glad that Karoliina contacted me and told me her story. I hope that she, or possibly someone else long-suffering woman finds comfort in my writing. Ears, this chapter has stories of young women who have lost their faith in spirituality because of this same monk. I think increasingly have made the right decision by writing on the subject.

Taavi Kassila and his enthusiastic supporters have suggested that I would be guilty of defamation. Taavi Kassila enlisted the familiar time to send me two emails, which function was to frighten me. I discussed the events with a lawyer. He confirmed the conjecture to be true: if, reported things are true, libel is not shown Taavi Kassila law and his men know this.

I've found the evidence to write. I saved every e-mail, chat dialog and the text, in which I discuss with Taavi Kassila with the above-mentioned topics.

What honor is the first place? Is it he honorable man who can live honorably and honestly? Can a person acting dishonestly violate honor? .

I want to stimulate debate on yoga teacher / instructor of intellectual responsibility? Is it right that the teacher uses the position of young women struck? Should this kind of behavior to address? How?


I removed the entries (after writing the blog have taken place) on a separate page, as this page stretched so long.

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